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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 8 I, Lin Fan is Good Person


“Cousin, do you think about something?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

“Nothing.” Lin Fan smiled while looking at the System.

‘Power: 18’

‘Spiritual Power: 0’

‘Cultivation Technique: None’

‘Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (First Stage)’

‘Rage Point: 655′

This was the current power status of Lin Fan.

The Power indicator was raised to 18 points.

Without the slightest Spiritual Power, Lin Fan’s status was unbalanced.

To be frank, he was a fighter with just a brute force.

Now, if we talked about someone who was worrying all the time, it would be Chen Guan right here.

He was very panicked.

He must have thought about that girl from earlier.

If she was really Su family member, it was really a big problem.

At this time.

They were already in farmland areas.

Many commoners ran away immediately when they saw Chen Guan.

“Are they avoiding us just now? When they see us, they are trembling then run away. Why are they treating us like a plague?” Lin Fan asked.

The rage was rising up while he saw the commoners.

Chen Guan could not hold back his anger.

He thought because of the commoners, he would lose his face in front of Lin Fan, but after a while, he regained his composure.

“Rest assured, Young Master, don’t bother small details like this.” Chen Guan said.

Lin Fan waved his hand to the commoners, he was dissatisfied when he saw the commoners didn’t respond, “That’s so impossible those people are avoiding us, even though we didn’t do anything.”

Chen Guanwu looked at the Young Master with curious eyes.

He had a feeling Lin Fan was really weird when he saw the way Lin Fan acted.

“Yes, Young Master, I will take care of this matter.” Chen Guan said.

However, Lin Fan was curious about why those people ran away.

For once again, the servant’s affection for Lin Fan was touching the roof while see saw him responded to the commoners’ issue.

Maybe because he thought Lin Fan was not like the other nobles. Well… He used to be a commoner, too, in his previous world.

His job as a servant in the Lin Family,  felt like it was God’s blessing.


There was a village not too far from their position. There were so many run-down houses, to the point it could collapse any minute now. There were houses built based on hay and mud as its material.

And the outer walls of those mud houses were cracked and had a lot of holes.

Lin Fan was wondering while he walked around the village, “If it rains, will this village be fine?”

Along the road to the village, many villagers bowed their heads while Lin Fan was walking on the street.

The villagers seemed desperate.

“What can I do? I can’t make it in time.”

“Chen Guan is coming. If I don’t get money, I will definitely be beaten to death.”

Peoples along the road felt anxious when they saw Lin Fan and Chen Guan entered the town.

When Lin Fan walked into the village, all the voices disappeared, and the whole town was quiet.

Even the children who were usually so cheerful became afraid. They were hiding in the corner when they saw Chen Guan.

Chen Guan coughed a little, then pulled a whip from his waist and slammed it on the ground, and cracked it.

“Is everyone here? I’m Lin Family’s heir, you guys need to call me Young Master.” Lin Fan shouted.

Chen Guan sighed.

Chen Guan’s mindset was to instill fear into these people so they will work to obey Lin Family.

“Young Master Lin.”

“Young Master Lin.”

Someone called him while he was talking to the servant.

The person who called Lin Fan was so shabby, he braced himself to ask: “Do you have any food? Please give me a little.”

“Hey!” Chen Guan took a whip and landed a hit.

“What are you doing? Put away your whip!” Lin Fan stopped Chen Guan.

“Hey, don’t be afraid, what do you want from me?”

As a son of the ruler.

He wanted to change something while he had a chance.

Chen Guan, a moment ago he was so fierce towards the villagers, now he acted docile in front of Lin Fan and hurriedly put away the whip.

“Forgive me, Young Master.”

All eyes on Lin Fan.

The villagers were shocked by Lin Fan’s behavior.

Is this the Lin Family’s heir? They have never seen a noble acted like Lin Fan.

They also didn’t understand why such a big shot came to this remote place.

Zhou Zhongmao has no interest in the matter.

He just wanted to accompany his cousin.

He acted indifferently because it had nothing to do with him, the exact opposite the servant’s feeling because he used to be in the same shoes as them.

They came to collect taxes.

However, due to this year’s weather, the servant was afraid that the quality of the harvest was low, and he knew so well that the villagers must be starving right now, let alone the taxes issue.

But he was only a servant.

The nobles used to take their servant’s opinions lightly, or we could say that his ideas were useless in the eyes of the noble, he thought.

Chen Guan believed that the Young Master didn’t like how he treated the villagers, he tried to change the approach and said, “Is this year’s tax ready?”

No one dared to speak.

The villagers looked at each other with a sad expression.

Harvest tax?

With interest?

If you don’t pay, the consequences are unimaginable.

“Well…?” Chen Guanwu frowned.

What would happen to these people who couldn’t pay taxes?

Today, the Young Master came with him. If he couldn’t handle this correctly, how will the Young Master react towards him?

“Chen Guan.” An old man came out of the crowd.

He was very old, he had wrinkles on all over his face.

“We definitely want to pay the taxes, but this year’s harvest is not good. Can we pay less than usual? We can pay the rest of the taxes from the next harvest.” The old man said.

The old man was the village chief here.

This year’s condition was impossible.

But the old man knew it, the reason was not crucial to Lin Family.

As long as they could pay taxes, everything was fine, but when the amount was not correct, the consequences were really terrifying.

Chen Guan’s expression gradually changed.

His eyes were so scary.

“Old man, today Young Master Lin is coming with me, how can I tolerate this problem?” Chen Guan looked unhappy, then he talked to Lin Fan, “Young Master, I will settle this matter soon, I will never let the Lin Family suffer the slightest loss.”

Lin Fan stared at the sky and took a breath.

“This day… is scorching, isn’t it?”

“The soil is barren.”

He never experienced how to collect taxes back in his previous world.

And he thought it was very inhuman.

He didn’t want to misuse his power to make people suffer like this while he was eating in a fancy place.

The villagers were so angry, but they couldn’t do anything.

“My servant, how is the correct way to collect taxes?” Lin Fan asked.

The servant replied, “Young Master, we taxed the villager 150 kilograms per acre.”

“What?” Lin Fan was stunned in disbelief, and he asked, “How can it be that high?”

Lin Fan was shocked.

This was higher than the tax rate from the Qin Dynasty.

This was clear those people did not have a chance to live.

“How much have we collected right now?” Lin Fan asked his servant again.

“Young Master, our land is producing about 200 kilograms.” The servant said this was all tax Lin Family could collect, and the rest of it belonged to the villagers.

“So horrible, who is the bastard that setting this much of taxes? This is much worse than cut those people’s hands.” Lin Fan said.

When Lin Fan said this.

Chen Guan was stunned, even the farmers are dumbfounded.

The servant hurriedly whispered in Lin Fan’s ear, “Young Master, this is the tax set by your father.”

“Okay, no matter who decides this number, this agricultural tax is simply a disaster. Change it, change it right now! I will set new tax for the villagers right now, as the heir of Lin Family.”

“From now on, I announce this to all of you, Lin Family will only take 10% of the annual harvest.” Lin Fan said.

This madness must be stopped.

“As the heir of the landlord’s family, I must do something practical that could help those people.” Lin Fan thought in his heart.

“Young Master, please reconsider it again.” Chen Guan spontaneously responded to Lin Fan’s decree.

Chen Guan was very terrified at the moment.

If Lin Fan’s old man knew about this, then he definitely would be in big trouble.

The villagers just stood there without a word.

They all stared at Lin Fan.

“What did Young Master Lin said?” everyone was asking the same thing in their mind while they are staring at him.

Lin Fan ignored Chen Guan. Instead, he just stared at the distant sky, and he looked back to the villagers, he said, “This year’s weather is scorching. The land is also in a terrible state, so this year’s tax will be exempted.”

“Young Master…” Chen Guan was like almost being struck by the thunder in the middle of the day.

“Are you the Young Master right now? Are my words just a joke for you? I will take full responsibility for this matter. As far as I am concerned, if my father disagrees, let him come to see me.” Lin Fan said.

He was a brave one, loved to seek wealth and power.

After decades of harsh treatment by the nobles, it won’t be easy to get back their trust.

“Can you believe he is the Young Master of Lin Family?”

Just at this time.

The villagers kneeled on the ground while they cried.

Even the village chief did the same thing.

“Thank you, Young Master… Thank you.”

He could tell.

This is the exact response from the villagers if they are really grateful.

But the truth was revealed.

When Lin Fan stepped forward, he helped the village chief to stand up, and with a sad expression, he said, “Village chief, you have to able manage the land, in the future, I don’t want to see my people starving like this. Can I count on you?”

This sounds a bit strange.

But for the villagers, this was not the point.

“Young Master, please rest assured, we certainly will have a good harvest next year, and we will definitely pay your kindness.”

Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction, “Come on, guys, we are heading back home.”

Chen Guan looked desperately at Lin Fan, he thought this was going to be big trouble.

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