I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 79 I Acknowledge You


When Wang Yunfei was about to leave Tranquil City, he remembered the most beautiful memory in there. Red Sleeve Pavilion.

Yuan Tianchu said goodbye to him pretended like a best friend.

“Brother, I will miss you so much. I hope we can meet again.”

Wang Yunfei bursted into tears and grabbed Yuan Tianchu’s hand. “Brother Yuan, I’m leaving.”

“Sayonara.” Yuan Tianchu said.

They looked so close until Wang Yunfei left, Yuan Tianchu showed his real face.

“Young Master, Wang Yunfei has left.” Lu Guanshi said.

“Yes.” Yuan Tianchu nodded. “Lu Guanshi, Tell me what you think.”

Lin Family kept the villages they got from Yuan Family and Liang Family, but Lin Family didn’t organize it seriously.

Lu Guanshi reported what he found. The village production was rising five times under Lin Family’s government.

Yuan Tianchu understood what Lin Fan’s aim was, so he decided to follow Lin Fan’s footstep and told Lu Guanshi his thought. Lu Guanshi didn’t understand what he was planning, but Lu Guanshi decided to follow the command.

Yuan Tianchu acknowledged Lin Fan’s ability, and because of that, he followed Lin Fan’s way to govern the village.

But that won’t be easy for Yuan Tianchu. He must have his father’s favor to do that.

A week later.

Lin Fan, as usual, he didn’t do anything meaningful.

And the assassin also hasn’t come recently, he thought maybe the assassin was tired and took a vacation.

He decided to stroll around the city, but he couldn’t find Yuan Tianchu to farm rage point.

Then Lin Fan learned that Yuan Tianchu was following his footsteps to reduce tax, etc. Lin Fan didn’t bother about Yuan Tianchu’s moves, in fact, he was happy.

A luxurious carriage arrived in Tranquil City. Tsui Lan followed the carriage while looking at the surrounding.

“Miss, we have arrived in Tranquil City, but the environment here is so much worse compared to Lotus City.”

“Go to Lin Family’s residence first.” Li Zhixiu’s voice came from the carriage.

She wanted to see Lin Fan’s face.

Tsui Lan disagreed with the idea of Miss Li marrying a guy from that remote place. She wanted Miss Li to marry a real noble.

Lin Family’s Residence.

Two guards stood on the front gate and saw a carriage with the national emblem, and they knew that the person inside must be noble.

“May I know who you are?” The guard asked.

Tsui Lan wanted to answer for miss Li, but she spoke herself.

“I’m Li from Lotus City.”

The guards understood, and hurriedly welcomed Miss Li’s party.

Master Lin was reading a book in the library, when he learned that Miss Li personally came to his house, Master Lin was overjoyed.

“Brother Wu, help me call that brat and tell him to dress properly, don’t make me lose my face. If he didn’t come, I will peel his skin.”

Master Lin was anxious because Lin Fan didn’t want to marry so soon. If Lin Fan made a bad impression in front of miss Li, Master Lin would be angered.

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