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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 80 She is Dangerous


Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan lived a life that commoners couldn’t even dream about.

Lying on the chair, eating iced fruit, and his servant on his side fanned him.

“Young Master.”

Wu Lao came and saw Lin Fan was lying on the chair and approached him.

“Master wants you to prepare yourself to meet someone.”

Lin Fan wondered, “Meet who?”

Lin Fan didn’t want to move even for an inch.

“Miss Li from Lotus City is here.” said Wu Lao, “Young Master, listen to my advice, dress up, and head to the main house. Otherwise, Master Lin will be angry.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to marry, but he couldn’t do anything.

He said he was still too young, but Wu Lao’s expression changed after he heard Lin Fan’s words.

“Young Master, Master Lin tells you to dress up quickly and head there. He didn’t want to lose his face.” Wu said.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment and said.

“Uncle Wu, what do you think if I don’t go there? Will the consequences be fatal?” Lin Fan asked.

“Young Master, I suggest you follow to do as Master Lin told. If you really do that, Master will …”

Wu Lao shook his head and sighed without finishing his words.

Lin Fan knew that he couldn’t run from that. And if he did run away, the consequences would be fatal.

“I see.” Lin Fan said.

Wu Lao nodded and left.

“My servant, get ready to meet this lady.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Family’s Residence, Main House.

Master Lin welcomed Li Zhixiu personally, and he was delighted. He was smiling sincerely, not that many people have ever seen Master Lin smiled.

Tsui Lan stood behind Miss Li.

She did not have any dissatisfaction with the Lin Family. Master Lin was very kind and friendly to Miss Li.

Lin Family had a pleasant house.

“My niece, Your father and I go way back I used to joke that my son would become your husband in the future. I didn’t expect a joke would come true.” Master Lin laughed.

Of course, he was lying.

“Uncle, my father often tells me your heroic deeds.” said Li Zhixiu.

“Hahaha.” Master Lin smiled, “Very good, very good, if you become my daughter-in-law, my grandson will be amazing.”

Master Lin was satisfied with this future daughter-in-law.

Either from her attitude or her beauty.

“Father, I’m here.”

Lin Fan came so casually and angered Master Lin.

‘Rage +123′

Lin Fan was confused about why he got some rage points. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

“That’s a pretty good entrance.” Tsui Lan muttered. She was dissatisfied when she saw Lin Fan was holding food in his hand and ate it while he was walking.

‘Rage +12′

Master Lin was also angry when he saw that.

Lin Fan continued to eat those iced fruits. “Father, what do you need?”

“My son, this is Miss Li.” Master Lin said with a smile.

Lin Fan looked at Miss Li, and Miss Li also looked at Lin Fan. He was fascinated by Miss Li’s beauty. But he could maintain his composure.

“Miss Li, do you want to eat bananas?” Lin Fan took out a banana from a porcelain plate he held.

Master Lin clenched his fist.

‘Rage +233′

Lin Fan was surprised. How could someone be angry because he offered her bananas?

But Miss Li found out that Lin Fan was really like the rumor said.

“My niece, he …” Master Lin wanted to explain something, but Li Zhixiu didn’t give him a chance to speak at all and instead surprised Master Lin by saying…

“Uncle, I agree to marry him.” Li Zhixiu said.

Master Lin was stunned, “What did you say?”

“Father…” Li Zhixiu got up and bowed her head.

Lin Fan was stunned.

That was too fast.

Even she already called Master Lin father.

Master Lin couldn’t sit still, he stood up, with his eyes flashed with excitement, and then walked forward, “My daughter, raise your head.”

Lin Fan looked at Li Zhixiu in horror. She could call Master Lin from uncle to father in a mere second. Lin Fan thought she had planned this beforehand.

So Lin Fan didn’t have a chance to refuse, he was afraid if he said something silly, his father would kill him on the spot.

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