I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 81 I Am Violent


Everything was going too fast, Lin Fan, Master Lin, even Tsui Lan was shocked by Miss Li’s answer.

“Xiu’er will be my family in the future, did your father know about this?” Master Lin asked.

Li Zhixiu calmly said, “My father has agreed.”

“That’s good. I think it’s time to pick a good day and date and set a plan. The wedding must be beautiful, the grander, the better.” Master Lin laughed, and he decided without asked Lin Fan first.

Lin Fan was a bit disappointed because Master Lin didn’t ask him first.

Lin Fan wanted to share a bit of his mind, “Father, don’t you think this is so strange? She takes this matter so casually.”

Lin Fan thought there was some conspiracy behind it.

Both of my parents already agreed when I say I want to pay a visit to Lin Family’s residence.” Li Zhixiu said.

She was so smart that people might think that she was from Lin Family instead of Li Family.

“That’s good, Xiu’er is my daughter-in-law now.” Master Lin smiled and stared at Lin Fan with his furious look. Master Lin was Lin Fan’s big obstacle in this matter. Lin Fan couldn’t do anything as long as Master Lin was right there.

“Xiu’er, when do you want to hold the wedding party?” Master Lin asked.

“I leave everything in father hand.” Li Zhixiu said.

She didn’t give a shit about the wedding. She just wanted to settle everything hurriedly and closed the case.

“Master, how about we let them talk in private?” Wu Lao said.

“Okay.” Master Lin nodded, and then he said, “My son, talk nicely to Xiu’er.”

After Master Lin said that, he whispered Lin Fan something.

“Don’t you dare to mess up this time, if you do, you are dead.”

Master Lin threatened him to accept the marriage with a smile.

“Miss Li, terrific.” Lin Fan gave the thumbs up, tried to tease her, and got on her nerves.

Most people would get angry because of that, but she was different.

“You will be my husband in the future. You can call me Xiu’er.” Li Zhixiu said.

She could maintain her composure.

“Let’s drop the honorific. My father agrees, but that does not mean I also agree. Marrying someone without feelings is like a prostitute. And I have a tendency to be violent toward women. You must be careful.”

Lin Fan took that slight chance to ruin the marriage when Master Lin was not around.

‘Rage +13’

Tsui Lan was angry because of Lin Fan’s words.

“Grrr.” She muttered and glared at Lin Fan furiously.

So cute.

Zhou Guangyi glanced calmly at Tsui Lan, round face, red cheeks, he has been dreaming of marrying that kind girl.

But Zhou Guangyi wouldn’t let Tsui Lan interfere with Lin Fan and Miss Li.

“Tendency to be violent?” Li Zhixiu tore the banana open and swallowed it without any thought about her surroundings.

And she kicked the banana peel, sliced it to pieces.

Li Zhixiu called Tsui Lan out while walking toward the door, and she said, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Inside The Mainhouse.

Lin Fan and the servant were a bit shocked.

“Young Master, she’s so fearless.” The servant said.

“Yeah, she is. An arrogant and fearless girl.” Lin Fan was fired up

“Go, find my cousin.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao was in training these days.

He trained to break through from the eight-stage to the ninth-stage.

When he came to Zhou Zhongmao’s place, there was a guard stood by the door.

When the guard was about to tell Lin Fan that Zhou Zhongmao was undergoing training, Zhou Zhongmao stepped out of the house. He failed in his training, after all.

“Cousin.” Lin Fan shouted.

Zhou Zhongmao rushed toward Lin Fan, “Cousin, why are you here?”

“Listen!” Lin Fan sighed and told his cousin what happened. “Cousin, what did you say? This girl is well prepared. We must think about the way out.”

Zhou Zhongmao thought that it was not a bad thing to marry someone.

But if his cousin didn’t want to do it, so he had to stand by on his cousin’s side.

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