I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 82 What A Beautiful Morning


Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan was plotting something with his cousin.

“Cousin, uncle has agreed to the marriage, if uncle knows about this, you will be in big trouble.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“I have to solve this problem in my own way, can you support me in this dire situation?” Lin Fan patted Zhou Zhongmao’s head.

Zhou Zhongmao braced herself.

“Cousin, I will stand beside you.”

Master Lin has taken a liking to Li Zhixiu. He has considered her as his daughter-in-law even though Lin Fan hasn’t married her yet.

They will hold the wedding party in the largest and best courtyard in Lin Family’s residence, which was enough to show how satisfied Master Lin was with Li Zhixiu.

When Lin Fan knew this, he didn’t know what to say.

Lin Family’s Residence, Miss Li Room.

Tsui Lan unpacked the luggage. “Miss, Master Lin is really nice toward you, but I don’t like Young Master Lin.”

She held a pot of flowers in her hand and placed it at the window. That kind of flower was very aromatic.

“It’s not important whether he is a good person or not, what’s important is that I can control him in the future.” Li Zhixiu said.

When she met Lin Fan in the living room, she had no problem with his attitude. Since she had to marry one day, so she chose the guy whom she could control easily.

On the first time they met, she disliked Lin Fan, but that would save her the trouble. She won’t feel guilty in the future.

Tsui Lan gave a piece of her mind, “But Miss, it’s very painful to be with someone you don’t like. If Young Master Lin likes you, that’s fine. At least one day, you might find happiness with him, but now this …”

She didn’t know what to say.

Yeah, those two didn’t like each other.

“My father and mother also met through an arranged marriage, how is it different from my case?” Li Zhixiu said.

She didn’t take those things seriously.

It felt a lot easier for her.

Lin Family’s Residence, Night.

The moon was shining so bright.

Lin Fan felt insecure when he saw his father was really nice to Miss Li during dinner.

He must find a way to ruin the marriage. And only Miss Li herself could help him to do that.

“It depends on tonight.”

Lin Fan grabbed the black clothes on the table. He prepared to do something.

When he took off his clothes, a gust of wind came inside.

“I forgot to close the window.”

When he wanted to close the window, a dark shadow came in, and his vision was blurred, and he passed out.

Before Lin Fan passed out, he thought that was the assassin’s doing.

When Miss Li thought that Lin Family was not so bad, she sensed there was someone outside.

She jumped away and hurried outside, but she didn’t find anything. She was so sure that someone went to the courtyard.

Yeah, she was right, but she didn’t notice the dark shadow was already hunting her down.


She sensed something dangerous.

The sixth sense of a woman, she felt that there was someone behind her.


Just when she was about to fight back, she dropped her sword, and her vision was blurred, and she passed out.

“Uncle, aren’t we a bit too rough?” Zhou Zhongmao whispered.

“Don’t worry, I know you’re planing something with this brat, but you have to think about your cousin’s future. Do you want your cousin to single forever?”

“I definitely don’t want it.” Zhou Zhongmao shook her head, “But what about Miss Li? Aren’t we going too far?”

“What do you mean going too far? She is my daughter-in-law, it must happen sooner or later. What is the difference?”

Zhou Zhongmao pondered for a moment, and his uncle was right. It made no difference.

“Move your hands instead of your mouth!” Those two carried Lin Fan and Miss Li and put them on the bed.

And Master Lin had to undress those two.

“Take off your cousin’s clothes.” Master Lin said.

Zhou Zhongmao was startled, “Uncle, are you kidding me? How can I do that?”

“Just do it. Will you just listen to me?” Master Lin said.

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t dare to argue with his uncle.

Master Lin and Zhou Zhongmao took off those two’s clothes.

And it was already daybreak.

Lin Fan had a long dream, but fortunately, it was not a nightmare.

When he opened his eyes, he realized something strange but a little familiar.

Li Zhixiu also woke up, the two eyes stared at each other.

Lin Fan’s hand was on Li Zhixiu’s chest, and he squeezed it. Confirming that it was not a dream.

Lin Fan got up while he was naked and took his clothes on the ground.

“You shameless girl, you sneak into my room, take off my clothes, and take my first time, how can you be so shameless.” Lin Fan cursed.

Miss Li’s expression changed, and she said, “Lin Fan, I want your life.” Li Zhixiu’s face turned red, with a roar, her arm stretched out, and took the sword lying around there, then she was slashing the sword toward Lin Fan.

‘Rage +666’

“If you could.” Lin Fan answered.

Miss Li was really pissed off right now.

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