I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 83 Do You Think I’m A Fool


Lin Fan and Miss Li woke up while they were naked, and a complicated problem arose even though nothing happened last night.

Zhou Zhongmao watched those two quarrelled and couldn’t hold back anymore.

So he headed straight to the room.

“Cousin, are you okay?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

Lin Fan calmly said, “It’s all right. I was tarnished by this girl last night. Don’t you have something to say?”

“I don’t know.” Zhou Zhongmao said,

Zhou Zhongmao was afraid if Lin Fan knew that he also had a contribution in that matter.

Zhou Zhongmao blocked miss Li’s attack.

“Cousin, please restrain yourself.” Zhou Zhongmao comforted him.

Zhou Zhongmao was confused about what he should do in this situation.

“Cousin, what are you talking about? Back me up here a little, aren’t you my cousin?” Lin Fan was a little disappointed with his cousin.

Li Zhixiu stopped, her expression was still looking so unsightly, and the way she slashed the blade, she didn’t think to kill Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao.

‘Rage +333’

“Cousin, did anything happen last night?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

“What do you mean by that?” Lin Fan only thought about how to drive Miss Li away from Lin Family’s residence as fast as possible. It was not a place others could mess up with.

Lin Fan didn’t look like a bad person, at least appearance-wise, and it would be hard to force Miss Li left his house.

Zhou Zhongmao’s expression was very serious, and he said, “There must be a misunderstanding here. Why don’t you talk with her first?”

Zhou Zhongmao was like an actress.

“Miss, are you okay?” Tsui Lan came in, and she saw Li Xizhu holding a sword as if Miss Li was going to fight Lin Fan.

Li Zhixiu pondered for a moment, took a deep breath, and she said, “It’s all right.”

She glanced at Lin Fan and left the room.

In the distance, two figures were hiding.

“What’s going on? What is Zhou Zhongmao doing out there?” Master Lin was a bit upset. He wanted the young couple to fight and solve the problem by themselves.

Master Lin thought fighting and arguing was part of love.

“Master, I think for Zhou Zhongmao being there is not a problem, he can be a conciliator. And if Young Master and Miss Li get into a big fight, that will be troublesome.” Wu Lao said.

Wu Lao hoped Lin Fan would survive from Master Lin’s intervention.

“What troublesome?! Lin Family needs a strong woman too.” Master Lin quite thoughtfully said.

Wu Lao stared at Master Lin.

Recalling something in the past.

Master Lin has always been like that, he used to force his way of thinking to others.

Lin Fan pondered the matter, which was so strange.

If it was the assassin’s doing, it would be impossible to bring him to the room with Miss Li. So he suspected Master Lin, the only one who was capable of doing that.

“Cousin, what are you thinking?” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“I was wondering who set me up.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao trembled, and he was very nervous, “Cousin, how did you come into that conclusion?”

Lin Fan waved his hand, “I’m going to see my father.”

Zhou Zhongmao wanted to stop his cousin, but his cousin already left.

“I’m innocent, and this is all uncle’s fault.” Zhou Zhongmao thought.

Lin Family’s Residence, Library.

“Father, I want to ask something.” Lin Fan stood outside and said that.

“Come in.” Master Lin put down the book in his hand and looked at Lin Fan.

“What’s the matter?” Master Lin asked.

“Father, did you attack me last night and take me to Miss Li’s room, and stripped away my clothes?” Lin Fan asked.

Lin Fan thought only his father, who was capable and dared to do that.

Master Lin wondered, “What are you talking about? I don’t quite understand what you are talking about.”

Master Lin put an act.

“Father, here is the story…” Lin Fan told Master Lin what happened.

Master Lin sighed, “Hey, I didn’t expect it to happen.”

“My son, let me tell you something. You got a disease when you were a kid. Any doctor in the world can’t cure the disease. They say the cause of your disease is women. When you fall asleep, you will be sleepwalking and go to the woman’s room instinctively.”

“To avoid that, I fired all the maids in the Lin Family. No female in Lin Family.”

After saying that, Master Lin shook his head and sighed while wracking his brain to find more possible reason.

Lin Fan was completely stunned.

Obviously, his father was lying to him.

“Father, do you think I’m a fool?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin answered, “My son, I didn’t say you were a fool, but you said it yourself.”

Lin Fan was speechless.

He was so sure the one who did that was Master Lin.

No one else could do such a thing.

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