I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 84 Hypocrisy


When Lin Fan left the room, Wu Lao came out.

“Master, it seems Young Master onto us.”

Wu Lao felt sorry for Lin Fan because of Master Lin’s reckless plan.

“Even if he knows, what can he do about it?” Master Lin said.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan thought even if he was inside the house, he felt insecure because of the assassin and the incident last night. The condition inside was not much different from outside.

‘System – Status Window’

‘Physical Power: 120 (Fourth Stage)’

‘Spiritual Power: 150 (Fifth Stage)’

‘Mystic Art: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Third Stage)’

‘Martial Art: Tiger Swords (Fifth Stage), Insect Control (First Stage), Fudo King (First Stage), Thunder Swords (Third Stage), Origin Jade Palm (First Stage)’

‘Rage Point: 3477’

Lin Fan’s current status was not weak, it could be said that it was actually very powerful, but the environment he lived was just too crazy.

So Lin Fan thought he was still weak.

He tried to distribute some rage points.

‘Physical Power: 150 (Fifth Stage)’

His body underwent some changes, he felt something different inside his body every time he leveled up the physical power.

He picked up the sword and grassed his finger, but he found his finger was fine without a scratch.

“If I continue to level up the physical power, can I be immune to physical attack?” Lin Fan wondered.

But he didn’t dare to experiment any further. He was afraid of pain.

He thought level up fourth ziyang scripture was important, but right now, level up physical power was more important.

Lin Family’s Residence, Noon.

Lin Fan was going to stroll around in the city. When he walked to the gate, he saw Miss Li was practicing martial arts.

She controlled the spiritual power inside her and prepared to launch an attack with her spear.

In a split second, she stabbed the throat of the dummy until its head was separated from its body.

“Cousin, this girl is doing a good job, we should show our appreciation.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head.

“It’s really amazing.”

Tsui Lan was upset with Lin Fan’s words.

‘Rage +6’

Tsui Lan handed the towel to Miss Li, while she was thinking Miss Li’s skill was more than just doing a good job.

Lin Fan didn’t give any shit about that small amount of rage points.

“Cousin, let’s go.” Lin Fan left them.

He discovered Miss Li will be staying in the Lin Family’s Residence. He was afraid last night’s event would be repeated.

“Miss.” Tsui Lan was worried about Miss Li.

Miss Li pondered, she recalled last night’s event, the culprit was so fast and was able to hide his presence.

She thought only Master Lin could do that kind of thing.

“Tsui Lan, get me some wood and nails.” Miss Li said.

Tsui Lan didn’t quite understand, “Miss, what are you going to do with those things?”

“Don’t ask, just bring me those things.”

Tranquil City, Main Street.

Lin Fan strolled around, and the commoners who passed by greeted him with respect.

He was very popular in Tranquil City. He won the people’s hearts.

There was a horseshoe sound in the distance.

Several black horses galloped down the alleyway in the city.

Many civilians were afraid of being hit by the horses.

“Get out of my way!”

The men who were riding the horses were like a bandit, carried a big sword behind them wrapped in white cloth.

But Lin Fan deliberately stood in the middle of the street.

“Step aside!”

The leader was eight feet long, he was wearing a leopard’s head as his helmet, and his beard was like a lion. Also, his voice was like a clap of thunder.

“Cousin, stop him.” Lin Fan said calmly.

Zhou Zhongmao stepped in, and he grabbed the horse’s front leg.

The horse growled.

He pulled the horse’s legs toward the opposite direction.

The horse split into two, and its blood was splattered to everyone around the vicinity.

“Cousin, but I did tell you to stop him, what are you doing to the horse?” Lin Fan said helplessly.

Zhou Zhongmao turned his head and smiled, “I can’t help it.”

“Yes… Yes…” Lin Fan nodded speechlessly.

“You are looking for death.” The leader was furious, his face and his ears were red, and he took the big sword behind him.

Lin Fan said, “I am Young Master of Lin Family. You make a ruckus in my place. Have you asked for permission from my family?”

The leader held his fist and smiled, “It turns out that you are Young Master Lin.”

“Do you know who I am?” Lin Fan asked.

The question was a bit tricky.

The leader looked embarrassed and begged to be spared.

‘Rage +123’

Lin Fan commanded all of that big man’s comrades to dismount, and he confiscated all the horses and told them to get it back in Lin Family’s Residence.

“Rest assured. I won’t steal your horses. Just go to Lin Family and mention my name.”

Lin Family was a noble family in Tranquil City, and they must uphold law and order there.

Especially those big guys, just from the first glance, they didn’t look like good people.

‘Rage +111’

‘Rage +88’

‘Rage +123’

Those rage points were obviously from those big men.

“Okay, since Young Master Lin said so, then we will follow Young Master Lin’s instruction, and we will go to Lin Family’s Residence to fetch horses in the future.” Said Hanquan.

The leader was really a smooth talker.

That was somewhat unexpected by Lin Fan.

They soon left.

“Cousin, where are they from?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao pondered for a moment.

“Black horses can only be found in northern grasslands, so they came from the north.”

“I’m asking you, where are they from, do those ruffians have some connection with anyone important?” Lin Fan’s expression was so helpless. His cousin was a bit special.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head, simple and clear he said, “I don’t know.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to ask anything again.

Then he rode the black horse himself and patrolled the city.

It felt so good to have a mount.

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