I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 85 It Is Done


Tranquil City was too quiet these days.

Lin Fan hardly anything fun.

Liang Yongqi was injured and recovering at home. Lin Fan hasn’t encountered him for a long time, and Lin Fan missed him.

Yuan Tianchu never appeared, and Lin Fan didn’t know if Yuan Tianchu intentionally avoided him or not.

Lin Fan was aware he was safe in Tranquil City, but he didn’t know outside the city.

Three big men walked on foot.

“Chief, Young Master Lin is really excessive in handling a problem.” One of those big men said, carrying an iron stick behind him, made of pure iron, it weighed hundreds of pounds.

They were like thugs, unlike ordinary people.

“I don’t care, just do our thing.”

Chief Han said that apparently he did not take Lin Fan’s doing into consideration.

However, Zhou Zhongmao caught his attention.

He tore the black horse with his hands and was extremely powerful.

His martial art was at a high level.

Chief Han did not expect Lin Family to have such a strong man.

Lin Fan was shopping for a long time.

“Boring…” Lin Fan was riding on the horse, he just walked around doing nothing, “Let’s go home.”

He thought there would be fun, but unfortunately, Tranquil City was very calm. He didn’t see anything fun for him.

He thought Liang Yongqi should have recovered, he hopped the best for Liang Yongqi’s health.

Lin Family’s Residence.

When Lin Fan was going to enter his home, he asked something to the guards, “Did anyone came here after I leave the house?”

The guard at the door respectfully said, “Young Master, three big men came here to meet Master Lin.”

Three big men?

Lin Fan could not help but think of those guys he met on the street.

He didn’t expect them to actually visit Lin Family’s residence and even reported everything to his father.

“Take the horse!”

Lin Fan walked towards the house while he was thinking of the case.

The guard was stunned, “Where did he get these magnificent horses?”

“Cousin, the three big men we met before came to our house. Did they tell my father that we have a little fight with them?” Lin Fan asked.

“Relax cousin, I will keep it.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

When they reached the courtyard, they heard the sound of an explosion.


A big man was sent flying.


Two other big men were sent flying from the living room, crashed the ground, and spurted blood.

Aren’t that the three big guys Lin Fan met on the road earlier?

Lin Fan didn’t expect them to be crushed by his father.

This was a good thing for Lin Fan.

“Lin Wan, you old geezer, you dare to disobey the orders of King Wu Tong.” Chief Han collapsed on the ground while spurting blood.



Lin Fan rushed and lifted his feet to kick the back of the big man.

The big man didn’t notice and was flung.

Lin Fan’s servant was shocked.

“You crazy! You dare to mess with my father. You dare to ride horses in the city, you thugs!”

Lin Fan’s kick packed quite a power.

His physical and spiritual power reached the fifth stage.

“Brat, don’t get in the way!” Master Lin said.

Lin Fan thought that these three guys were very familiar with his father.

Lin Fan seemed to find new toys.


Master Lin’s gaze was cold, and he was going to behead the three of them.

The killing intent was so intense, and those three big men shivered.

They did not expect Master Lin to have such behavior.

Li Zhixiu watched what happened in the courtyard and frowned.

She didn’t know who those three big men were, but she knew who King Wu Tong was, and he was an important figure in the central imperial city.

King Wu Tong was able to unite all tribes.

When Lin Fan saw his father was about to hit them again, he tried to stop his father.

“Father, please show them a little mercy, we can’t kill them yet.”

Master Lin stopped his palm mid-air.

If his palm landed on them, they would die for sure.

The three big men were relieved.

Seeing Master Lin’s doubtful look, Lin Fan explained, “Father, killing them right now would be too good for them. Please leave it to me. I have an idea recently.”

“Cousin, break their hands and legs.”

Lin Fan’s expression was very calm like he was telling his cousin to kill a pig, his calmness was so terrifying.

“Okay, cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao didn’t think twice.

He stepped forward and grabbed the ankle of a big man with his strong hands, and a crackling sound could be heard from them along with endless screams and a cracked bone.

Their ankles were dislocated, and Zhou Zhongmao crushed them like candy.

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t have a soft spot.

“Cousin, you are a bit too fast. It’s better to pace yourself a little.” Lin Fan took a breath, although there was no pain in his body, their screams really hurt his heart.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head and said, “Cousins, they are all at the master level. They will be fine with some broken bones. There will be no problem.”

“Yes.” Lin Fan nodded.

Don’t look down on his cousin, his brain was still working just fine.

Lin Family’s guards didn’t believe what they saw, their instructor was ruthless.

Those big men didn’t expect Master Lin would beat them. Moreover, they receive quite a beating from Master Lin’s nephew.

“Father, leave it to me.” Lin Fan said.

Master Lin was a bit hesitant.

What the hell was going on?

Master Lin thought Lin Fan was not useless.

It was hard to be able to say such things.

“Okay.” Master Lin waved his hand, didn’t say anything more.

With the approval of his father, Lin Fan smiled.

“Cousin, take them to the backyard.”

Zhou Zhongmao held one in each of his hands and walked toward the backyard.

When Lin Fan passed the entrance, he found that Li Zhixiu was there, smiling awkwardly as if to say, she clearly saw Lin Fan’s violent behavior just now, She thought something in her mind, Lin Fan would become the target of the whole province.

In The Living Room.

“I didn’t expect King Wu Tong to send someone. It’s better to tell everyone, King Wu Tong has become our enemy.” Wu Lao said.

“Useless, no one will believe this.”

Master Lin shook his head. What he was most worried about was not about King Wu Tong’s hostility toward him but whether other cities had been ruled by King Wu Tong or not.

“Forget it, I have more important things to do. Do I need to force him?”

Master Lin’s most urgent thing was…

“Master, I think we should talk with the Young Master. If we force him too hard, I’m afraid he will run away.” Wu Lao worried.

“If he dares to do that, I will break his leg.” Master Lin irritated.

Wu Lao sighed, “Thanks for the understanding. Young Master, he really dares to do that.”

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