I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 86 He Is A Demon


“Miss, I feel like this family is very dangerous.” Tsui Lan’s face was a bit pale and scared like a cute little girl.

They saw the limbs of those three big men being squeezed like a piece of paper.

Could anyone imagine how scary that was?

The broken bones pierced the skin, and the blood was dripping nonstop.

Li Zhixiu was also thinking about this matter. The original idea was to get married. She didn’t care about her husband, she just wanted to live her own life in her own way.

But what happened last night alarmed her.

Things were out of her control.

Master Lin was very dangerous.


The three big men were screaming and suffering, they never thought their plan would be foiled like this.

“Cousin, what should I do now?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

Obeying Lin Fan at all times was what he should do as a cousin, he thought.

“Tie them up.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan walked very happily. He thought his days would be boring, but he didn’t expect those men to fill the emptiness in his heart.

Life was so wonderful.

Zhou Zhongmao tied them up quickly.

“Remember this face? I think you can’t even remember it. You ride horses in the city, and I confiscated your horses, but I didn’t expect you guys will be this stupid.” Lin Fan sighed.

‘Rage +233’

‘Rage +123’

‘Rage +123’

Those guys would rather die if they knew what Lin Fan was gonna do to them.

“I’m not afraid of death.” One of the big men shouted.

Lin Fan waved his hand, “How bad do you think to kill someone is? That’s a dirty job. As a noble, I have read the sutra books and how to serve people with morals.”

The big man who carried the iron stick wanted to spit toward Lin Fan, but as soon as he had the idea, horrible things happened.


Zhou Zhongmao slapped him almost spontaneously.

His bones cracked.

Han’s neck dangled and his eyes opened wide.

He might be dead.

“Cousin, what are you doing?!” Lin Fan was shocked, and what kind of technique Zhou Zhongmao used, Lin Fan wondered if that was a secret technique of his cousin.

“Cousin, I think he wants to spit some poison on you.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

What else Lin Fan could say?

Zhou Zhongmao’s method was a bit over the top.

Even if that man really wanted to spit poison, it was enough to hit his mouth.

Lin Fan stepped forward and checked Han’s neck.

Lin Fan asked his cousin to stand still.

If Zhou Zhongmao lost control, he was afraid that he won’t be able to farm some rage points.

Chief Han stared angrily at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was even more brutal than his father.

‘Rage +333’

He hid his anger and said, “Young Master Lin, can we make a deal?”

“What deal?” Lin Fan asked with a bit of interest.

“If you let us go, I can assure you. I will grant you the audience with King Wu Tong. Your father is guilty because he went against the will of King Wu Tong and commits a serious crime. But I can see that you are different from your father. What do you think? The world will be yours.” Said chief Han.

Lin Fan didn’t care about King Wu Tong, and he also didn’t know who King Wu Tong was.

Chief Han panicked.

“What exactly this boy want?” He thought.

He couldn’t predict Lin Fan’s move.

“Young Master Lin, think about it, King Wu Tong is one of the most powerful people in the world. As long as King Wu Tong thinks you are useful to him, the benefits will be beyond your imagination.”

“Your father offends King Wu Tong and will be punished to death. But if you obey King Wu Tong, Lin Family and your father will be spared.” Chief Han explained.

From a distance.

The servant brought over an iron barrel.

The charcoal inside of it was burnt, and the surrounding air became hotter as it approached them.

When those big men saw the iron barrel, they trembled. They were familiar with that stuff and how to use it.

They often do that when they were dealing with some prisoners.

Lin Fan got up and walked toward the iron barrel and took out the hot iron inside.

“Can you read this?” Lin Fan asked.

“I can.” Chief Han was sweating a lot. Lin Fan wondered whether it was because of the hot iron or chief Han was just scared of him.

“Very good.” Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction, shaking the iron in front of the other two, “Do you know how to read this word?”

“Fuck.” The man’s body trembled slightly.

“Let me teach you manner.”

Lin Fan used the iron to stab one of the big men.

The big man screamed.

Lin Fan frowned.

“Tell me your name, and I won’t hit you, what’s your name?”

The big man lowered his head and saw an iron in one of his comrade’s body, who was already dead.

‘Rage +233’

‘Rage +123’

The other two were really scared.

They wanted to die.

Lin Fan looked at the other person and shook his head, “My servant, burn some iron again, this temperature is not hot enough, and the letter is not clear.”

“Are you scared?” Lin Fan asked.

Those big men looked at Lin Fan in fear.

Tsui Lan’s small face was so pale that she was so frightened and sat paralyzed on the ground, and she was sweating a lot.

She was scared, she has never seen such a cruel scene, not to mention it was still in broad daylight.

She was going back to tell Li Zhixiu.

Young Master Lin was a demon.

He was so cruel.

Wu Lao was also watching Lin Fan.

He was afraid that Lin Fan was being fooled by those people, but he didn’t expect Lin Fan would torture them.

He didn’t think Lin Fan had that kind of hobby before.

Lin Fan felt very motivated, the two remaining big men gave him 2.366 rage points.

The result was very good.

“Please kill me, please kill me.”

“You demon, just kill me already!”

Those two big men struggled.

Now they just wanted to die.

“Young Master, it’s dinner time,” Zhou Guangyi said.

“Yeah I’m a bit hungry, let’s go eat something.”

Lin Fan was very calm.

Those two big men still had their important job tomorrow.

Lin Fan thought it was necessary for him to do that, it couldn’t be helped.

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