I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 87 Not Pretending


Lin Family’s dinner was like any other normal people, not full of luxurious food.

“Father, Why the foods are so yummy? Are there any special occasions?” Lin Fan asked.

“Don’t you know?” Master Lin toasted, “Come on, we toast for our new member in Lin Family.”

“Oh my God.” Lin Fan thought.

Lin Fan was dissatisfied with his father’s decision.

Despite being one of the most influential families in Tranquil City Lin Family didn’t have that many family members to begin with.

Wu Lao, even though he was a servant, but he has been treated as one of the family members. And he treated Lin Fan as his own son.

Li Zhixiu … she still kept her cool.

“Thank you, Father.” Li Zhixiu got up, she was very bold, drank in the alcohol and her throat was like being burned, but she held it and showed a weird smile.

Lin Fan glanced at his father, Master Lin was pleased.

Tsui Lan stood behind Li Zhixiu, that little girl’s face was pale and didn’t dare to look at Zhou Zhongmao and Lin Fan.

Tsui Lan was still scarred about yesterday.

“Father, who are those guys who mentioned King Wu Tong? I heard you rebelled against King Wu Tong. Just who is this King Wu Tong? A very powerful guy?”

Lin Fan was a bit curious. The three big men came to Tranquil City, looking at the situation, they came to find Lin Fan’s father.

As soon as Lin Fan returned, the three of them already had a good time with Master Lin.

Lin Fan smelled something has happened between his father and someone important.

“Why do you ask so much? It has nothing to do with you anyway.” Master Lin said.

Lin Fan was helpless, “It’s okay to have an enemy or two, but you should tell me at least if you want to fight someone. I can lend you a hand.”

“Eat your foods, don’t talk anymore.” Master Lin stared at him.

Master Lin didn’t expect those guys to tell Lin Fan about King Wu Tong. He regretted why he didn’t kill those guys on the spot?

Li Zhixiu knew King Wu Tong, but she didn’t intervene and remained silent. She wondered why King Wu Tong sent someone to Lin Family.

After they had dinner.

“Xiu’er, Lin Fan, it’s getting late, go back to your room quickly.”

Li Zhixiu knew something was going on between King Wu Tong and Master Lin.

Li Zhixiu got up and returned to the backyard.

The nails and wooden boards that Tsui Lan found were useful. She shut all the doors and windows using those wooden boards.

She didn’t dare to fall asleep, she sat on the bed and meditated to feel the movement outside.

“Father, I’m not that sleepy tonight, I want to read books in the library.” Lin Fan said.

Well, that was just an excuse to stay in the library, he was just scared.

“Go back to sleep!” Master Lin shouted.

When his daughter-in-law was not around, Master Lin didn’t care about Lin Fan’s pride.

“Okay, okay, no need to yell.” Lin Fan had nothing to say. Lin Fan knew his father just wanted Lin Fan back to his room, whether Lin Fan slept or not he didn’t care.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

After Lin Fan went back, he couldn’t fall asleep. The best way to shut his father was to be more powerful.

Only then he could compete with his father.

Even though Zhou Zhongmao didn’t know what stage his father’s current strength was, he was sure that his father was so strong.

And his cousin wasn’t weak either, Zhou Zhongmao almost succeeded in reaching the ninth stage.

Master Lin walked around the house in the night.

Lin Fan wrote on the paper.

“Please bring me the sword for my own protection.”

He put the sword behind his back, fell asleep in bed, and put the paper on his chest.

The door was closed.

The night was so quiet.

In the courtyard, two men were tied to a wooden pillar, they looked so depressed, and suddenly they heard something.

“You talk too much!”


Master Lin broke their necks.

After that, he sneaked to Lin Fan’s house and rendered Lin Fan unconsciously.

Li Zhixiu hasn’t fallen asleep yet.

She was nervous.

Everyone thought that she was a tiger, but now she discovered that she was actually a sheep.

A sheep that looked like a tiger.

There has been no movement outside, which made her feel at ease.

Master Lin’s movements were undetected.

He already stood in front of the door.

“Who’s there?” Li Zhixiu was shocked when she saw someone’s shadow, and the door she already blocked with wooden boards was destroyed.

Master Lin covered his face, and he closed the door.

Li Zhixiu wanted to resist, but she was nothing in front of Master Lin’s power, she was just an ant, and passed out instantly.

And Master Lin did something just like last night.

“Master, the wind is strong at night, the young master will get sick because there is no door.” Wu Lao appeared and said.

“It’s okay. We can repair it later, brother Wu, do you have aphrodisiac?” Master Lin asked.

Wu Lao was shocked.

“Master, we haven’t used that stuff for decades, I don’t have it.” Wu Lao said.

At that time, he walked around with the master, carrying a lot of stuff on his body, just in case.

At his young age, Master Lin and Wu Lao fought their powerful enemy using the aphrodisiac.

They threw it to the enemy and finished them with their sword.

Master Lin sighed.

“If you have it, it will save a lot of trouble for me.”

Master Lin was the real demon.

And his son was the little demon.

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