I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 88 So Painful


The sun was shining bright in the sky. It was morning already.

Lin Fan was already familiar with this pattern, he woke up in Li Zhixiu’s room, both of them were naked, and his hands touched Li Zhixiu’s private part. Lin Fan stood and dressed up.

Li Zhixiu awoke.

“My girl, I tell you, these are my father’s doing. As long as you stay in Lin Family, the first person you will see when you wake up is me, and you can’t do anything about it.”

“I don’t know the reason you came to Lin Family, but I told you that it is impossible between us. I still want to be a single.”

Li Zhixiu was sitting on the bed, and she was in a shocking state.

She heard all the things Lin Fan said.

‘Rage +333’

‘Rage +666’

Lin Fan opened the door.

The air was so fresh, and the sun was shining bright.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and felt good, he turned back and said, “Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, my father is a pervert, we survived for two consecutive days, but I can tell you in the third we can’t escape, you’re either going to drink some medicine, or you better ask someone’s help. I think you will get pregnant soon.”

Li Zhixiu was so scared, she came to Lin Family just hoping to be free, but what she found was a terrible family.

Lin Fan kept teasing her with hoping that she will leave.

“My father is so nice to you. He just wants you to have a child with me. How about you leave immediately after giving birth?”

“Fuck you!” Li Zhixiu cursed.

‘Rage +777’

Lin Fan laughed, “Yeah… That’s my girl. If you really want it, I wouldn’t mind, you know.”

“Do you know how painful it is to have a child? It’s like crushing all the bones in your body. That pain lasts a long time.”

In ancient times, no one cared about the pain of having a child.

But Lin Fan knew it, someone could die along the process.

What she said was too realistic and frightening.

Lin Fan left her room quickly. He knew Li Zhixiu would kill him if he stayed there in the next second.

Zhou Zhongmao looked in the dark.

He thought there would be a big fight, but nothing happened, it was strange.

Inside Li Zhixiu’s room.

“Tsui Lan, Tsui Lan …” Li Zhixiu shouted.

Tsui Lan came hurriedly, and when she saw Li Zhixiu’s face was pale, she was worried, “Miss, what’s wrong?”

“Tsui Lan, did anything happen when my mother gave birth to me? Was there any danger?” Li Zhixiu asked.

“Miss, why do you ask this?” Tsui Lan wondered what had happened.

“Just say it.” Li Zhixiu asked coldly.

Tsui Lan pondered for a while, “I knew it from the elders’ story, your mother was already out of breath, and the master was prepared for the worst. At that time, an old monk came to Li Family’s residence to pray. The old monk sat at the gate of Li Family’s residence, knocked on the wooden fish, and read the Buddhist scriptures. The voice of the wooden fish could be heard that day in the entire Lotus City, and your mother came back to life.”

“What about the old monk?” Li Zhixiu asked.

Tsui Lan thought about it, “He has been kicked away.”

She heard these things from people who have been in Li Family for a long time.

Maybe it had something to do with the old monk.

“Tsui Lan, pack up our things, I want to go home.” Li Zhixiu was a little hesitant.

Lin Fan didn’t lie to her.

That was not the life she wanted.

She thought she could do whatever she wanted with her current strength, but now she found out that Master Lin was really scary.

She knew there would be trouble because she already agreed with Lin Family’s proposal. But she still wanted to go home.

“What?” Tsui Lan was surprised. “Miss, are you going home?”

“Yeah, it’s too dangerous here, I’m so selfish when I make this decision, things are already out of my control.” Li Zhixiu confused.

Tsui Lan thought Li Zhixiu should go home quickly.

As she said, it’s really dangerous there.

Lin Family’s members were like demons.

There are few normal people in that family, so Master Lin was a better one.

Tsui Lan thought Master Lin and Zhou Zhongmao were much better than Lin Fan.

Lin Family’s Residence, Entrance.

When Master Lin learned that his daughter-in-law was going home, his expression was a bit off.

It has only been a few days and she wanted to go back?

Was Lin Family’s residence not good enough?

Or because Master Lin didn’t respect his daughter-in-law enough?

Lin Fan saw his father coming in a hurry and stepped forward, “Father, thank you so much.”

He smiled brightly when he said that.

He didn’t expect that Li Zhixiu was going home.

Lin Fan was very grateful to his father’s doing.

Master Lin was confused by Lin Fan’s words.

“Father, if you don’t bring me to her room every day, she really won’t have to leave. Father, I understand. You have always cared about me.” Lin Fan laughed.

Master Lin looked at Wu Lao, and Wu Lao nodded silently, agreed with Lin Fan’s words.

In the end, what Master Lin did was useless.

“Daughter-in-law, why do you have to go? You have chosen your wedding day.” Master Lin saw Li Zhixiu coming and asked.

Li Zhixiu was a bit scared of Master Lin.

When she first met him, she thought he was a very good person, but in the past few days, she found that she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Father… Xiu’er wants to go back and see my father and mother.” Li Zhixiu said.

For her, she just wanted to escape from there as soon as possible.

How could Master Lin not do anything when his daughter-in-law was about to leave, “You don’t need to go back, your father and mother will come when you married.”

“Even so, I still need to go back and see them.” Li Zhixiu panicked.

Lin Fan said, “Father, if she wants to go back, let her be.”

“Shut up!” Master Lin glared at Lin Fan, then looked at Li Zhixiu, and smiled, “Xiu’er, did this kid do something to you? Just tell me, and I will whoop his ass.”

Well, the one who bullied her was Master Lin himself.

Although Master Lin was smiling, in Li Zhixiu’s eyes, she saw nothing but a creep demon grin.

“No, it’s because Xiu’er wants to go back to see father and mother.” Li Zhixiu just wanted to leave, and she didn’t want to stay there much longer.

At a distance.

“Brother Lin …” A voice heard.

Li Zhixiu trembled when she heard that voice.

Master Lin was overjoyed when he looked at the person.

“Xiu’er, don’t go. I and your mother are here.”

Lin Fan was stunned, such bad luck he had.

Obviously, everything will be doomed.

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