I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 89 Pervert


Li Zhixiu did not expect her father and mother would come.

“Brother Li! I miss you here, and I really want to visit you.” Master Lin said.

He looked so happy Li Zhixiu didn’t have to leave Lin Family’s residence because her father and mother arrived.

That girl seemed so frustrated that she wanted to go home, but the funny thing was she didn’t have any reason to do that right now.

Well, Lin Fan found another toy for him.

Beautiful? He didn’t care about that at all.

“Xiu’er, your mother and I are already here, unpack your things, and enjoy our time here.” Master Li said.

Lin Family’s Residence, Living Room.

Lin Fan sat there, blinking his eyes excessively and smiled.

Li Zhixiu’s mother looked at Lin Fan.

This was the first time she saw Lin Fan.

She needed to take a closer look at her son-in-law.

And she found Lin Fan was handsome.

Li Zhixiu couldn’t sit still and had a lot of things to say to her parents, but she didn’t find a chance.

Lin Family’s Residence, Library.

“Brother Lin, I got the news that King Wu Tong sent someone to Tranquil City. He never send anyone here before, so I come in a hurry. How is the situation?”

“Brother Li, so you already know about that?” Master Lin said.

“It seemed that Brother Li knew what was going on before he hurriedly departed from Lotus City.” Master Lin thought.

Master Li nodded, “Well, when King Wu Tong sent someone to this city, someone tells me about that, so I decide to come and see how’s your condition.” Master Li said.

“Someone did come here, but it is over. The dead body is in my son’s backyard.” Master Lin said.

Master Li was stunned.

Dead body?

He looked at Master Lin in disbelief, Master Lin nodded to confirm Master Li’s thought.

Master Li didn’t expect Master Lin would kill King Wu Tong’s henchmen.

That could anger King Wu Tong.

“Brother Lin, you really are too impulsive.” Master Li sighed.

Master Lin would rather let them fled than killing them.

“What do you mean by too impulsive? Look, If I don’t kill them, everyone who was already afraid of King Wu Tong will be even more afraid of him.”

That was true.

“I think you just give him a reason to attack this city. And we don’t know if other cities have already surrendered to him or not.”

“If he already conquered other cities, then it will be a matter of time before Lotus City, Water Sound City, and other cities fall into his hand.”

“Brother Li, let’s forget these things, I just want to ask, do you disagree to marry your daughter with my son?” Master Lin asked.

Master Li was a bit hesitant, “Brother Lin, we are discussing important matters. Let’s set aside such trivial matters between our kids’ affairs.”

“That is not trivial matters. What’s so important about that King compare to our kids’ future? Seriously, just tell me already that you agree or not.”

For Master Lin, King Wu Tong was just a small fry, he just wanted to make sure whether he could have a grandson or not.

“Brother Lin, let the kids take care of themselves. As fathers, we just can watch them from afar.” Master Li said.

Master Li knew what his daughter thought.

Master Lin waved his hand.

“What are you talking about?! If we just watch them, they will ruin everything.”

Master Lin didn’t know his plan already failed because of Lin Fan.

Master Lin didn’t care about Lin Fan and Li Zhixiu’s feelings, he didn’t bother those two would make it till the end or not if they married, he just wanted to have a grandson.

Lin Family Residence, Living Room.

Madam Li looked at Lin Fan, and even though she didn’t know about Lin Fan at least, there was one thing that intrigued her.

“Can I call you Xiao Fan?” Madam Li asked.

Lin Fan smiled, “Yes.”

Madam Li smiled.

She knew her daughter’s personality, yet Lin Fan treated her nicely.

“Xiao Fan, what do you like to do?” Madam Li asked.

Lin Fan gave Madam Li an honest answer.

“Well, there is nothing to do every day, so I just stroll around in the city, eat delicious foods and wait for death to come, when I am in a good mood, I beat people, and if I am in a bad mood, I kill people.” Lin Fan said that very calmly.

But when Madam Li heard it, she tried to stay calm.

“Xiao Fan, You are so hilarious.”

Madam Li didn’t believe what Lin Fan said.

“Auntie, I’m not joking with you. I’m telling you the fact. There is a dead body in the backyard if you don’t believe me.” Lin Fan said that with a smile.

When Tsui Lan heard that, her face turned pale, and she bowed her head slowly and trembled, “Madam, what he said is true, I saw it with my own eyes, he tortured people, and he killed them.”

Lin Fan’s act traumatized her.

Tsui Lan was so relieved Li Zhixiu decided to go home, but she was shocked when she saw Master Li and his wife arrived in Lin Family’s residence.

Madam Li didn’t believe it at first, but when she thought about that again, Madam Li shuddered, and suddenly found out that if her daughter officially became a member of Lin Family, what would her daughter’s future be like?

She didn’t know what to do.

Master Lin and Master Li came in.

They didn’t look so happy when they were talking in the library.

Those two didn’t have the same urgency to talk about.

Master Li was concerned about King Wu Tong.

On the other hand, Master Lin has been questioning whether Master Li agreed or not with their kids’ marriage.

In the end, they didn’t talk about it.

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