I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 95 Big Leap On The Strength


“Father, isn’t that Zu Xiang?” Liang Yichu was not quite sure.

Both of them couldn’t believe their eyes because Zu Xiang was supported by Liang Family.

“Yes. It’s really him.” Master Liang’s expression was furious knowing that.

Liang Yichu said, “I have been thinking for quite a while that there is something off about Zu Xiang, and my hunch is true.”

What just happened was really shocking.

Zu Xiang backstabbed Liang Family.

Lin Familly’s Residence.

“Father, do you think he will bring a large army to attack us?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin against King Wu Tong was indeed a serious matter.

Master Lin glared, “Don’t overthink it, I will not let you die.”

Lin Fan zipped his mouth, “I’m just asking.”

Master Lin’s words touched Lin Fan’s heart.

But Master Lin was angry about the mincemeat incident.

The more he thought about that, the angrier he will be.

Giving Lin Fan 111 rage points.

Master Lin thought there might be a war soon, but he didn’t want to talk about that.

Lin Family’s Residence, Main House.

Master Lin got a headache, at first Master Li came to Lin Family with a smile on his face, but now his expression drastically changed, he almost kneeled and begged Master Lin to let his family went home.

“Brother Li, what are you doing here? We need to talk about this urgent matter.” Master Lin stopped Master Li and held his hand.

“This … Brother Lin, I think I left some important business back home, let’s meet again next time.”

Master Li wanted to hurry home, he didn’t want to get involved in that situation.

Master Li said, “Brother Lin, I’ll take my leaving.”

Master Lin refused, “Brother Li, don’t do this. We have something to talk about. If it’s about King Wu Tong, no need to be afraid. I assure you, you won’t get any trouble. We will soon be a family. Don’t you think about our kids’ feelings?”

“Miss, hurry up.” Tsui Lan hurriedly walked outside with her huge bag.

Lin Family’s residence was too scary.

Tsui Lan thought that was the land of terror.

Li Zhixiu didn’t say anything, she really wanted to leave that house as soon as possible.


There was a deep scar in Li Zhixiu’s heart due to what happened recently.

Master Li bid his farewell to Master Lin, he and his family’s members hurriedly left the house.

“Father …” Lin Fan knew his father full well, so he chose to remain silent.

But in his heart, he was overjoyed because Li Zhixiu was gone.

Lin Fan thought King Wu Tong made a move at the right time and the right moment.

Master Lin patted Lin Fan’s shoulder.

“Brat, don’t be sad. Li Family didn’t agree. That’s because they have no vision. I won’t let you be single forever and will find you a better wife.”

“Father, let’s take it slow, I don’t really want to marry too fast.” Lin Fan said.

Master Lin said, “Get lost!”

“What?!” Lin Fan left without saying anything further.

Lin Fan went to the backyard and opened the system.

‘Physical Power: 180 (Sixth Stage)’

‘Internal Force: 180 (Sixth Stage)’

‘Mystic Art: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Third Stage)’

‘Martial Art: Tiger Swords (Fifth Stage), Insect Control (First Stage), Fudo King (First Stage), Thunder Swords (Third Stage), Origin Jade Palm (First Stage)’

‘Rage Point: 35633’


Lin Fan wanted to allocate some rage points.

He thought his mystic art was too low.

So Lin Fan allocated his rage points, to the fourth ziyang scripture.

‘Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Tenth Stage)’

The quality of his mystical art changed dramatically.

There was a gold color in his mystic art aura.

The fourth ziyang scripture had thirty-three stages in total. And it seemed the tenth stage was already powerful enough.

Lin Fan didn’t understand anything about martial art, but at least he knew that it will be harder for him to become stronger from now on.

‘Physical Power: 210 (Seventh Stage)’

He allocated a lot of rage points on physical power too.

He felt a strong power within his body.


He had to be calm.

For others, to know whether they succeed or not level-up their stage, there was an exploding sensation in their body as a sign.

There were 16633 rage points left.

Lin Fan continued to allocate his rage points.

‘Physical Power: 240 (Eight Stage)’

‘Spiritual Power: 240 (Eight Stage)’

Cultivation was really simple for him.

Spiritual power was circling around him and then spreading around.

With more than 4,000 rage points remaining, he decided to allocate some more rage points.

‘Physical Power: 240 (Eight Stage)’

‘Spiritual Power: 240 (Eight Stage)’

‘Mystic Art: The Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Tenth Stage)’

‘Martial Art: Tiger Swords (Fifth Stage), Insect Control (First Stage), Fudo King (First Stage), Thunder Swords (Fourth Stage), Origin Jade Palm (Fourth Stage)’

‘Rage Point: 133’

Being able to reach that stage in a short amount of time was just unbelievable.

Especially for physical power, for average people to cultivate their physical power was the hardest training menu.

But it was necessary in order to survive.

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