I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 14 The crime will certainly be exposed


In the Spiritual Field.

Zhou Ye was ignoring the white deer, who had been staring at him since he entered the Spiritual Field. He was cultivating seriously.

After an hour, Zhou Ye opened his eyes.

He always stops on time, within the allowed length of time.

Because every time after he was cultivating for an entire hour, the white deer would pick him up and throw him out from the Spiritual Field.

However, something went wrong today, and the situation that he expected didn’t happen.

Zhou Ye turned his head and looked at the white deer.

“Master Lu…”

The white deer was laying on the ground, and she was cultivating there and breathing smoothly, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth sucked into her mouth and nose.

Zhou Ye was overjoyed.

The white deer was asleep, and this is very great news.

Finally, I can be calm and stay here as long as I want.

Zhou Ye was happily cultivating in the spiritual field.

He was directly immersed in his cultivation.

Every hour, there were 60 Universal Points earned, which made him very happy physically and mentally.

The time passed, another hour soon passed.

During this period, the white deer woke up once.

She glanced at Zhou Ye and observed him closely. After found that Zhou Ye had no problems, she laid down and continued his sleep.


The next day had come.

The sun raised brightly.

The sunlight shone on Zhou Ye.

Two drops of dew bend his leaf’s tip, the light wind blew and made the dew fall into the ground.

“Comfortable.” Zhou Ye woke up, and he stretched his leaves towards the sides, looking like they were stretching.

He looked aside.

The white deer wasn’t in her original position.

But, she still laid down where she used to sleep.

He moved from his position last night and laid in the usual place.

After he was thinking about it, Zhou Ye didn’t think the white deer had forgotten himself.

The only explanation was that the white deer showed her kindness and made him feel good.

“Status panel.”

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Low-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery.

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Intermediate Stage (+).

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 9.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Martial Art: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic) (+). Cloud Step(Beginner) (+).

Universal Point: 970.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

My Universal Points are close to one thousand points.

Most of them were earned when Zhou Ye is cultivating in the spiritual field, and a small part was earned from the spiritual spring.

After seeing his current state, Zhou Ye decided to promote his Cultivation Realm.

Cultivation was the root of everything, without cultivation, he was just an ordinary weed.

[The Universal Points has been consumed by 500.] [The Cultivation Realm has been improved to Qi Refining Advanced Stage.]

At the moment when his cultivation level was improved, Zhou Ye emitted a cool breath, and this breath was constantly growing.

When his breath widened a certain distance, his breath became waker, then disappeared.

After a few breaths, the cool breath weakened, and Zhou Ye condensed it.

“My Cultivation Realm has promoted to the Advanced-grade. This grade is stronger two or three times than Intermediate-Grade.” Zhou Ye nodded with satisfaction when he looked at cyan Spiritual Energy was surrounding his tip of the leaves.

The quantity and quality of Spiritual Energy in his Dantian was improved a lot.

The white deer woke up after felt Zhou Ye’s breakthrough.

She raised her head and glanced at Zhou Ye, then she laid down and continued her sleep.

For the white deer, Zhou Ye’s breakthrough wasn’t very surprised her. It was all in her expectations.

Zhou Ye was already cultivating in the Spiritual Spring and the Spiritual Field several times. If that still didn’t make Zhou Ye breakthrough this fast, then the white deer would doubts whether Zhou Ye has been cultivating seriously or not.

I have 470 Universal Points left.

Zhou Ye didn’t improve his Mystic Skill, and he began to cultivate instead.

He wanted to accumulate Universal Points to improve his current state.


At noon, Zhou Ye was kicked out of the Spiritual Field by the white deer.

He was very sad.

Obviously, I opened one eye and closed one eye at the beginning, but when it was noon, she changed her mind.

At least, why doesn’t he give me a few minutes for cultivating?

Then Zhou Ye planted himself under the old tree and started cultivating.

After cultivating for two hours.


The sound of tearing cloth came from my ears.

Zhou Ye was taken aback, turned his head, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes.

A fair-skinned and soft person, and silky black hair tied with a cyan ribbon, stood behind Zhou Ye.

That person was wearing a cyan robe, using a pale white cloth as a belt, and it hung a crescent-shaped purple jade pendant.

“What a charming figure, but he is a man.” Zhou Ye shook his head and looked at his flat chest with regretful in his heart.

“Seems you had worked hard in the past few days when I went out.” The big-faced man looked at Zhou Ye, with a faint smile.

Zhou Ye was embarrassed after heard what he was said.

Whatever I tried, I cultivated a few times.


The white deer ran out of the yard, and when she saw the big-faced man, she was very excited and immediately rushed towards him.

“Stop, don’t use your antlers against me.” The big-faced man stretched out his hand and holding the white deer’s antlers.

He raised his left hand, twitched his slender fingers, and petted the white deer’s head.

“You naughty little deer, don’t think I don’t know what you are doing to the Spiritual Weed when I’m not at home.”

“Urpp…” The white deer was a little guilty.

Damn, I was treating him rudely and also brought him far from home to play.

After heard the words of the man with the big face man, she made excuses and acted like a baby.

“Well, you act like the strongest cultivator out there, and you act like a baby in front of me?” The big-faced man was helpless.

Damn it.

When Zhou Ye heard what the big-faced man said, he was immediately thinking about something.

The big-face man’s friend is 800.000 years old. I understood that his friend must be a great cultivator.

But mostly, this white deer was also a hundred thousand years old, which was a bit hard to accept.

“Is he had lying about his age?” Zhou Ye didn’t believe it.

The white deer continued to act like a baby as if she hadn’t heard him.

“Okay, that’s enough.” The big-faced man rubbed the white deer’s face.

The white deer ignored him. She wanted to show her cutest side.

Zhou Ye looked at her, remembering what happened at the small courtyard last night, and he understood the white deer’s intentions.

Be careful and think so much, really deserve to live a hundred thousand years

Staring at the white deer, the big-faced man felt something wrong.

Usually, the white deer wasn’t like that. Today, there was something bad she had been committed.

As soon as the thought about it, the big-faced man walked towards the yard.

The white deer was jumping cautiously.

Don’t go there, brother!

In a hurry, the white deer bit the corner of the big-faced man’s clothes, tried to block the big-faced man’s footsteps.

“Don’t stop me. I want to see what happened there, what exactly have you done to my spiritual elixir plant in the past few days when I was not home” The big-faced man continued walking forward.

The big-faced man’s power was too strong, and he dragged the white deer.

The white deer was about to cry.

She really wanted to beg the big-faced man not to leave, she was afraid that when the big-faced man knew the fact, he couldn’t help but hammer her to death.

Zhou Ye snickered at the white deer.

Near the Spiritual Field, the big-faced man had a bad feeling in his heart.


He opened the courtyard door and then walked towards the place where the Special Elixir Plant is planted.

Before he got there, he was shocked.

“What did you do to my Special Elixir Plant?!”

The big-faced man was pointing at the messy Spiritual Field, and his hands were shaking. He turned his head at the white deer and questioned with an angry face.

This is my property.

It was just a few days since I left, most of them have tampered. Who can take responsibility for them?

She looked at the big-faced man’s angry face, the white deer loosened her mouth, which was biting the corner of his clothes, and looked at the messy Spiritual Field with a dazed expression.

As if to express.

What is the situation, how can I not know?

“Don’t pretend to me.” The big-faced man was very angry, with some serious consequences.

The white deer’s face was blank. She looked at the big-faced man, then at Spiritual Field, and shook her head.

At this time, I must pretend that I don’t know anything. Otherwise, I may die miserably.

The white deer made up her mind and refused to admit it.

Anyway, Zhou Ye couldn’t speak, and he certainly couldn’t expose The white deer’s crime.

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