I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 15 The Punishment to White Deer


“Can you be honest? You did it, right? Just admit it.” The big-faced man looked at the white deer with dissatisfaction.

She didn’t even dare to admit her mistakes, and it was too disappointing.

The white deer’s eyes were full of innocence.

I have to admit that I am a jerk, and if I have to admit that, it just likes killing myself.

“Are you trying to test my patience?” The big-face said in a deep voice.

His voice was seriously threats.

The subtext is saying: Whether you admit it or not, I will discredit you and give you a hard punishment.

The white deer still had that expression.

There is no evidence that I am doing that. So, as long as there is no evidence, I will never admit it.

“Okay, I’ll ask the little spiritual weed.” The big-faced man glared at the white deer, then turned and walked out of the yard.

Fuck, something is going to happen.

The white deer’s eyes widened.

The white deer was following the big-faced man behind.

He was hoping that Zhou Ye wouldn’t tell him anything.

The big-faced man came next to Zhou Ye, which made Zhou Ye a little startled.

What is he going to do?

The big-faced man squatted down and looked at Zhou Ye and asked, “Hi little guy, please tell me the truth, is this deer was harming the Special Elixir Plant in the Spiritual Field?”

Zhou Ye wanted to nod, but he felt a very unkind look from the white deer.

The white deer just stared at him. As if warned him to didn’t tell the truth.

I was so good to you, don’t dare you to tell him the truth, if you are telling him the truth, I will do something that you can’t bear.


The big-faced man slapped the white deer on the head.

“What do you mean by looking him like that? Are you trying to threaten him?”

The white deer lowered her head, and she didn’t dare to look at him again.

This makes Zhou Ye very embarrassed and also scared.

If I am telling the truth, the white deer will do something terrible to me. Maybe she will eat me ‘intentionally.’, but on the other side, if I am not telling the truth, I worried about the big-faced man would lose the faith to me.

This was a very difficult multiple-choice question for Zhou Ye.

“Come on, little Spiritual Weed. Please be honest, just tell me the truth, if this deer dares to bully you, I will knock him down.” The big-faced man’s tone was full of encouragement.

Although he knew in his heart that Bai Lu did this terrible thing, there must be evidence for everything.

Although Zhou Ye didn’t tell the truth, the fact was the Elixir Spiritual Plant had been harmed, that was evidence for everything.

With that evidence, there was no choice except telling the truth.

The big-faced man was a particular person.

“Sigh.” Zhou Ye sighed.

In order to prevent a rift in his relationship with the white deer, Zhou Ye had to lie without his conscience.

He was about to shake his body and wanted to tell a lie to the big-faced man, the big-faced man spoke.

“If you tell the truth, I will help you a little to improve your Cultivation Realm.” The big-faced man said this calmly.

Zhou Ye’s eyes glowed.

Improve a Cultivate Realm?!

About the relationship between you and me, white deer.

I just wanted to say, “I’m sorry.”

There is no shit feeling between us.

Zhou Ye nodded his head.

And the tip of the leaf pointed to the white deer.

Very upright, there was no hesitation at all.

The big face was satisfied.

The white deer stared at Zhou Ye with wide eyes.

She was heartbroken.

Zhou Ye, you were actually bought by a small-scale cultivation base.

I felt very heartbroken, I never thought you are going to do that.

The white deer felt uncomfortable in her heart, and it seemed that she could not escape punishment today.

“What do you want to say now, the white deer?” The big-faced man turned his head and looked at the white deer, very calm.

The white deer lowered her head and didn’t want to speak.

No matter how I don’t admit it, I can’t escape punishment. It’s very tiring to keep pretending.

“Now, immediately, go and restore my spiritual field immediately. If there is one missing Elixir Spiritual Plant, I will give you a harder punishment.” The big-faced man gently touched the top of the white deer’s head.

The white deer looked at him and sighed in her heart.

This time she was really miserable.

I must vomit all the food I ate, and that kind of like lose a lot of money.

She walked toward the courtyard step by step, and the back was full of incomprehensible feelings.

The big-faced man glanced at Zhou Ye, then stretched out his hand.

A cyan light surrounds his fingers.

His fingertips pointed towards Zhou Ye, and the cyan light sank into Zhou Ye’s body.

“Refining Emptiness is a basic of Cultivation Realm. Although I want to reward you more, but your foundation is not solid enough, and it is not good for you at this current time.” The big face said, then walked towards the courtyard.

He was going to supervise the white deer.

Felt the cyan light inside his Dantian, Zhou Ye proceed it directly.

[Universal Points has been increased by 700.]

“This is so fucking cool!”

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Low-Grade Spirit Plant) (+).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery.

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Advanced Stage (+).

Physical Realm: Body Tempering Stage 9 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Basic) (+). Cloud Step(Beginner) (+).

Universal Point: 1190.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

The Universal Points had been earned more than one thousand.

At the same time, Zhou Ye remembered that the Physical Realm hadn’t improved for a long time.

In addition, the Bloodline also could be improved again.

As for the Mystic skills and the Draw Ticket, Zhou Ye didn’t even think about it.

Zhou Ye won’t take Draw Ticket temporarily, lest the big-faced people and the white deer found problems.

And about Mystic Skill, Zhou Ye thought this didn’t need to be improved at this current time, Zhou Ye was on the edge of a cliff, and there was no danger at all.

Even if the white deer wanted to do something against him, it wasn’t the right reason to improve them.

And then for Bloodline and Physical Realm, Zhou Ye felt that his body was pretty good and flexible enough.

Therefore he didn’t need to improve them too.

So, at this time, he would improve the Cultivation Realm because this status was really important.

[The Universal Points has been consumed by 700.] [The Cultivation Realm has been improved to Qi Refining Immortal Stage.]

Cultivation Realm: Qi Refining Immortal Stage.

The cyan aura appeared again, and the quality and the quantity of the Spiritual Energy in the Zhou Ye’s Dantian increased.

And the Spiritual Energy in his Dantian was already full.

Zhou Ye felt more powerful because of the Qi Refining Immortal Stage’s effect.

But when he thought about how wonderful the cultivation of the white deer and the big-faced man, he suddenly became more motivated.

He felt he needs to work harder and harder.

Zhou Ye thought that his current Cultivation Realm was not enough to be transformed. He should ask the big-faced man and Bai Lu about it.

In the Yard.

The big-faced man glanced at  Zhou Ye under the old tree and nodded very satisfied.

“From the weak bud to the Spiritual Weed (Low-Grade Spiritual Plant) at the Qi Refining Immortal Stage, this little Spiritual Weed took only half a month…Although there are many external factors, it cannot change the fact that he is a genius.”

“With a little cultivating, I will be the pillar of my wooden world in the future…”

The white deer glanced at him when he heard the big-faced man’s mutter.

“Hurry up, don’t be lazy!” The big-faced man glared over.

The white deer rolled her head, and her white antlers above her head were glowing with a colorful halo.

These two antlers twinkle into seven colors at the same time, then it was converging in the center of the white deer’s head.

The seven-color light continued to condense and became a spirit ball.

And then, when the colorful light group condensed to a certain extent, the white deer slightly lowered his head, the colorful light group slowly moved towards the Spiritual Field.

The big-faced man looked at the light, and he was fairly satisfied.

The spirit ball floated over the spiritual plants and split in piece suddenly.

The piece of the spirit ball slowly fell like snowflakes and fell into the spiritual field.

In the spiritual field, the spiritual elixir plant that was harmed by the white deer is gradually recovering.

The spiritual elixir plant that fell in the soil is gradually standing up, and the broken branches that had been trampled on are also recovered, flowers were blooming, and colorful light emerged.

After just a few moments, all the spiritual elixir plant in the spirit field were recovered.

In the center of the spiritual plants, there was a small fruit, it was only three feet high, bearing two bright red fruits.

“It’s still one more thing that you must do.” The big-faced man said to the white deer blankly.

The white deer bowed his head and felt very sad.

It’s like she felt really wrong.

The light was glowing on her antlers again, and a white beam shot out like lightning, and she aimed it to the small spiritual tree.

The white beam source kept shooting, and fruits began to bear on the small branches.

There were many kinds of fruits, from the size of a grain of rice to the size of a fist, they were bearing so fast.

But in order for this small spiritual tree to grow many such fruits, the white deer exhausted all the spiritual energy in her Dantian.

Those two white antlers on her head became dim, and she almost had no more spiritual energy left.

“This is the lesson for you. This is what happens if you dare to steal my precious spiritual elixir plant.” After warned the white deer, the big-faced man snorted coldly, flipped his sleeve, and walked into the house.

In fact, the white deer didn’t care about recovering the spiritual elixir plants. She cared about the few spiritual elixir plants.

Those few elixirs were requested by others.

And there was one more, which was very important to her.

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