I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 16 The White Deer of Physical and Mental Pleasure


The white deer was very weak now.

To recovered fruits on the small spiritual tree made her almost used all of his Spiritual Energy in her Dantian.

This made him very regretful of harming plants in the spiritual field.

If I had known this before, I shouldn’t have gone to harm the spiritual elixir fruit.

But things had been done, and it was no use saying regret.

But the things had been done, and it is no use to said such regretting what I did. This is a lesson for me.

If I want to blame, I can only blame the friendship between the little spiritual weed and me is not being firm enough.

He actually betrayed me for a free Universal Points.

It’s too much.

I can’t believe he did that to me.

The more the white deer thought about it, she became angrier. She decided to give Zhou Ye a lesson to deepen their relationship between them a little more sensible in the future.

When she was thinking about this, the white deer slowly walked outside of the yard.

Her body was too weak right now, and her walking speed was a bit slower than usual.

However, her cultivation base was very high, and she was continuously absorbing the Spiritual Energy of heaven and earth to recover.

She didn’t take a long time to recover

Inside the house, the big-faced man aware of the white deer’s movements, and he cast some spell to track what the white deer was going to do in the future.

With this tracking spell, the big-faced man would know if the white deer wanted to kill Zhou Ye.

Outside the yard.


The sound of the courtyard’s door opened, and that came into Zhou Ye’s ears.

Zhou Ye turned his head to look who was coming.

It’s the white deer.

The white deer’s presence surprised him.

The antlers that were originally glowing are now dim, and her body seemed to have been thinner, it was as if she had a serious illness.

“What is she going to do? Is she will revenge on me?”

Saw the white deer walking slowly toward him, Zhou Ye was a little flustered.

But if she would do something terrible, the current Zhou Ye might be able to resist a little.

After all, Zhou Ye was an honest Spiritual Weed, and he would never protect a criminal even though his life was in danger.

He had very high ideological consciousness.

The white deer walked toward Zhou Ye and looked down at him.

Her gaze was filled with anger.

The white deer exudes a rude breath, and that sounds like a raging wind for Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye wanted to pull his root out and then ran away from her.

But Zhou Ye was thinking carefully.

Even if the white deer was so weak right now, she still could tamper him to death easily.

What do I do? I can’t run away.

But being beaten easily was definitely not Zhou Ye’s character.

Zhou Ye moved his leaves forward.

As if warned the white deer to stop walking toward him.

Before Zhou Ye was about to do that, the white deer’s hoof quickly stepped on him.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye was stunned.

The white deer stepped on him, his face pressed against the soil, Zhou Ye felt sore.

Although the white deer’s hoof was not fatally hurt him, the white deer was not merciful either.

This was her lesson for Zhou Ye.


The cruel the white deer’s hoof stomped off him again.

Zhou Ye was trampled deep into the soil.

His body hurts very much, but he was not getting many injuries from that. This means that the white deer had no purpose to kill him.

If the white deer stomped off him continuously, Zhou Ye felt like he would go more in-depth and could see King Hades.

There was no life threat, and Zhou Ye was not worried at all.

The big deal was bullying, who was afraid of who.

If Zhou Ye counter what she did today, Zhou Ye even still loses.

“Boom boom boom…”

The white deer raised her front hoof and stepped on Zhou Ye continuously. His naked eyes could not keep up her speed.

“Sister Lu, it’s pain, can you just let me go…?”

“Don’t be like this, if you step on me again, our relationship will really break…”

Zhou Ye was very sad.

He was only telling the truth, but the white deer had beaten him so awful.


Looking at the Zhou Ye sunken in the soil, the white deer was very satisfied.

She took a breath and felt more comfortable.

Then she pulled Zhou Ye out of the soil.

Then she looked at him and slowly turned and walked towards the yard.

Zhou Ye was lying on the ground, and he was still thinking about the meaning of that look.

After he was thinking about it carefully, the white deer’s eyes seemed to express: in the future, your mouth should be tighter, some criminal evidence cannot be proved, and I have no hesitation in kicking your ass if you accuse me again.

“Hey, a person like me will never tell a lie!” Zhou Ye felt what he did is right.

He was a principled Spiritual Weed.

Zhou Ye raised and shook his body.

He got some injuries on his leaves, but they were no serious injuries.

Even looked weaker, the white deer’s hoof was still very strong.

Zhou Ye circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body, and his injuries began to recover.

In a few moments, all of his injuries were recovered, and even Zhou Ye felt that his body became more flexible.

” the white deer is a very strong deer.” Zhou Ye sighed.

Zhou Ye was amazed at the white deer as if he wanted to be stomped by the white deer a few more.

Wait, this is not good thinking.

As a Spiritual Weed, I have to dignity. How can I have such thinking?

Zhou Ye was wondered of what he just thoughts.


The white deer returned to the courtyard.

The big-faced man walked out of the house.

“Are you still dare to do it in the future?” The big-faced man walked up to him and asked calmly.

“Urpp…” The white deer shook her head

I was thinking in my mind.

This is something that my little deer shall not do.

I hope she has a big deal not to harm those few spiritual elixir plants.

“Little Deer.” The big-faced man reluctantly knocked on the white deer’s head.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking.”

The white deer lowered her head with some guilty conscience.

The big-faced man stretched out his right hand, and in his palm, something like a tiny snow-white ball appeared. It has no patterns, just a delicate white ball, and its marble-sized pill.

This thing exudes a special smell, refreshing.

The cultivator called it a core-pill.

This was a kind of spiritual elixir that refined into a pill. It was not only convenient to carry, but can also be stored for a long time.

“Now, eat this.” The big-faced man handed that core-pill to the white deer.

The white deer raised her head, looked at the big-faced man. She was not polite and swallowed the core-pill in one mouthful.

Core-pill’s effect would work when it was swallowed.

A core-pill melted and turned into divine spiritual energy, which was high-quality spiritual energy, and that was allowing the white deer to recover gradually.

The fatigue in his body gradually dissipated, and the white deer’s spiritual energy was coming back.

She remembered what she did to Zhou Ye about a few minutes ago.

After she was thinking about it, she felt a bit a loss control.

She felt his body was a bit lighter.

It’s so easy to deal with that the little spiritual weed, if this time, I use this opportunity to revenge, that little spiritual weed will definitely die.

With that pill, the white deer recovered seven or eight times faster.

She reverted to the naughty white deer, full of vitality.

“I warn you to don’t think about a stupid plan you shouldn’t have to do.” The big-faced man grabbed the white deer’s antlers and deeply warning.

The white deer nodded when she heard what the big-faced man said.

It’s like a guarantee. I’m definitely not thinking about it.

Although there was such thought in her mind, she would never do that in reality.

Regardless of whether the white deer listened to him, the big-faced man put down his hand, then turned and walked into the house.

After the white deer watched him walk into the house, she hopped out of the courtyard.

Oh my god, is he going to bullying me again?

Under the old tree, Zhou Ye had a very bad feeling.

He heard a step and looked at the courtyard’s gate.

It was the white deer who came.

This guy’s mental state was the same as usual, no longer looking languid.

Zhou Ye secretly said.

It’s over. She is fully recovered.

With this bad prejudice, he would surely die.

Her hoof did not step on him, and the white deer did not move his mouth. This was unexpected.

She went directly to Zhou Ye’s side, closed her eyes, and fell asleep directly.

A lot of heaven and earth’s spiritual energy was sucked into her mouth.

Felt the suction, Zhou Ye only felt annoyed and squint his eyes.

“So, you choose to bully me in this way.” Zhou Ye felt abused.

Then he pulled his roots out, and he walked away.

He kept a distance from the white deer’s breathing range, he planted himself and prepared to cultivate.

Zhou Ye found that the white deer was awake and ran to him and lay down.

“This son of a bitch is very diligent in bullying…” Zhou Ye exclaimed in his heart.

He got up from the soil again and moved to the other places.

Once twice.

Zhou Ye was tortured all afternoon.

Zhou Ye couldn’t cultivate at all.

He felt that the white deer was really a devil.

The white deer succeed in making Zhou Ye a little sluggish, and that made her physically and mentally happy.

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