I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 23


As long as he was thinking of how to use his bloodline ability, Zhou Ye’s mind was not good.

He was a little hard to accept that.

I have to divert my attention.

I can’t think about that anymore, and I can’t do anything to that anyway.

Zhou Ye calmed down and began to sense the Mystical Sea Early Stage Realm.

Although there was only one grade difference between the Mystical Sea Realm and the Qi Refining Realm, this gap was like the gap between the sky and the earth.

The spiritual energy in the cultivator’s Dantian when using the Qi Refining Realm was like a rushing river, turbulent.

For the cultivators who used the Mystical Sea Realm, their spiritual energy in the Dantian was leaking. When facing the cultivators with the Mystical Sea Realm, the cultivators with the ordinary refining realm were nothing. They will feel like a flatboat on the wild ocean, all could they did is only oscillate and hopeless.

And there was also a significant point. The amount of spiritual energy earned and the purity of the spiritual energy with the Mystical Sea Realm was far beyond the reach if compared with the practitioners with the Ordinary Refining Realm.

Their difference was like between the pond and the sea, not on the same level.

Although the Mystical Sea Realm was very strong, it was not enough to satisfied Zhou Ye.

His goal was to transform into the highest cultivator.

The realm needed for transformation was the Spiritual Core Realm.

The Mystical Core Realm was a moat that blocking many cultivators who following Taoism. They were very familiar with that, but they couldn’t reach it.

Recorded in Refreshing Emptiness.

The cultivation had four realm stage that was body tempering, qi refining, Mystical Sea, and Mystical Core were integrated.

The first realm was the body tempering realm, and it was a very simple realm if compared to the other three realms. It only required a primary physical realm to meet the requirements that used being able to withstand the aura of heaven and earth.

The second realm was the Qi refining realm, as the name suggests, refining the aura of the heaven and earth for changed them into spiritual energy, then stored in the Dantian.

While they reach the Qi Refining Realm, the ordinary human cultivators’ lifespan will increase to 120 years, monster cultivators will increase even more, and the elve cultivators like Zhou Ye will increase to hundreds of years.

The third realm was the Mystical Sea Realm. The spiritual energy in the Dantian was like a sea, continually surging. If ordinary human cultivators were reaching this realm, they could live for hundreds of years.

The fourth realm was the Mystical Core Realm.

The fourth realm was the Mystical Core Realm. According to record on Refreshing Emptiness, hundreds of millions of cultivators in the world would never be able to reach this realm because that this realm was impressive, tangible, and unbreakable.

Zhou Ye’s current goal was the Mystical Core Realm.

Although the data recorded in the Refreshing Emptiness was pretty scary, Zhou Ye didn’t panic at all.

If he couldn’t break through the Mystical Core Realm with his system, he might would kill himself.



The white deer called out.

She came towards Zhou Ye with cheerful.

She lowered her head, stared at Zhou Ye for a while, and then nodded in satisfaction.

This small spiritual weed gave me too many surprises.

She was as if she knows that Zhou Ye was no bottlenecks in nature, and every Zhou Ye’s transformation seemed to happen naturally without any obstacles.

This made the white deer happy. She was also curious about how Zhou Ye did it.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer with some thoughts in his mind.

He shook his body, a blue light emerged from the tip of the leaf, the blue light formed into a small deer in the air, and then another ray of blue light appeared and formed into a small hammer.


The small hammer smashed the little deer.

The white deer froze for a moment, then reacted.

She suddenly became happy to find out Zhou Ye had reached the Mystical Sea Realm Early Stage, and he dared to challenge his senior deer.

Too presumptuous and must be educated.


A hoof fell and stepped on Zhou Ye’s body.

Zhou Ye was stepped on and lay down on the spiritual field. Then he rolled his eyes.

Felt the divine aura of heaven and earth in the surrounding soil from the white deer, Zhou Ye was helpless.

That was a little joke, but the white deer was also angered unexpectedly.

Although the white deer responded very well, she might use a little spiritual energy, but it didn’t really hurt Zhou Ye.

After stepping on Zhou Ye, the white deer’s antlers began to glowing with colorful light.

In the air, that colorful light formed Zhou Ye’s figure.

Zhou Ye’s eyes widened.

The white deer wanted to compare the drawing skills and also replied Zhou Ye’s joke.

Then he saw the white deer released a colorful light again, and forming it into sharp scissors.

The scissors moved and cut Zhou Ye’s little figure composed of colorful light.

It wasn’t enough to cut it once. The scissors moved quickly. After a while, that little figure’s piece was cut into tiny pieces.

Zhou Ye thought that this was a threat.

Zhou Ye was in a cold sweat.

He felt that the white deer was telling him not to show off. The consequence of showing off was to be cut into sections.

The white deer smiled.

She looked at the trembling Zhou Ye’s leaves, and it feels quite fun for her.

To frighten Zhou Ye, the white deer released her colorful light again and shaping of Zhou Ye’s figure.

Again and again, the white deer did not feel tired.

From the beginning until the end of Zhou Ye’s counseling, there was no tired or sorry in the white deer’s heart, and even the look in the white deer’s eyes seemed to be looking at a dunce.

Zhou Ye always had some fear of the white deer since they meet.

After all, the white deer was a herbivore, and Zhou Ye’s body was only a bunch of leaves.

I shall not be afraid to that trick anymore, that’s all are only illusions formed by the white deer.

But now, Zhou Ye didn’t persuade her from the bottom of his heart to take it seriously.

The friendship between them was very deep now.

The white deer had enough teasing him. After that,  she ran into the spiritual elixir plant field.

Watched his movements, Zhou Ye’s eyes lit up, and he quickly pulled his roots and followed the white deer.

He only needed a few more spiritual elixir plant, and he was estimating that enough to be able to transform.

Imagination was beautiful, and reality always has beaten people.

Before reaching the spiritual elixir plant field, the white deer turned her head and kicked Zhou Ye’s body with his hoof.

Zhou Ye sat on the ground, a little confused.

He wanted to ask, Sister Lu, why you are kicking me.

The white deer shook her head at Zhou Ye.

On her antlers, colorful lights glowed. She emerged the first colorful light to the shaping of Zhou Ye’s figure, and then the second colorful light formed an elixir, Zhou Ye did not recognize that.

Zhou Ye watched the white deer’s movements and didn’t understand what he wanted to talk about.

Zhou Ye was looking around, and he wanted to understand.

Zhou Ye’s figure that composed of colorful light was absorbing the elixir of the colorful light, and then it began to expand and then exploded with a ‘boom.’

The white deer meant that if Zhou Ye absorbed the elixir again, he would be like this, and he will explode then disappear all at once.

Zhou Ye thought for a while and shook his body.

As if to said to the white deer, that was impossible.

Zhou Ye was very knowledgeable.

With the existence of a system in his mind, the explosion and death will never happen to him.

So he was very confident, even if he consumed all the elixir in the elixir field, something that could kill him would not happen.

The white deer raised her hoof and kicked Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye was kicked by a hoof and flew backward in the direction of the spiritual field.

The white deer walked towards the spiritual elixir plant field.


Zhou Ye fell into the spiritual field.

He stood up and saw the white deer taking the spiritual elixir plant.


That was the sound of a broken friendship.

Zhou Ye was secretly depressed.

Although he knew that the white deer did it for his own good, he was still uncomfortable.

The great opportunity of transforming is in front of me, but because I could not speak, I lost that opportunity.

Zhou Ye’s brain was running fast, looking for a gap.

It will take at least a month before the big face man comes back.

In this time, there should be a chance to get a few spiritual elixir plants.

Zhou Ye became excited when he thought of this.

As long as there is a chance to obtain the spiritual elixir plant, the time for him to transformed can be accelerated.


Thought of the days after transformation, Zhou Ye suddenly laughed.

After the white deer was eating the two spiritual elixir plants, he was slowly walking towards the spiritual field.

Suddenly, the white deer was stunned when she saw Zhou Ye grinning on the spiritual field.

Is this little spiritual weed going crazy because I don’t let it refine the spiritual elixir plant anymore?

That won’t work. The source of someone’s happiness can’t be ruined like this.

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