I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 24


The white deer walked in front of Zhou Ye.

She looked at the dancing Zhou Ye with a trace of anxiety in her eyes.

Is this spiritual weed crazy?

Finally, the white deer found out what makes Zhou Ye felt happy.

There was a big shadow on the soil, and the shape was familiar.

Sensing someone was approaching him, Zhou Ye opened his eyes.

The white deer looked him back. They were looking at each other.

The white deer raised her hoof, first looked at her hoof, then at Zhou Ye, hesitated for a moment, and finally put it down.

What she meant was simple.

Zhou Ye was crazy, and the white deer couldn’t bully him anymore.

I must take good care of him.

After Zhou Ye recovered, he was not too late to bully.

If Zhou Ye knew the white deer’s thoughts, he would definitely jump up and slap her.

This idea was too much.

“Stomp stomp.”

The white deer raised her hoof and stepped on the ground twice.

Zhou Ye looked at her and wanted to ask what you want to do.

The white deer tilted her head and looked at Zhou Ye for a moment, and then the white deer emitted a colorful light in the air.

The colorful light flickered, with a gentle breath, and gradually formed a human head without a face.

The white deer raised her hoof, pointed at Zhou Ye’s body, and pointed at that human head’s temple and finally tilted her head towards Zhou Ye.

She seemed to want to express something.

Zhou Ye looked stunned.

He couldn’t understand what the white deer was meaning.

Zhou Ye was trying to understand what the white deer means. He raised his right hand, and a ray of blue light burst out from the tip of the leaf, forming a question mark ‘? ? ?’

The white deer was wondering about that sign.

Is he doesn’t understand what does it mean?

She looked down and thought, and she took a long time to remember.

She has seen that sign when reading a book thousands of years ago,’? ‘Means to express doubt or question.

So, why does this little spiritual weed formed three questions mark, is he has three questions or something?

The white deer frowned, thought hard about it, but still unable to understand.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer’s distressed appearance and did not move.

He was still thinking about what the white deer’s actions were actually expressing.

He closed his eyes and thought.

Fancying, why she pointed at someone’s temple and then tilted her head?

Zhou Ye had a very familiar feeling with this set of movements.

He tried to remember.

Finally, I remembered this son of a bitch just insulting me!

“Damn you, Sister Lu.” Zhou Ye was offended.

He finally understood what the white deer meant.

That means to express: do you have a problem with your brain.

Fuck, this is definitely intolerable.

Zhou Ye wanted to avenge her, but after thinking about it, he still had to hold back.

He made up his mind in his heart, and he would never show mercy when he could beat the white deer in the future.

The white deer was still thinking about it.

The three question marks? What is that mean?

Why this little spiritual weed show three question marks?

The white deer was surrounding Zhou Ye all the time she was thinking about it and stared at Zhou Ye for a long time, but she still couldn’t figure out what does he meant.

After a while, the white deer sighed, she gave up.

She didn’t intend to keep thinking about it anymore. It was too consuming many brain cells.

She secretly saved that question, and she has to wait for Zhou Ye to transform and get speaking ability, and then she would ask in person what it means.

“Huft, Finally, she is gone.” Zhou Ye sighed inwardly.

He counted that the white deer surrounded him thirty-two times and stared at him for more than ten minutes, a total of half an hour.

For Zhou Ye, this half an hour was very suffering.

The white deer’s eyes pierced him like a sharp blade, making him very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, it was finally over.

The white deer did not communicate with Zhou Ye, she turned and walked towards the empty place directly, and then she lay down to sleep.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer, who had directly fallen asleep, and sighed again in his heart.

He wanted to wake the white deer and remind her that it was time to take the spiritual elixir plant.

But after he thought about it, he didn’t move.

He looked at the spiritual elixir plant field in the distance, Zhou Ye secretly gulped.

After a thought struggle, he still didn’t see and didn’t worry.

It’s not that Zhou Ye didn’t think carefully, but his strength didn’t allow him to pick it.

Zhou Ye’s was not height enough, and with small arms and legs, he can’t pick the spiritual elixir plant.

Besides, the white deer was lying there. If the white deer discovered him, Zhou Ye would not be able to reveal reasons.

Therefore, he had no choice but to choose to be a well-behaved spiritual weed.


The next day, in the morning, on the old tree by the cliff, a few birds singing.

The little birds were chattering and noisy.

The white deer was still sleeping soundly in the yard.

Shortly afterward, the white deer’s ears trembled, and she woke up.

There was anger in her eyes. Obviously, there were a lot of birds so noisy.

Suddenly her antlers were glowing, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth surrounding her.


The white deer took a deep breath and kept telling herself that she was a kind deer and couldn’t kill.

She cast a spell, and a few birds were shot and fell.


The birds stiffened as if struck by lightning and fell on the grass one by one.

Zhou Ye finished his cultivation and looked at the white deer, not quite sure why she was so angry.

On the edge of the cliff. The birds gradually recovered and flew away in panic.

Seeing them fly away, the white deer calmed down.

I had slept like I wanted to and was ready to get up again at noon, but who knew, those damn birds woke me up early in the morning.

It’s bullshit to starting a day with a good mood.

The white deer turned her head, looked at Zhou Ye, grinned.

Zhou Ye looked at her and ignored her. Then he continued to cultivate.

The white deer keep stared at him.

He was tempted to do some lesson to this little spiritual weed on how to respect his senior.

But after she was thinking carefully, she felt that this matter was not right.

She was afraid that she would provoke that silly little spiritual weed again.

If that happened, the source of happiness would be gone.

The white deer would be sad for days.

Thinking of this consequence, the white deer walked out from the courtyard and came to the edge of the cliff.

She stood on the edge of the cliff, draped in sunlight, and looked up into the distance.

She was considered for a moment what she wanted to do today.

The white deer decided to go out and play.

In her thoughts, she would take Zhou Ye and going out to play. In that way, Zhou Ye’s mood should be able to recover more quickly.

If she said to go, she would invite and communicate with Zhou Ye first.

The white deer cheerfully ran toward Zhou Ye and lifted her hoof to kick Zhou Ye, who was cultivating.

Zhou Ye woke up, somewhat confused as to what the white deer wanted.

The seven-colored light glows on her antlers.

The ray of colorful light swayed in the air for a long time, and there was no other change.

Zhou Ye frowned and didn’t understand what the white deer wanted to express.

The white deer likewise frowned.

She thought for half a day, not knowing how to express it.

In the end, the white deer formed the seven-colored light into the shape of a heart.

Not to mention, it was quite real, and it was ‘thumping.’


A deer shouted, and the white deer kicked Zhou Ye, signaling him to gather his attention.

Zhou Ye glanced at her and looked towards the heart.


The heart shattered, turning into a point of light.

Zhou Ye inhaled carbon dioxide.

Damn, what is that mean?

Is this your last greeting because you’re preparing to send me to die?

What kind of vendetta or grudge was he would treat to me?

Zhou Ye was a bit panicked.

He felt that the current situation was very bad.

The white deer looked at Zhou Ye with a hopeful face, waiting for him to react.

However, after waiting for half a moment, Zhou Ye was only stunned without any reaction.

Could it be this little spiritual weed didn’t want to go out with me for a walk?

The white deer thought to himself, but she wasn’t sure.

After all, the way she communicated with Zhou Ye was unprecedented.

She also didn’t know if this would allow Zhou Ye to understand.

The white deer thought, and a few more strands of seven-colored light emitted again in midair.

These seven-colored lights formed into mountains, trees, and rivers.

Finally, a heart appeared.


The heart dissipated, turning into a point of light that fell into the ‘mountains and rivers.’

Zhou Ye stared at her, his eyes filled with despair.

So the white deer actually wanted to take me to the wilderness and then finish me off. And let me sleep in the wilderness for a long time.

Zhou Ye knew that the white deer never had good intentions from the start!

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