I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 25



Zhou Ye pulled up his roots and prepared to run away.

Although he knew he couldn’t run away, Zhou Ye still decided to make a show that he had respect for his own little life.

The white deer’s eyes winded as she watched Zhou Ye pull himself out of the spirit field soil.

Finally, this little spiritual weed understood what I meant, and now I couldn’t wait to go out for a walk.

The white deer was happy.

She decided that she would use this method to communicate with Zhou Ye from now on.

The white deer was pretty sure the friendship between her and Zhou Ye would grow even stronger.

The white deer lowered her head and bit over at Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye was caught when he was about to run. The white deer easily caught him in the middle of the air.

“Damn You, let me go!” Zhou Ye’s two blades of leaves shook in mid-air, and he was directly revolted.

He never understood why the white deer wanted to do something bad to him.

Obviously, the friendship between them was so strong. There was no reason to beat him up.

Zhou Ye thought about it, feeling that it must because the white deer didn’t trust him, so she planned to silence him.

“Well, the weed’s life is tough, but I never thought it would end right away.” Zhou Ye sighed.

But he wouldn’t give up hope of his life.

Lifting two leaves, he kept slapping them into the corner of the white deer’s mouth.

He wanted to force the white deer to put him down.

The green light on the tips of the leaves appeared, turning into a barb, and he slapped the corner of the white deer’s mouth.


The white deer’s mouth was slapped, but she didn’t feel anything.

Instead, she stopped her step and pondered.

Zhou Ye continuously struck her.

The white deer thought she was walking too slow.

It seemed that the little spiritual weed couldn’t wait to go out for a walk.

The white deer nodded to Zhou Ye and felt that she was too smart to have guessed what Zhou Ye was thinking.

If Zhou Ye knew what The white deer was thinking, he would definitely spray her.

How could he be so unaware of his own intelligence, he didn’t have any idea how smart he was?

The white deer jumped out of the courtyard and flew up into the sky with a single jump.

The white deer’s foot stepped the seven-colored divine clouds.

During that time, Zhou Ye kept waving his leaves to slap the white deer’s mouth, but to no avail.

“I will never give you mercy, even if I can’t hurt you, I’ll bore you to death.” Zhou Ye made up his mind and increased his spiritual energy output.

Apart from causing the hairs beside the white deer’s mouth to tremble a little, it had no effect.

Zhou Ye was already using the Mystical Sea Realm, and the green light threads he released were enough to cut through steel.

That such strong threads of blue light couldn’t hurt the white deer at all.

This showed that the white deer was powerful.

If Zhou Ye knew that the white deer was so powerful, perhaps Zhou Ye wouldn’t have the guts to against him, even if the white deer was trying to kill him.

The white deer flew in the sky, and he felt that Zhou Ye was constantly hitting her.

She thought that it must because she moves too slow, and that made Zhou Ye unhappy.

As soon as she thought it, the white deer increased her speed, and she wanted to satisfy all of Zhou Ye’s demands.

Each time he leaped, she was a distance of two miles.

The view on the ground below them was through rapidly, and Zhou Ye’s heart grew more and more desperate.

He was wholly given up.

It was just that he didn’t know what place the white deer was planning to take him to.

“I hope it’s a place with beautiful mountains and water. It’s happy to think about hanging out in a place like that.”

Wait, what the hell was that thought. Don’t I value my own life that much?

As soon as the idea appeared, Zhou Ye shook his head in denial.

Then, he operated his intelligence at the limit, trying to think about how he could escape from the white deer’s mouth.

The white deer’s cultivation was far beyond his reach.

In front of his absolute strength, no scheme or trick would work.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer. A sense of powerlessness rose in his heart.

The main problem was that his cultivation was too low.

If his cultivation were higher, then it would be the white deer’s turn to be bullied by him.

He was considered that if he can hurt the white deer, that means he has an excellent Physical Realm.


Below them, there was a river rushing, and in mid-air, herbivorous birds were flying in formation.

At the river’s edge, there were a few animals drinking water.

Not far away from there, on a small hill, a few male lions were slowly approaching.

The forest’s scenery here was nice, but unfortunately, a hunter versus prey fight was about to take place.

The white deer and Zhou Ye descended from the sky.

The white deer was a great demon beast for the usual animal, no matter what species she was, animals which have a realm below her would feel an unbeatable sense of oppression when facing her.

It’s like facing their natural enemy.

Even if the breath emitted from the white deer was as gentle as the spring breeze, it couldn’t change that.

Therefore, when the white deer descended, several of the male lions roared low towards her as if they were facing a great enemy.

Another animal on the riverside was avoiding the white deer.


The white deer landed on the ground, her four hooves stepping on the cobblestones of the river.

She put Zhou Ye down and shouted towards him as if to ask: It’s not a bad view here, is it?

Zhou Ye looked around.

On the opposite of the river, there were endless mountains, and the forests on both sides of the river were a mile away from the river, very flat and full of weeds in this mile distance.

The breeze was blowing, and the weeds were swaying.

Zhou Ye sighed.

It was indeed quite nice here.

He nodded to the white deer.

Then there was no movement from Zhou Ye, waiting for the white deer to react.

Having received Zhou Ye’s approval, the white deer was obviously very happy.

She increasingly felt that she made a wise decision to bring Zhou Ye out for a walk.

The white deer walked on the riverside and lifted one hoof to point at Zhou Ye, then pointed around.

She wanted Zhou Ye to have some fun on his own.

This time, Zhou Ye instantly understood what the white deer meant.

It was to let Zhou Ye have a good time before he died.

Zhou Ye thought about it and still walked opposite from the white deer.

To live is to have hope.

He stood on tiptoe with his gentle root and ran at away rapidly.

His speed was so fast.

It was hard to imagine a weed running so fast that ordinary people couldn’t even see its movements with the naked eye.

Zhou Ye currently only had one thought.

That was just to run away from the white deer.

The white deer was still lying in the same spot, looking at Zhou Ye’s back, and she smiled at him.

It felt that Zhou Ye was definitely releasing the boredom in his heart.

Once he was completely releasing his boredom, then everything would be restored.

At this thought, the white deer did not follow him.

For Zhou Ye’s safety, she cast a tracking spell to Zhou Ye’s body.

No matter where Zhou Ye ran to, the white deer would be able to found him directly.


In that mountain forest, Zhou Ye was using the Cloud Step, and that made his run faster. His body exhaled a mist, like a wisp of smoke that could dissipate at any moment.

His speed was like the wind, really fast.

Each jump would span a distance of tens of feet.

Zhou Ye ran with keeping an eye behind him to make sure Bai Lu didn’t follow him.

Discovering he was run far enough, he felt happy that the white deer hadn’t caught up to him. He shouted in excitement, “Damn! I am finally free!”

The white deer strolled above the clouds, a little bored.

She initially didn’t want to follow Zhou Ye. It would be nice to let Zhou Ye have a good time alone in the mountain forest, but on second thought, she was bored too, so she had to come and peep him.

To see how Zhou Ye was playing.

Every movement of Zhou Ye was very clear in her eyes.

She also felt in her mind that Zhou Ye’s running speed was a bit slow.

But it was normal, after all, Zhou Ye’s cultivation was not high.

On the ground, Zhou Ye had been running for a long time, and he was a little tired.

He figured out that the spiritual energy of the Mystical Sea Realm in his Dantian was about to dry up.

He casually found a place to put down roots and began to recover his spiritual energy.

The recovery of his spiritual energy was quick, and in just half an hour, the recovery was full as new, and Zhou Ye was back to being alive and well.

Then he continued to run.

Not long after, he arrived at a beautiful valley.

As a spiritual weed, Zhou Ye was very sensitive to everything around him.

The first thing he sensed wasn’t quite right.

There was a dense smell of blood.

It was something that happened there.

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