I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 26 An Evil Vines and The White Rabbit


Zhou Ye slowed his pace.

Zhou Ye was inquisitive about what was going on ahead that caused such a strong smell of blood to be emitted.

He very wanted to investigate it.

However, he thought about his power, Zhou Ye felt very depressed.

His current power didn’t allow him to go there.

That was a very hurtful phrase, which makes every people feel very irritable to hear it.

But at this moment.


Zhou Ye heard someone just landed near him.


Zhou Ye that shocked and he doesn’t know what to do,

whether to move forward and flew away in fear or hiding in the bush.

He was relieved when he saw the other person’s figure who landed, but just as he was relieved, his heart lifted up again.

It was the white deer coming.

Is she come to kill me?

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer, and his heart panicked.

The white deer lowered her head and used her antlers to prop Zhou Ye, a ray of seven-colored light appeared and surrounded Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye was stunned, somewhat confused about what the white deer was thinking.

This ray of seven-colored light was used to prop Zhou Ye up so that he wouldn’t fall off the antlers.

What she planned to do?

Zhou Ye was unable to figure it out. He could only quietly look at the white deer.

The white deer looked towards the valley, a picture reflected in her eyes.

She thought about it and took a step towards the valley.

As the white deer moved, Zhou Ye suddenly understood what the white deer was trying to do.

She was trying to enter the valley and find out what was going on.

As she got closer and closer to the valley, Zhou Ye looked pale.

The smell of blood was getting stronger and stronger.

Zhou Ye frowned. What had happened in this valley that had such a heavy smell of blood that it was as if he was in a slaughterhouse.

He felt that the situation might become more horrible.

The white deer walked to the top of the valley and gazed at the condition below.

Zhou Ye also looked over towards the bottom and stared at her.

The valley was flat and filled with vines.

These vines were close to the thickness of a baby’s arm.

These vines were covered with blood-red stain, and each leaf looked as if it was a condensation of blood, filled with luster in the sunlight.

Besides the blood-red leaves, the vines were also covered with a single barb.

That barb was like a fish hook.

Once someone was entangled in that vines, they would be killed.

At this time, a long-eared white rabbit, the size of an adult earth dog with a fat body, was entangled in these vines.

The long-eared white rabbit was struggling continuously to escape from there.

However, the more it struggled, the more seriously it was injured.

The vines were constantly twisting like a python, trying to strangle the long-eared white rabbit.

On the soil below the vines, there was already a pool of blood left by the long-eared white rabbit.

The smell of blood was very thick.

It wasn’t because of the large amount, but because this long-eared white rabbit’s cultivation wasn’t low.

At least, Zhou Ye found that the vine’s cultivation base was higher than the long-eared white rabbit.

The white deer was gazing at the vines, and she was very angry.

Her antlers glowed with seven-colored light.

A ray of seven-colored light dispersed out and shot out into the vines in the valley.


Cracking sounds rang out, and the ray of seven-colored light slammed with unrivaled power.

The strange vines felt the threat of death and began to shrink wildly.

The countless vines were like small snakes, constantly shrinking into a cave.


The outcome of the white deer’s anger was severe.

Just in a single blow of the ray of seven-colored light made the entire vines in the valley to collapse.

Zhou Ye faintly heard an ear-piercing roar.

He was sure that it was the strange vine’s frustrations before it died.

Zhou Ye believed that with that such a powerful attack from the white deer, the strange vines couldn’t survive.

However, the long-eared white rabbit….

Zhou Ye sighed.

This silly white deer didn’t know how to save people first.


Zhou Ye turned his head and saw that who lay next to the white deer was the same obese white rabbit the size of an earth dog!

“Hehe.” Zhou Ye smiled awkwardly.

The white deer wasn’t as stupid as he thought.

The white deer lowered her head, and she put Zhou Ye to the ground.

“What now?” Zhou Ye sat on the ground and a little confused.

I don’t know what the white deer wants to do to me.

The white deer pondered, then a seven-colored light emitted in front of Zhou Ye.

First, it formed into Zhou Ye’s figure, and then a leaf fell down from it.

The white deer raised his hoof and kicked Zhou Ye, then pointed at the dying white rabbit with her hoof.

Zhou Ye turned his head and looked at the white deer.

That white rabbit was covered in blood, and the wounds on its body were bleeding out and not stopped.

It was breathing heavily, and its eyes were closed entirely.

This white rabbit was estimated that it would die soon.

Zhou Ye understood what the white deer’s mean.

The white deer was asking him to cure the white rabbit.

Without hesitation, as a man who loved to help others, Zhou Ye immediately cut off his own arm.

It was like a mosquito bite. He was not felt much pain.

Only a little greenish liquid came out.

On his body, a few leaves fell. These leaves were composed of Zhou Ye’s spiritual energy, and the leaves slowly flew towards the white rabbit.

As it approached, these leaves turned into a tender green ray and injected into the white rabbit’s body.

Then the white rabbit’s wounds stopped bleeding, and it began to recover slowly.

It was breathing, gradually calmed down.

Zhou Ye smiled at once.

Saving someone’s life was feeling better than creating a seven-stage pagoda, and the white rabbit was fully recovered.

Zhou Ye laughed pleased, and that made him stumbled and almost fell over.

He felt a little dizzy, probably due to his broken arm.

Without thinking too much, he broke off another his own leaves and directly refined it.

He wanted to try to see if he could recover from such an injury, was it gnawing on himself or not.

Watching Zhou Ye’s actions, the white deer, who was just about to heal Zhou Ye, was directly confused.

How the hell that works on him?

Just as he was about to stop Zhou Ye’s absurd approach, the white deer stared at him and shocked.

She saw that after Zhou Ye had refined his own leaves, the wound on his own body directly healed.

The part that broken began to grow new leaves slowly.

This little spiritual weed is so damn awesome. He must be protected so he could transform into a great cultivator.

This was the white deer’s only thought.

He felt that as long as Zhou Ye didn’t die directly at once, then he could rely on his own bloodline ability to keep recovering.

But this was too terrifying.

Not even the white deer, Zhou Ye himself, was also shocked about that recovering ability.

He had initially thought that the recovery would be just so-so, but he hadn’t expected that the effect would be so amazing.

The original body was restored as before, and no traces of having been cut off could be seen.

“Bloodline ability, is it that weird?” Zhou Ye inhaled carbon dioxide deeply.

Then he glanced at the panel status. He noticed that it didn’t seem that way.

The Universal Points seems to be a little fucking less!

Zhou Ye calculated carefully.

A total of a thousand Universal Points were missing.

Thought it several times, Zhou Ye finally understood.

It was normal for his bloodline ability to be used by others. It wouldn’t consume Universal Points, but using it himself would consume Universal Points.

“So that’s how it works, which means that as long as I have Universal Points, I can recover infinitely?” Zhou Ye guessed.

Before guessing, there was a change in the white rabbit next to him.

It no longer had any scars on its body, but its eyes still closed.

On top of its head, an aura vortex appeared.

Powerful spiritual energy emanated from the white rabbit, and the momentum continued to climb, bringing more and more pressure to Zhou Ye.

The white deer took a step forward and blocked the pressure for Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer, then at the white rabbit.

If he guessed correctly, the white rabbit was in the breakthrough process.

He was just that he didn’t know what realm the white rabbit was going to breakthrough.

The white deer gazed at the white rabbit, her eyes reflecting the scene in the white rabbit’s Dantian.

Pink energy was continuously contracting and condensing.

Slowly, that piece of the pink energy condensed into a marble-sized pink bead that was emitting a pink halo.

The pink bead was continually vibrating, trying to break free of the invisible restraints from its Dantian and refused to transform back into a Spiritual Energy of Mystical Sea.

It didn’t succeed, this was after vibrating for a few breaths of time, then it calmed down and began to rotate clockwise slowly.

The Demon Bead formed from that pink energy.

The white deer nodded inwardly, then raised her head to look at the sky.

Zhou Ye watched the white deer’s movements and also raised his head towards the sky.

On the clear sky, there were suddenly dark clouds shrouding the sky, and the thunder snake swam in them as if the heavens were about to rain down its wrath.

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