I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 27 The White Rabbit’s Breakthrough


The fat white rabbit at the center of the dark clouds in the sky and gathered together, forming an inverted funnel shape.


The thunder snake swam in the dark clouds, letting out a loud roar.

The gale blew the ground suddenly.

Many of the dead leaves were swept up by the gale and drifting them in mid-air.


Not far away from there, a large tree couldn’t hold the gale, and cracks appeared on its trunk, then it collapsed to the ground immediately.

Anything that on the ground was swept like cotton, like the end of the world.

Zhou Ye took a deep breath and hugged the white deer’s hooves tightly.

The situation was terrifying.

The gale was so strong that it could sweep him away any time, and Zhou Ye wasn’t possible to survive without holding tightly to Bai Lu thighs.

The white deer just stood there, was not moving in the slightest, had no waves in her eyes. She was just calm.

It was proven that the white deer familiar had seen great storms, and waves would always be calm when it met anything.

She was used to such things.

Compared to the white deer’s calmness, Zhou Ye’s heart was not so relaxed.

He was in a panic.

Faced with the wrath of the heavens, he couldn’t help but feel fearful.

He was like being an ordinary person drifting alone on the sea.

Any wave could kill him.


The white deer lowered his head and called out.

As if she was saying to Zhou Ye: calm down, it’s all just a small problem, don’t be panic.

Zhou Ye ignored her, and he narrowed his eyes at the white rabbit.

The white rabbit that was lying down stood up suddenly.

It opened its eyes, and its red eyes were filled with desire.

This white rabbit wiggled its fat body and raised its head to look at the dark clouds in the sky.

It was so courageous.

Zhou Ye admired it in his heart.

At the same time, he also prayed for the white rabbit in his heart.


A clear voice sounded and reached the ears.

Zhou Ye looked up and saw the lightning flickering, slicing through the air and hitting the white rabbit straight away.


The lightning struck the white rabbit, and Zhou Ye saw the white rabbit twitch a few times, but there was still black smoke coming out of its body.

The air was filled with the smell of burning.

The white deer stared at the white rabbit, but there wasn’t much worry in her heart.

Her eyes kept watching the condition in the white rabbit’s Dantian.

The lightning hit the Demon Bead in the white rabbit’s Dantian.

The demon bead was continually vibrating, but it was good to resist it.

As long as it survived and made it over this hurdle, then a whole new world would be greeting the white rabbit.



The second thunderbolt fell.

This time, the thunderbolt was ferocious as hell, and the terrifying force shocked and distorted the air.


When the lightning light stroke the white rabbit, the white rabbit shook its body as if it had been hit hard and collapsed to the ground.

Inside its Dantian, the pink energy that formed the demon bead at that moment continued to shake, and finally, with a slight cracking sound, the demon bead cracked.

The white deer looked gloomy.

A seven-colored light lit up on her antlers.

As long as something went wrong with the white rabbit, the white deer would help it, and that would save the white rabbit’s life.

If he didn’t help, that would be that the white rabbit would fail to breakthrough, and it would be difficult to continue in the future.


In the dark clouds, thunder was brewing for its next attack.

Feeling the terrifying scent coming from the dark clouds, and then looking at the white rabbit that was burnt all over, Zhou Ye secretly gulped his saliva.

This was too damned terrifying.

Zhou Ye knew in his heart that he would also have such a day in the future.

Although he was scared of that would happen, Zhou Ye was hope that the sooner that day came, the better.

When he was thinking about it, there was actually a hint of anticipation.

Zhou Ye felt that he might have swollen.

I want to be safe.

Shortly after the second Heavenly Tribulation hit the white rabbit, the third Heavenly Tribulation thunder stroke down from the sky again.

This time, Zhou Ye could see it exceptionally clearly.

That thunder light was as thick as an adult man’s wrist.

This strike might cause the white rabbit’s condition would be worse.

Zhou Ye’s little heart was beating wildly, and he was very nervous.


The lightning struck the white rabbit, and the wave of Spiritual Energy was generated and shot towards Zhou Ye.

The white rabbit took a step forward, and the wave of Spiritual Energy seemed to be blocked by an invisible presence. It was unable to advance any further.

Zhou Ye let out a sigh of relief, then carefully observed the white rabbit’s situation.

The white rabbit was in horrible condition at this point.

It was dying.

Its red eyes were full of unwillingness

In the middle of its Dantian, the pink energy that forming the demon pill was full of cracks, as if it was about to shatter with a touch.

The next Heavenly Tribulation might kill the white rabbit.

There would be a total of four divine punishments descending on it this time.

The first three were stroked it and gave it a severe injury, and the strongest fourth one would probably kill it.

The white deer raised her head and looked at the dark clouds in the sky, and then at the white rabbit.

It hadn’t cast an attack yet, and the white deer decided not to make a move yet.

Although the white rabbit’s life or death was at stake, the white deer believed it would survive.

It shot, the fourth Heavenly Tribulation would not be able to stop the white rabbit.


The strongest strike was charging in the dark clouds, and it was also the final strike of the fourth Heavenly Tribulation.

The gale was blowing widely, became more powerful.

Affected by the gale, the dark clouds in the sky were constantly rolling, like a wave in the sea.

Zhou Ye looked at the white deer with worry in his eyes.

Although he was never acquainted with that white rabbit, Zhou Ye still felt that since the white rabbit had been saved by himself, it must be one of his own pride to save the white rabbit back to life normally.

He was still very concerned about the situation of the white rabbit.


The thunder snake swam in the cloud, and thunder light flashed.

The white rabbit breathed heavily.

It slowly stood up.

Raising its head, it gazed at the flickering thunder light with confidence.

A pink light lit up and surrounding its body.

It was going to fight against the Heavenly Tribulation forcefully.

The Demon Bead in its Dantian was crumbling.

The powerful Spiritual Energy ejected the demon bead, which was already covered in cracks, and it began to crumble gradually, and a tiny fragment fell off from the demon bead.

The white rabbit fought to the death with his life’s hope against the fourth Heavenly Tribulation.

If it survived, a whole new world would greet it.

And if it were lost, it would die.


The forth lightning struck the white rabbit in front of the pink light.

It was a strong strike like it was going to destroy everything.

The thunderbolt destroyed one pink light. However, several more lights appeared from the white rabbit Dantian and continued to resist the thunderbolt.


The demon bead in the white rabbit’s Dantian shattered. The situation was critical.

The white deer couldn’t help but take a step forward, and she was about to take action to save the white rabbit, but she discovered that the Demon bead wasn’t completely shattered. There was still a small half left!

There’s still a glimmer of hope!

With the white deer’s indifferent mentality, inevitably, she became hopeful for the white rabbit.

“Bang bang…”

The thunder light was as strong as a bamboo, scattered one pink light after another.

The pink light, on the other hand, resisted stubbornly.

In the end, the thunder light was successfully resisted, and it explodes then dissipated.

And the light on the white rabbit also dissipated, and it directly fell to the ground.

Is it success or failure?

Zhou Ye didn’t understand, and he looked at the white deer.

On the other side, the white deer looked at the white rabbit’s Dantian.

The White Rabbit’s Demon Bead had shattered, but there was still a small half left that was holding on hard and hadn’t been destroyed.


The white deer nodded towards Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye was relieved to hear that the white rabbit succeed.

The gale stopped and dissipated.

The dark clouds went quickly.

The sky returned to bright.

The sun shone on the three creatures, bringing warmth to them.

Around the white rabbit, a dense aura emerged, scrambling to enter the white rabbit’s body and begin to recover the injuries on the white rabbit.

A green pillar of light descended from the sky and enveloped the white rabbit.

This was a reward from the heavens after passing through the Heavenly Tribulation.

The green light entered the body and entered the white rabbit’s Demon Bead.

The Demon Bead began to recover, and gradually, the pink Demon Bead returned as before, with four white twisted marks on it.

These were the marks of having passed the fourth stage of the Heavenly Tribulation, which meant that the White Rabbit had entered a new realm, and what greeted it was a whole new world.

The white rabbit’s wounds began to recover after absorbing a large amount of spiritual energy.

A cloud of pink smoke wrapped around the white rabbit, making it impossible to see what was happening inside.

Just after the smoke dissipated, Zhou Ye opened his eyes wide and screamed.

“Wow, little loli…”

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