I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 44 The Greedy Cultivator


My God, you’re a teen girl, and you still don’t know how to use chopsticks.

The brocaded youth didn’t even know what to say anymore.

“What are you laughing at!” Yao Yao’s little mouth deflated, and she was offended.

“Nothing.” The brocaded youth changed his face extremely fast, and he shook his head with a calm look.

“Hmph!” Yao Yao snorted lightly, then continued to ask Lu Xiaoyuan, “Sister Lu, how exactly does this thing work?”

Lu Xiaoyuan was at first confused as to why Yao Yao couldn’t use chopsticks.

Then she remembered.

Yao Yao hadn’t been transformed for very long and had never touched or even saw chopsticks at all.

“Little Golden Bird.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the golden feathered eagle.

“Yes?” The golden feathered eagle nodded.

“You teach Yao Yao how to use chopsticks.” Lu Xiaoyuan said to him.

“Umm…this…” the golden feathered eagle scratched his head.

He was wanted to say that he also wasn’t very good at using chopsticks either.

Other people could pick up a peanut with a single clip, but he needed to pick the peanut secretly with the strength to clamp it.

How was he going to teach Yao Yao how to use chopsticks if he himself was at this level.

So, the golden feathered eagle looked bitter.

“This girl, I’m going to come down and teach you.” The brocaded youth sat at Yao Yao’s side and said with a smile.

“I don’t need you to teach me? But I will take a look at you how to use it!” Yao Yao pouted.

Earlier, this brocade youth was laughing at her.

She was still angry now, and she was damned if she could pay attention to the brocaded youth.

As Yao Yao said this, she looked over at the next table.

Her pupils reflected in the depths of her eyes the way people used chopsticks, and in just two or three breaths, she grabbed them.

The brocaded youth’s eyebrows raised.

“You quickly understand why your parents didn’t teach you before when you were at home?” The brocaded youth asked with some curiosity.

“My parents, huh? I hadn’t seen them since I was born.” Yao Yao said flatly.

“Huh?” The brocaded youth was stunned, knowing that he had said the wrong thing.

Immediately he apologized.

“I’m sorry, miss, I didn’t know about it, and that comment was unintentional.” The brocaded youth stood up, cupped his hands, and bowed.

“It’s fine.” Yao Yao was calm.

But saw her like this, the brocaded youth felt a little empathy.

This girl had never seen her parents since she was born.

He didn’t know what had happened to her parents, but he was curious about it.

In just an instant, the brocade youth’s mind imagined out the scene of cruel parents abandoning their children.

If Lu Xiaoyuan knew about it, she would laugh out loud.

Yao Yao used her chopsticks to clip the food, unsteady at first, but as she became more and more skilled, she was already handy.

“Hey, using the chopsticks is not that hard,” Yao Yao muttered, then picked up a piece of fish and began to gorge on it.

“Old man Lu, let’s eat as well.” The brocaded youth slightly measured over and said to the old man.

“Okay, son.” Old Man Lu nodded slightly, then reached out to pick up his chopsticks.

His hands were covered in calluses, and there was a scar on the back of his hand.

The golden feathered eagle looked at the old man and said nothing.

A human cultivator who couldn’t even know that Yao Yao’s real body was a demon beast didn’t need to be noticed.

The surrounding tables were lively, and the men looked very courteous as they served wine to the guests.

Compared to them, Lu Xiaoyuan’s table was much quieter.

Lu Xiaoyuan put a piece of fish in his mouth and tasted it carefully before exclaiming, “Little golden bird, you have to learn your handcraft here. Otherwise, how are you going to cook and eat in the future?”

The golden feathered eagle, who was tasted in meat, heard the action and paused.

Aunt Lu, the one who should be learning, is you!

But the words were left unsaid. The golden feathered eagle was afraid that he might make Lu Xiaoyuan mad.

He smiled bitterly and said, “Okay, Senior Lu.”

Senior Lu?

The brocaded youth looked at Lu Xiaoyuan in surprise, not understanding why he called her with the formal call.

However, saw the two sides were not familiar with each other. The brocaded youth did not open his mouth to ask.


“Ah, I’m full.” Yao Yao rubbed her little belly, unusually satisfied.

Lu Xiaoyuan nodded, then said to the golden feathered eagle, “Have you finished eating? We’ll leave afterward.”

“Yes, I’m finished eating.” The golden feathered eagle nodded, then stood up.

“Old Man Lu, let’s go. We are leaving too.” The brocaded youth stood up and said to Old Man Lu.

“Okay.” Old Man Lu nodded and followed behind the brocade youth.

The brocaded youth arched his hands at the three of them, “You three, I hope we meet again next time, have a nice day.”

“Okay.” Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand.

Then, she took Yao Yao and ran towards the distance together.

Only after the three had left did the brocade youth turn back and ask Old Man Lu, “Old Man Lu, what do you think of these three?”

“Well, they are just like ordinary people.” Old Man Lu replied.

“No, I think not, seeing how they’re dressed, and if we compared to some people here, how are they just ordinary people? And that Master Lu’s bag clearly has a spiritual grass in it.” The brocaded youth was a bit doubt.

“Maybe you can’t stand to the low-level cultivation. As for the spiritual grass, it should be given a family member.” Old Man Lu also didn’t understand.

“Hmm, perhaps.” The brocaded youth nodded, then said, “Let’s go Old Man Lu, things aren’t done yet.”

“Yes.” Old Man Lu nodded.

If Lu Xiaoyuan and her comrade knew about their speculations, they would have to laugh out loud.

Among the three of them, Yao Yao had the lowest cultivation, but she was a demon beast who has Mystical Core Realm cultivation anyway.

That Old Man Lu was only at the peak of the Mystical Sea Realm, and it was normal if he wasn’t able to see their cultivation realm.

After all, the three of them were intent on restraining their breath.

As for Lu Xiaoyuan, she had even reached the returning to the realm of the basic, and it was hard to tell if Lu Xiaoyuan had set foot on the highest of monasticism or not if she wasn’t a great cultivator.

At the crowded street, people were still doing business as usual after having lunch.

“Get out of here!” Not far away, three hoodlums pushed a child out of the way.

“Don’t pawn your way!” One of them kicked the kid.

“Ouch.” The child took the pain and burst into tears.

“Whose child is that, and how did you meet those three hoodlums?”

“Ugh, these three bastards, they usually bully us just fine. They can put up with it even if it’s not too much. Why are they even beating the kids today when they’re drunk?”

“Hurry up and go inform the government and let them deal with them.”

“This time, we must lock them up for a few more days!”

The surrounding people were pointing and exchanging whispers.

Lu Xiaoyuan just happened to walk here and was suddenly furious at the sight of this.

“Why are you bullying children?” Lu Xiaoyuan pointed at the hoodlum who had kicked the child and questioned him.

The hoodlum took two steps forward, unsteady, and almost fell.

The two hoodlums who were with him stepped forward to help him.

“I just bullied this child today, what can you do?” The hoodlum kicked the boy again and asked in a teasing tone.

“You!” Lu Xiaoyuan clenched his small fist, ready to educate this hoodlum.

“Big brother!” A slightly younger hoodlum guy leaned into his leader’ ear and said to him, “Look at that little girl’s bag, is it contained with spiritual grass?”

Heard this, the hoodlum leader who headed the group looked over towards Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist.

He just happened to see Zhou Ye, who was cultivating on the edge of the bag.

Sure enough, it was Spiritual Weed!

That faint breath, it is a cultivator, I could naturally feel it.

The greed in his eyes flashed.

“I never thought that I would still have such a lucky chance.” The hoodlum leader pushed the two younger brothers away, and hurriedly grabbed towards Lu Xiaoyuan’s bag.

Not far away, the brocaded youth just happened to walk here. When he saw the hoodlum grabbing towards Lu Xiaoyuan, he raised his eyebrows and lightly shouted, “A criminal in broad daylight, is there any king’s law left!”

“Huh?” The hoodlum sobered up a little at the words. He looked up at the brocaded youth and sneered, “King’s law? What’s the use of the King’s law?”

“You’re insolent!” Old Man Lu was furious at him.

The spiritual energy of the Mystical Sea Realm rose from his body, and strong pressure descended on the three hoodlums.

” Swoosh.”

The three hoodlums couldn’t bear it and kneel down, sweat starting to appear between their foreheads.

“Fuck, we’ve met an expert this time…” the hoodlum’s leader muttered to himself.

Their three were hoodlums, but that was all petty thievery, so the government didn’t execute them, but just arrested and educated them every time.

It just so happened that their three had some chance and stepped onto the path of monasticism, but only at the early stage of Qi Refining Realm.

When they got drunk, they enlarged their courage and wanted to loot the Zhou Ye at Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist.

However, this time, they met a higher cultivator than theirs!

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