I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 45 Jin Xiaoer


“You three! you have no respect for the law!”

“Do you think that as cultivators, you will become superior and so you can breaking the law?” Old Man Lu’s face was gloomy as he coldly asked.

His aura was strong, giving people a sense of intimidation.

“Senior, we don’t dare.” The three hoodlums were so scared and kowtowed towards Old Man Lu.

“Senior, please let us go, we know that we were wrong, and we will never do this again and become a good person in the future!” The hoodlum leader said with a snotty nose and tears.

He was said like it was true.

“These three bastards, you said that because you are facing me? But you three would do again in the future, right?”

Someone brave enough to step out of the crowd, and he pointed at these three hoodlums and jerking them.

When someone started it, some more and more people joined in to judge these three hoodlums.

These people felt resentful with these three hoodlums because these three were usually bully these people.

“Duke, what should we do?” Old Man Lu was indignant of the three hoodlums and wanted to behead them on the spot, but in his status, he still had to ask the brocade youth beside him about such matters.

“Old Man Lu, you can decide on your own.” The brocade clothed youth could not think of what to do, so he could only leave it to Old Man Lu.

“You three have done so much evil, and I would like to send you to hell right now.” Old Man Lu said viciously.

When the three hoodlums heard this, they were confused and kowtowed incessantly, “Senior, mercy our lives!”

They were kowtowed and asking for mercy until their foreheads bleeding.

“Alright then, I’m not a cruel person. You three can each leave your two arms behind and get lost.” Old Man Lu impatiently waved his hand.

My God, this old man said that out loud.

You want to cut their arms, and you said that you are not a cruel person.

The three hoodlums wanted to say something, but they were afraid of being killed.

But they didn’t want to give up their arms to being cut.

“Old Man Lu, I’ve thought of a way, let’s send them to the docks as hard laborers as the punishment, anyway, they all have cultivation, one of them could be counted as two or three laborers.” The brocaded youth thought about it and said to Old Man Lu.

“Duke, I accept your decision.” Old Man Lu’s eyes lit up at the words.

“From today onwards, you three will go to the docks to work as hard laborers for three years.”

Hope arose in the hearts of the three drunken men.

We’re cultivators, and we’ll only really go to work as drudges.

If this Old Man and that brocaded youth are not here, I’m sure we’ll run away right away.

Old Man Lu knew what they were thought and continued, “Don’t think of running away, I’ll tell the Mayor to send someone to supervise you, and once you escape, immediately send troops to chase you down.”

The three hoodlums stared at each other. This was too damn cruel.

How heartless are they even tell the Mayor to send someone to supervise us.

Is there not any fucking hope?

“Yes, we’re not running.” The hoodlum leader nodded.

He sighed in his heart. This time, it was inevitable.

“Now, go away!” Old Man Lu waved his hand.

“Okay.” The three hoodlums replied, then slowly walked towards the dock.

That back looked as if they were going to die.

But this punishment wasn’t severe, because they would also earn some money from working there.

It was just that the three hoodlums were lazy and instead liked to loot other people’s property, so they might not be able to accept it for a while.

But they would get used to it. I believe that these three hoodlums were great hard workers.

After that, people thanked Old Man Lu and the brocade youth.

“Thank you, Mr. Cultivators, you two have helped us a lot this time.”

“Yeah, thanks to them for removing the three hoodlums for our town!”

“Thank you so much!”

The brocaded youth waved his hand, “You’re all welcome, citizens. The government will deal with it too.”

“Deal with what? All they did just a few days in jail and a lecture to the criminals.”

“Yeah, they only did that every time as punishment, and when they get out, they will do the criminal thing again!”

Hearing this, the brocaded youth and Old Man Lu looked at each other and had other thoughts in mind.

People chattered for a while longer, then dispersed.

“Hi, you three again, it’s unexpected that we are meet again after not long we separated.” The brocaded youth walked up to the golden feathered eagle and arched his hand towards him.

“My name is Qin Yi, and this is Old Man Lu.” The brocaded youth smiled and introduced himself and Old Man Lu, then asked, “I want to know, what is your name?”

The golden feathered eagle frowned in thought.

“Is it inconvenient? If it’s inconvenient, then forget it.” When Qin Yi saw the golden feathered eagle’s expression, he was not dissatisfied, but he just gave a light smile.

“No.” The golden feathered eagle shook his head.

“Nothing is inconvenient. I am just thinking about your question.” The golden feathered eagle said sincerely.

Qin Yi: “……..”

Old Man Lu took a deep breath, felt very unhappy. He thought that the golden feathered eagle was mocking them.

“Well, little golden bird, it’s not what they said, I forgot to ask, what’s your real name?” As if he had just remembered, Lu Xiaoyuan asked curiously.

“Uh, I never had a name.” The golden feathered eagle was a little embarrassed.

After living for 50,000 years, he was considered a great demon in the Wood Wolrd, but he still didn’t have a name.

Everyone always addressed him as the golden feathered eagle.

“Ah, my name is Yao Yao.” Yao Yao spoke out, breaking the awkwardness.

Lu Xiaoyuan raised his small chin slightly and said proudly, “My full name is Lu Xiaoyuan.”

“So it’s Miss Yaoyao and Miss Lu.” Qin Yi gave another salute.

“Mm.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded his head.

The golden feathered eagle was still frowning hard.

He had to give himself a name.

First, it should have the effect of others feeling him domineering as soon as they heard the name.

Secondly, it had to be low-key and meaningful.

Wait, these two requirements seemed to be somewhat conflicting.

The golden feathered eagle was about to decide.

“Little Golden Bird, what are you doing?” When Lu Xiaoyuan saw him in this state, he spoke up and asked.

“I was wondering what my name was.” The golden feathered eagle came back to his senses and answered honestly.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought about it, then said with a smile, “How about if I help you?”

“Fine then.” The golden feathered eagle nodded in agreement after a little thought.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s cultivation was so high, and it was not something he could compare to in terms of insight.

Therefore, he believed that Lu Xiaoyuan would definitely suggest a nice name.

The golden feathered eagle began to fantasize about how he should introduce his domineering self to others after he possessed a name.

“From now on, you will be called Jin Xiaoer!”

The golden feathered eagle was dumbfounded.

Auntie, did you did not use your brain to think of a name for me?

“Senior Lu, isn’t that name a little bad?” The golden feathered eagle asked with doubt.

“Sorry?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at him as if to ask: Are you not satisfied?

The golden feathered eagle sighed internally, very sad.

“Okay, okay, I really accept it with pleasure.”

Then he walked up to Qin Yi and Old Man Lu and introduced himself, “Meeting is fate, I am… Jin Xiaoer.”


Qin Yi couldn’t hold back and laughed out directly.

Old man Lu was a mature man, and it was a bit impolite to laugh directly, so he was expressionless, but his shoulders were trembling.

Qin Yi was just about to say something, but then he saw a person dressed as a beggar in the distance, making a gesture towards him.

This seemed like a notice gesture, and Qin Yi’s expression was serious.

Then he turned his head at Jin Xiaoer and inquired, “Brother Jin, is it alright for me to address you like this?”

“Not a big problem.” Jin shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

For him, this is nothing.

“Old Man Lu and I still have some things to do so that I couldn’t stay any longer here, so I hope we still have a chance to meet again.”

“Good.” Jin Xiaoer also understood him, then nodded and said, “You two just do your job and don’t mind us.”

“Okay, if next time we meet again, I’ll treat you.” Qin Yi cupped his fists, then said his farewell.

Jin Xiaoer didn’t keep them either, allowing them to leave.

Throughout the whole time, Zhou Ye was cultivating and ignored these things.

For him, he should be breakthrough soon, and that was real life.

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