I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 46 I miss the Spiritual Field


On a busy city street, Lu Xiaoyuan and her group wandered around.

On both sides of the street, there were many vendors selling things.

The three people already had lunch, and foods weren’t attractive to them right now.

Therefore, Yao Yao’s eyes were always on those decorations and small toys.

Many foreign things were being sold, and that made Yao Yao attract to them very much.

After all, these magical gadgets couldn’t be found in the wood world.

However, Yao Yao couldn’t have them because she had no money that people used to exchange to get somethings, and that made her frustrated.

When Yao Yao was thinking of this,  suddenly, she grabbed Lu Xiaoyuan’s clothes.

“Little rabbit, what are you doing?” Lu Xiaoyuan was held back, and the steps she had just taken were immediately taken back, and she asked with a puzzled face.

“Sister Lu, can you think of a way? It’s really uncomfortable to have no money.” Yao Yao felt that it was tough to live without money in this world.

“I don’t have money either.” Lu Xiaoyuan spread out her hands, and her hands were empty, her little face was full of helplessness.

Jin Xiaoer’s thoughts scanned the whole town, and then he said: “There are several places where things can be traded, and we can sell some spiritual elixir or treasures to get money.”

“Argh, I no longer bear it.” Lu Xiaoyuan made a decision after only thinking for a second.

“Then, there is no way.” Jin Xiaoer shrugged.

Sold spiritual elixir was the most convenient and quickest way to got some money for them.

“Sigh.” Yao Yao sighed.

Then the three walked to the gate of the town.

A team of soldiers stood guard at the gate.

However, the people who entered and exited were not subject to interrogation, even Lu Xiaoyuan, and her group, even though they were pass through to the soldiers.

When they were about to leave the town, Lu Xiaoyuan said, “Let’s go, this is just a small town. When eating, I heard from those people that the Imperial Capital is more prosperous and should be more fun.”

“Then how far is the Imperial Capital from here?” Yaoyao asked with some expectation, and she jumped toward Lu Xiaoyuan.

“I don’t know where the capital is.” Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head, and her face flushed, a little embarrassed.

“Humph! Sister Lu, you are unreliable.” Yao Yao rolled her eyes, then ran away.

Then she ran to a distance to asked about the Imperial Capital to some person. After a while, she ran back.

“Hey, I have asked!” Yao Yao was a little proud.

“Then, tell me where the Imperial Capital is?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked her.

“It’s this way!” Yao Yao pointed to the west.

“That person said if we walked along this official road, it’s about five thousand miles away, and it will take ten to fifteen days to get there.” Yao Yao said while pointing at someone in the distance.

“Five thousand miles? Well, that is not too far for me.” Jin Xiaoer said indifferently.

With his flying speed and a distance of five thousand miles, he could be there just in the blink of an eye.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while, it was quite bland, and she wanted to enjoy the trip, so she proposed: “Let’s go, we will walk to get there!”

“Huh?” Yao Yao’s smile disappeared suddenly, her eyes widened.

“Sister Lu, why not we just fly? I can’t wait anymore.”

“What do you know, what’s the point of having a quick trip? Can you keep a sense of expectation?” Lu Xiaoyuan raised her hand, bent her fingers, and tapped Yao Yao on the head.

“Okay.” Yao Yao felt a little disappointed.

In this way, starting from the small town, the three began their journey.

The official road was extensive and can accommodate three carriages side by side, and there was still some space left.

After they walked for a few miles, Lu Xiaoyuan stopped suddenly, turned her head, and said to Jin Xiaoer: “Little Golden Bird, can you get some horses here? It’s too hard to walk.”

“But, Senior Lu, I don’t have money, and I need money to buy a horse.” Jin Xiaoer said helplessly.

“Huh, why don’t you think of a solution by yourself?” Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes.

“Okay.” Jin Xiaoer nodded, then disappeared.

Without letting Lu Xiaoyuan waited too long, he appeared with three strong brown horses.

How the hell he got these three horses without money.

But Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t ask him, and she began to look at the three horses directly.

Although she had never ridden a horse, she glanced at the saddle on the horse’s back and immediately understood what it was for.

Without hesitation, she climbed up and sat in the saddle.

“Move.” Lu Xiaoyuan patted the horse on the neck.

The horse did not move, and it seemed that it didn’t want to obey Lu Xiaoyuan.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while, and she patted the horse’s ass.

The horse still stood in place, without moving.

This time, Lu Xiaoyuan’s face turned gloomy.

My God, this horse is going to die, it embarrassed Aunt Lu.

Jin Xiaoer took a cold breath and was ready to engage in a horse again.

“This horse is a bit disobedient.” Lu Xiaoyuan curled her lips, then raised her hand, her fingertips glowed with colorful lights.

Jin Xiaoer looked at that horse with pity in his eyes.

This little horse is so pitiful. It is going to die soon.

But beyond Jin Xiaoer’s expectation, Lu Xiaoyuan did not kill the horse but put the colorful light into the horse’s mind.

When the colorful divine light fell into the horse’s mind, the horse suddenly became very obedient.

What Lu Xiaoyuan said, it would obey her.

“Wow, that’s great, why didn’t I think of using this method?” Jin Xiaoer exclaimed.

“It’s still because you are stupid.” Lu Xiaoyuan snickered mercilessly.

But Jin Xiaoer didn’t care about what she said, a ray of golden light surrounded him, and then he reached out and patted the horse’s head beside him.

The golden light came the horse’s mind, and the horse seemed to be more obedient.

In the same way, Jin Xiaoer also cast a spell on Yao Yao’s horse.

In this way, the three horses became very obedient.

Zhou Ye woke up, he saw this scene and was a little curious, not understanding what happened.

He was still trying to understand the situation and wondered.

“Sister Lu, what did you just do?” Yao Yao asked.

Initially, the three horses were wild, but after the colorful divine light enters its head, it becomes well-behaved and obedient.

This made her very curious about what Lu Xiaoyuan and Jin Xiaoer did to the horses.

“This is the art of opening the spiritual mind. We have opened up their spiritual wisdom. Naturally, they would become obedient. What do you want to learn?” Lu Xiaoyuan did not speak, but Jin Xiaoer explained.

“I see, that’s so cool, I want to learn!” Yao Yao’s eyes lit up, and she nodded immediately.

In her mind, if she learned how to open the spiritual mind, then she could open the spiritual mind to many bunnies.

“But your cultivation is still in the Mystical Core Realm, and it is not yet eligible to learn the art of opening the spiritual mind.” Lu Xiaoyuan shook her head.

“Ahh…” Yao Yao was a little frustrated.

But she cheered herself up soon.

As long I cultivate hard, one day, I will be able to learn to open the spiritual mind.

“By the way, can all creatures that have not developed spiritual wisdom be able to open the spiritual mind?” Yao Yao asked.

“No, they shall develop spiritual wisdom first before they can open the spiritual mind. If they are forcing to open the spiritual mind, the success rate is very low. The success rate is one in a thousand.” Jin Xiaoer replied.

“That’s it.”

Upon hearing this, Yao Yao lost her interest immediately.

After hearing these words in the bag, Zhou Ye felt that the spiritual mind-opening technique was so-so.

Instead of listened to them, he set his sights on the status panel.

It’s been a long time since I came to this world, and the speed of Universal Points growth is disappointing.

“This human world is not as good as the wood world. The spiritual energy is too low here. I have cultivated for an hour, and that was equal to cultivate in the wood world for ten minutes, not again if I cultivate in the spiritual field…”

Zhou Ye complained and just wanted to return to the wood world at this time.

In this human world, he had visited a small town, and he had some suspicions in his heart that this world was similar to the world in his previous life but in the past time.

Since there was nothing that attracted to him, Zhou Ye wanted to return to the Wood World.

He missed The Spiritual Field a little.

In his opinion, The Spiritual Field was indeed his own home.

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