I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 47 This grass As Hard as Steel


Lu Xiaoyuan and her group had already walked twenty miles on horseback.

They walked for a long time and ignored the time.

However, it was still a little early before dusk. According to Zhou Ye’s speculation, it was less than five o’clock at most.

On the official road, “If we continued this way, it would take us several months to reach the imperial capital.” Yao Yao felt bored, and she didn’t have much energy.

“But I believe it will be fun in this way.” Lu Xiaoyuan smiled.

Compared with Yao Yao’s listlessness, she is different. She was very interested in everything.

As for Jin Xiaoer, he didn’t care too much.

While on the way, Zhou Ye was silently cultivating, no matter what time, he was absorbing the spiritual energy along the way.

It would be unreasonable for his cultivation to be high this fast if he didn’t cultivate often.

After they were walking another two miles, Lu Xiaoyuan picked up the small bag and carried Zhou Ye out.

“What do you want?”

Zhou Ye, who was busy cultivating, was awakened, a little dazed.

It was just that he didn’t think too much, his only idea now was to cultivate and then transform soon.

“Suck.” Lu Xiaoyuan moved her nose close to the peripheral leaves and then took a deep breath.

“Ah…comfortable.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked satisfied.

Zhou Ye curled his lips, but he was already used to such things, and he was no stranger to Lu Xiaoyuan’s behavior.

“Sister Lu, what are you doing?” Yao Yao was a little confused about what Lu Xiaoyuan was doing.

Why did you sniffing of little spiritual weed like that and also so excited?

“Hey, this little spiritual weed has a fragrant scent, so it smells comfortable.” Lu Xiaoyuan pinched Zhou Ye’s leaf tip with her fingers and shook him.

“By the way, would you like to try it?” she asked.

Yao Yao was a little curious, then nodded and said, “Okay.”

Then, Lu Xiaoyuan threw Zhou Ye directly.

Yao Yao had quick eyes and quick hands. She reached out to take him.

Zhou Ye, who was caught, wanted to cry.

Can you guys give basic respect to a spiritual weed who has developed spiritual wisdom?

Even if you breathe in, you can endure it when you carry it around.

It’s a bit too much to just threw me.

Life is too bitter for me.

Yao Yao carried Zhou Ye and tried to smell Zhou Ye’s fragrance scent.

After taking a sip, Yao Yao’s eyes lit up, and then she took a deep breath.

She took a deep breath, and the effect was remarkable.

Yao Yao’s spirit was shocked, and her usual vitality was restored.

“Wow, this little spiritual weed has a function like this, it’s so good!” Yao Yao happily held Zhou Ye in her arms.

“Don’t lose it.” Lu Xiaoyuan reminded her aloud.

Yao Yao carefully rolled Zhou Ye around her waist and patted him. She turned her head and said to Lu Xiaoyuan after feeling that she would not fall.

Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes and didn’t want to talk about Yao Yao.

Jin Xiaoer was behind, staring at Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye was tied on Yao Yao’s belt, facing Jin Xiaoer’s direction.

He noticed Jin Xiaoer’s gaze, and that look revealed desire.

This guy wanted to take a sip him too.

Zhou Ye sighed in his heart that this world is terrible.

It is not easy to be a spiritual weed. There is a danger of being picked up by someone at any time.

There was a moment of silence.

Zhou Ye began to cultivate.

He wanted to transform soon.

After being transformed, I can cover up the fragrance scent on my body. At that time, I don’t have to worry about being picked up and inhaled.

Universal Points were increasing, but the speed was very slow.

Although Zhou Ye complained, he still cultivated continuously.

This Universal Point’s increase was better than nothing for him.


At dusk, “The sunset on the human world is not as beautiful as the sunset in our wood world.” Looked at the sun about to set, Lu Xiaoyuan said.

“It’s all like that. After watching it for a long time, I feel boring.” Yao Yao didn’t care about it.

She was usually to squat on the mountainside to watch the sunset when she hadn’t transformed yet. If she watched too long, she felt bored.

The sun had set, and the night fell.

Jin Xiaoer looked around, and then asked aloud: “Senior Lu, where shall we rest tonight?”

Lu Xiaoyuan looked around the official road.

Lush weeds surrounded the official road, it was not suitable for rest at all.

Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t bother to think about it. She turned around and said to Jin Xiaoer: “In this way, the little rabbit and I will be responsible for playing, and these trivial matters will be left to you.”

“All right then.” Jin Xiaoer nodded.

He knew well, no matter whether Lu Xiaoyuan said these words, he knew that he must do these things.

Jin Xiaoer stretched out his hand and swiped at the weed swaying in the breeze.

“Swoosh. Slash.”

The weeds fell in pieces and turned to ashes.

When the wind blew, the ashes disappeared without a trace.

Jin Xiaoer cleared a wide-open space.

He flattened the ground, and some moist soil was also dried by high temperature, which was suitable for resting.

When Zhou Ye saw this scene, his little heart trembled.

After all, not long ago, he was also a weed.

But his worries were unnecessary, and Jin Xiaoer would not do anything terrible to him.

“Senior Lu, maybe it’s here.” Jin Xiaoer pointed to the open space and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Yes.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

She patted the horseback, and the horse walked into the clearing.

Then, Lu Xiaoyuan jumped down and sat on the ground directly.

Ordinary people may care about whether the clothes ware stained with dirt, but Lu Xiaoyuan had no worries in this regard.

Her clothes were made from Spiritual String, and they usually won’t be soiled.

Yao Yao also jumped down and sat beside Lu Xiaoyuan.

Jin Xiaoer led the three horses aside and then began to prepare the food.

There was a lot of food stored on his body, and with a wave of his hand, a black buffalo that had already died and the demon core-crystal was shaved out appeared in the clearing.

Although it died early, it was well preserved.

It looked as if a black buffalo had just died, and the blood on its body was not solidified yet.

Jin Xiaoer started to serve.

Here, Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao were only chatting.

Yao Yao had a lot of doubts about the cultivation method, and she wanted to ask Lu Xiaoyuan for advice.

Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t hide her secrets and told Yao Yao everything she had understood. Yao Yao also learned seriously and gradually deepened her comprehension of the cultivation methods.

Zhou Ye didn’t know when he was tied on Yaoyao’s belt.

Without moving, he laid on the soil and started cultivating.

His cultivation took two or three hours directly.

When he woke up again, Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao had already cuddled asleep, while Jin Xiaoer was sitting cross-legged and cultivating.

“It can keep burning without wood. He is great.”

Saw the golden flames burning in the center of the clearing, Zhou Ye sighed.

He knew that the flame should be supported by spiritual energy. Otherwise, it would have been extinguished long ago.

Zhou Ye stood up, shook his leaves, shook his roots, and moved his body.

The long time of cultivation made him feel numb and stiff.

After he was thinking about it, Zhou Ye was walking in the clearing.

But as he walked, he hit a hard object because he didn’t look at the road.

Then he looked up. This was a horseshoe.

The horse also felt something touching itself and looked back subconsciously.

Four eyes face each other.

It saw Zhou Ye could walk and glowing, the horse’s eyes widened.

Zhou Ye glanced at it, ignored it, and continued to walk forward.

The horse lowered his head and leaned close to Zhou Ye and sniffed.

My god, what the fuck is this grass? It’s so sweet!

It looks so delicious!

The horse asked itself that in its life, it had never eaten grass that was glowing and walking. I can try it today.

Although it had spirituality, its intelligence was not high, coupled with Zhou Ye’s scent temptation, naturally subconsciously bit towards Zhou Ye.


The horse bit Zhou Ye’s upper body in its mouth.

Felt the sticky things around, Zhou Ye was stunned.

“Fuck, what’s just happened?”

The horse didn’t think so much and chewed directly.


Damn it. This grass is a bit hard.

The horse stared in disbelief.

It had never eaten this kind of grass as hard as steel.

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