I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 48 Transcendental Realm


The horse continued to chew Zhou Ye’s leaves.

It found that the leaves was really hard, but it kept biting.

This made it very unconfident as a horse.

Why did a horse with such a good mouth like me can’t chew leaves?

Zhou Ye rolled in the horse’s mouth.

He was very calm now, without any sense of crisis.

But it was not a problem to be chewed by the horse. Zhou Ye was prepared if something like this such things happens.

Zhou Ye’s barbs on the edge of the leaves slowly grew, slightly piercing the horse’s tongue.

The horse’s chewing motion slowly stopped.

It felt a little pain.

Zhou Ye pierced it again.

Fuck, this weed is weird.


The horse was in pain again, and it lowered its head and spat out Zhou Ye.

It saw the barbs on the edge of the leaf, and its pupils shrank slightly. It felt that this weed was a bit scary.

It didn’t want to bit Zhou Ye’s leaves anymore.

The horse backed two steps away from Zhou Ye.

The two other horses watching by the side shrank their necks, glanced at Zhou Ye with some fear, and then backed away.

But Zhou Ye ignored them.

There was no need to be scared of them. It was just three horses that can’t hurt Zhou Ye. He was a spiritual weed with Mystical Sea Intermediate Stage Cultivation Realm.

Even if three hundred horses came together, they could be cut down easily by Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye shook his body and found sticky saliva on his leaves, and his face turned black.

“Fucking idiot horse!”

His upper body was so sticky, made him feel very uncomfortable.

It must be cleaned.

Zhou Ye walked to the official road with a black face, looked around, he was looking for the water source.

Jin Xiaoer, who was cultivating in the open space, opened his eyes and glanced at Zhou Ye.

He just glanced at Zhou Ye once, and then Jin Xiaoer ignored him.

He knew everything that had just happened, but he knew in his heart that the horse couldn’t harm Zhou Ye, so he didn’t take care of it.

He could guess Zhou Ye’s movements. He knew that Zhou Ye wanted to cleanse his body.

‘This little spiritual weed cultivation realm is probably not low. ‘Jin Xiaoer secretly said.

Later, for Zhou Ye’s safety, he cast a spell to observervating Zhou Ye.


Not far from the official road.

Zhou Ye finally found a small water source.

For his size, it is a pool, but for humans, it is actually the size of a well.

There was some water in it, Zhou Ye jumped up and splashed the water.

He shook his whole leaves and swam back and forth.

He swam very slowly, and he can’t clean it.

After he was thinking about it, he thought this kind of thing must use the spiritual energy to clean.

And then, the blue light bloomed from his body.


The blue light hit the water, Zhou Ye leaped into the air with his strength, and stronger blue light was released from his body.

When the blue light dimmed, his body became as clean as the beginning.

“Comfortable.” Zhou Ye stood on the ground and stretched.

He walked back to his comrades’ place and stopped after just two steps.

“Wait, this is the best time to run!” Zhou Ye suddenly remembered, didn’t he always yearn for freedom.

The air that I inhaled is the free air.

“I have to run quickly.”

He was very determined. Zhou Ye moved his roots and walked like flying.

But after two steps, he stopped again.

“But wait, if I just ran away like this. If I encounter a human cultivator, I will be finished.” Zhou Ye’s idea was not very good.

He was a spiritual weed right now, and a High-Grade Spirit Plant with the cultivation base of Mystical Sea Intermediate Stage.

If a cultivator with particularly high in realm took him, he was not only could be used for improving the cultivation base but also could heal injuries.

“Fuck, that’s even more terrible.”

This kind of minds made Zhou Ye’s expression was uncertain.

“It’s better if I follow Lu Xiaoyuan first, and then run away after I have transformed.”

After he thought for a long time, Zhou Ye looked very confident about this way.

In fact, based on his current cultivation level, it was very likely that he would be a windfall and took by someone if he ran away, so that person who took him will become rich.

Moreover, if he looked back on the strength of Lu Xiaoyuan and Jin Xiaoer, Zhou Ye felt even more that he could not escape.

Want to escape from a big boss like Lu Xiaoyuan who can run faster than a light? That is impossible.

Zhou Ye recognized the reality and walked back with hopeless.

Jin Xiaoer had been paying attention to Zhou Ye’s movement, and he didn’t understand why this little spiritual weed took two steps back, then ran a few steps in the opposite direction, and finally walked back.

What the hell is this little spiritual weed doing?

He was thinking a few moments.

After he was thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t figure out what Zhou Ye thought.

At this time, Zhou Ye had already returned to the empty ground.

Zhou Ye didn’t think so much and walked directly to Lu Xiaoyuan’s side, then lifted two leaves and fixed himself to Lu Xiaoyuan’s belt.

Then he started to cultivate.


The next day, everyone woke up.

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at Zhou Ye around her waist and picked him up, then looked at Yao Yao, and said with a smile: “Look, this little spiritual weed still likes me, and it even tied itself to me.”

Zhou Ye was awakened, glanced at her, and secretly said:’You are my big sister, I must hold your tightly.’

Then Yao Yao said: “Of course, you are so familiar with the little spiritual weed.”

“And I only knew it for a few days.”

“Hehe.” Lu Xiaoyuan smiled.

Jin Xiaoer did not speak, silently prepared the breakfast.

After the three of them had breakfast, they rode on horses and set off on the official road.

Their goal today was two hundred miles.

If it was a horse’s average speed, two hundred miles a day was not a problem at all, but Lu Xiaoyuan and the three of them may not be able to achieve two hundred miles a day.

But had a goal was a good thing.

Along the way, no one else has been seen on the official road.

“Sister Lu, look.” Yao Yao looked at the ground, stretched out her hand, and shouted towards Lu Xiaoyuan.

“What?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the ground with some confusion.

In the middle of the official road, there was a wheelbarrow trail several inches deep rolling over. It looked very new as if it had just passed recently.

“It seems that the weight is not light, and there should be a lot of things on the carriage.” Jin Xiaoer touched his chin and turned into a speculation master.

“Sister Lu, why don’t we catch them up? It’s too boring to be the only three of us along the way. We might be able to get together with them if we catch up!” Yao Yao was a little excited.

“They are carrying something that heavy, it will definitely not be too far from us. Even if we are only at normal speed and we will catch them up.” Lu Xiaoyuan said.

“All right then.” Yao Yao nodded.

In this group, Lu Xiaoyuan was the absolute boss. What she said is what she said.

The three of them passed the mountains and river, and they would stop and rest for a while when they found a place with a good view.

They were on the road as if traveling.

Zhou Ye didn’t bother to complain and had been cultivating since they departed.

Time flew, and a day passed.

On this day, they had actually walked only about one hundred and sixty miles and did not reach their goal of two hundred miles at all, and also they didn’t catch up the train they had imagined.

At night, everyone had eaten dinner. Jin Xiaoer didn’t know where to get some good fodder. He was feeding the horses at this time.

They should feed the horse if they wanted the horse to run.

“When will we get to the imperial capital?” Yao Yao laid on the ground, looked at the starry sky, and complained.

“Little rabbit, can you stop a bit, you have said this nineteen times today, plus this time it is twenty times. Can you be more patient.” Lu Xiaoyuan taught Yao Yao.

“It’s so boring, and there is nothing that I can do.” Yao Yao sat up, looked at Lu Xiaoyuan, and said aggrievedly.

“Let me tell you something about cultivation!” Lu Xiaoyuan said suddenly.

“Okay, okay!” When Yao Yao heard this, she suddenly became energetic.

She sat upright.

Zhou Ye, who was about to cultivate, also pricked his ears to listen. Even Jin Xiaoer, who was feeding the horse, was no exception to listen to her.

Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while, and then said: “Little rabbit, you have basics, so let me tell you the basics.”

“I won’t talk about the Mystical Sea Realm, and below, I will start from the Mystical Core Realm.”

“In the mystical core realm, the spiritual energy in the cultivator’s Dantian condensed into a spiritual core-crystal, and so is the demon beast like us, but our spiritual core-crystal is called a demon core-crystal. Strictly speaking, the spiritual energy we use should be called demon power. But no one cares about the problem of addressing, it all called spiritual energy.”

“After breaking into the spiritual core realm, you will have to cross the Heavenly Tribulation. After breaking through the Tier 4 Heavenly Tribulation, the demon core-crystal will have four lightning patterns. Someone who has successfully passed the Tier 4 Heavenly Tribulation will have that marks.”

“The promotion of the spiritual core realm is to accumulate strength for the spiritual core-crystal continuously, and at the same time, when you accumulate strength, you can feel yourself and understand the mystery of the spiritual energy.”

“That’s why the next realm of the Spiritual Core Realm is the transcendent realm!”

“Since the ancient time, the cultivation realm has been strictly hierarchical. According to the situation in the ancient time, cultivators below the transcendent realm are actually humans.”

Heard this, Yao Yao’s eyes winded, even Jin Xiaoer was a little surprised.

The main reason was that Jin Xiaoer didn’t live that long and didn’t know these things yet.

Lu Xiaoyuan continued: “Don’t be arrogant by having a cultivation base higher than the Spiritual Core Realm. In fact, in the ancient time, they were only humans. Only by stepping into the transcendent realm can they be regarded as great cultivators or great demon.”

“It’s just that because of a great war, the world has split, and the overall strength has declined. This has also caused the cultivators with the Spiritual Core Realm decreased!”

“In the ancient time, the Spiritual Core Realm would not bear the tribulation! Only when you step into the transcendent, you will begin to bear the tribulation!”

“So, little rabbit, you have to be prepared, the fifth-order tribulation is not so easy like get through the fourth-order tribulation. Because it has nine heavenly tribulations!”

Zhou Ye heard this, and he had found the direction of life.

He suddenly felt that the small target of the transformation was really small, so he locked the target to the transcendent realm.

But when he listened to her carefully, Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand, and she felt sleepy and fell asleep directly.

Before she was falling asleep, Zhou Ye just wanted to raise his middle finger to Lu Xiaoyuan, and by the way: Damn you!

“You can’t let the little spiritual weed go too far.” Lu Xiaoyuan said naturally and then seriously told Yao Yao about the transcendental realm.

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