I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 55 A Group of Ants Really Couldn’t Kill Her.


Old Man Lu looked at the table. Every plate was empty.

I don’t know how Lu Xiaoyuan’s little belly can fit all of it.

After he thought about it, he felt that this was also a normal thing.

After all, in his mind, Lu Xiaoyuan was an old senior with a high level of cultivation.

Although he thought so in his heart, he never dared to say it. He was worried about his life.

“Master Lu, now the meal is finished, shall we go to rest?” Qin Yi asked softly.

Lu Xiaoyuan stretched out her hand and picked up Zhou Ye on the ground, and then nodded towards Qin Yi, “Yes, let’s go.”

Everyone got up one after another and walked outside the door.

Yao Yao held Lu Xiaoyuan’s arm and asked curiously: “Do we all rest together?”

“After all, there is a difference between men and women. Miss Yao Yao, you live with Master Lu, and then we live with Mr. Jin.” Old Man Lu said.

Just after speaking, Mr. Lu smiled helplessly, “This inn has not many rooms; I can’t do much.”

“No problem.” Lu Xiaoyuan shook his head.

She doesn’t care about the room for sleep. She could lie down in any place and sleep like a pig.

Jin Xiaoer didn’t care either.

As a demon beast, he didn’t care much about these things.

“Well, please come with me.” Old Man Lu nodded.

Afterward, everyone followed Old Man Lu.

Old Man Lu had already known where they were staying tonight, so he took Lu Xiaoyuan and others to a room near the street.


Old Man Lu opened the door.

The room was relatively small, but it was also very exquisite. Presumably, the price for one night was not low.

“Master Lu, this room is for you and Miss Yao Yao. We are next door.” Old Man Lu said to Lu Xiaoyuan with a smile.

“Okay, just call me if you have anything.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded and took Yao Yao into the room.

Old Man Lu and Qin Yi glanced at each other. They felt a bit strange that these words came out from a ‘Little girl.’

Should they say this?

“Let’s go, let’s rest, too.” Jin Xiaoer walked towards the next room.

“Yes.” The two nodded.

At Lu Xiaoyuan’s room, Yao Yao jumped up and rushed onto the bed.

“Hey, this bed is so soft!”

Lu Xiaoyuan ignored her and sat on the head of the bed, and then threw Zhou Ye on the ground.

“What kind of treatment is this?” Zhou Ye muttered in his heart, walked silently to lie down under the bed.

When he just laid down, he felt a bit wrong.

Wait, Lu Xiaoyuan maybe looks petite, but her weight is not light. In case the bed collapses, it is me who suffers.

I must move my sleep place quickly.

Zhou Ye propped himself up, then ran to the door and lay down.


Lu Xiaoyuan yawned, closed her eyes, and laid back, no matter what.

Yao Yao looked at her and scratched her head.

She also wanted to learn about Lu Xiaoyuan’s trick to ‘sleep in seconds.’

She sat up and felt ashamed when she saw Zhou Ye, who was cultivating at the door.

She took a look at how hard Zhou Ye to cultivate. He didn’t miss any opportunity to cultivate.

It was no wonder that Zhou Ye’s real body was a bunch of weed that has the cultivation level of the Intermediate Mystical Sea Realm.

Thought about this, Yao Yao became motivated.

She knew from Lu Xiaoyuan that Zhou Ye was just a weed at the beginning.

But now he has become a spiritual weed.

It must be very difficult for a weed to breakthrough to a spiritual plant.

But this little spiritual weed did it. I’m sure that because of his own hard work.

When her thought reached this point, Yao Yao also sat cross-legged, formed a Dharma seal with her two hands, and cultivated.

Zhou Ye didn’t know what Yao Yao think about him.

If he knew, he would emphasize one sentence.

The only reason why Lord Zhou achieved this level is that I worked really hard.


In his room, Jin Xiaoer was also cultivating.

As for rest?

It’s not in my dictionary, cultivation means rest for me, and nothing is more refreshing than cultivation.

Qin Yi and Old Man Lu couldn’t achieve this state.

But saw that Jin Xiaoer didn’t rest, they were not too embarrassed to sleep, and they meditated and cultivated as well.


All the guests who came to Yuelai Inn for dinner are gone. And the whole inn is relatively quiet. Only the accountant inn was using an abacus and made a popping sound.

“Have you found anything?” The Manager of Yuelai Inn asked in a low voice, standing in the corner.

Beside him, there was a young man with an official outfit.

The young man shrugged, “Now I only know that Xiao Liu was knocked out when he delivered the food at the dining-room door. And for other issues have not been found out yet.”

“How could this happen?” The Manager frowned, with dissatisfaction with the young man’s inability to do things in his tone.

“I can do nothing, the other party’s hide something, it seems that their background is also very big…” The young man shook his head helplessly.

“Maybe that this is the case. In that case, then we shouldn’t be involved to far this time, we only need to observe them…” The Manager thought for a while, then shook his head.

“Okay.” The young man nodded, then took two steps and went away.

The sky was getting dark, and it was a night in Zhenhai City.

The wind tonight was colder than usual, and there was no moon in the sky.

Due to the particularity of Zhenhai City, Zhenhai City was not lively at all at night, and there were only a handful of pedestrians on the streets.

Yuelai Inn was one mile away from the city’s gate.

The people in black rushed between the eaves by night.

Their speed was very fast, and there was no sound.

On the roof of a three-story building half a mile away from Yuelai Inn, the people in black stopped.

Their leader asked in a low voice: “Have you checked it out? If you haven’t checked it out, you and I will lose our head!”

“Brother, you must rest assured that the reason why they have not been poisoned to death is that they must have surpassed the Mystical Core Realm. In that case, they must have Poison Immunity! Otherwise, they can’t survive.”

“There are not many Mystical Core Realm cultivators in the entire Qin Kingdom. Brother, I don’t believe that all three of them are in the Mystical Core Realm!” A man in black replied in a disagreement.

“That’s good, and now they should be prepared, let’s wait here first, before dawn!” Their leader made a decision.

“Yes!” The other dozen or so people in black nodded.

Afterward, they were hidden in the darkness. If ordinary people walked here, they would not be found at all.

This group of people was very professional.

But Jin Xiaoer observed them with his skill, and he wanted to give a lesson to them.

Especially, can you be more efficient in doing things and ask me to wait for you until dawn? Is it a bit too much?

Is my time worthless?

Inside the inn, Jin Xiaoer’s expression was a bit ugly.

Qin Yi sensed that the aura around him fluctuated a bit, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that Jin Xiaoer’s face was not good, and he immediately asked Old Man Lu in a low voice, “What happen to Brother Jin?”

“I don’t know.” Old Man Lu shook his head.

“Is he all right?” Qin Yi was a little worried.

“Don’t worry, he is a senior cultivator, with a high cultivation base, he will be fine. Besides, even if something happens, we won’t be able to help, and maybe we will be a disservice him.” Old Man Lu looked serious.

When Qin Yi heard this, he felt unable to talk any longer.

Then Qin Yi sighed and cultivated seriously.


Yao Yao was serious in her cultivation. Her small face was serious.


Lu Xiaoyuan opened her eyes instantly and sat up directly.

Most creatures subconsciously would say a word when shocked in scare.


Where did this little rabbit learn that word?

“Can you be more calmed?” Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t know how to say it when she heard this word from her little sister.

“You scared me, and I’m shocked.” Yao Yao felt aggrieved.

“It’s okay, and you continue to cultivating, I will continue to sleep, don’t worry about anything.” Lu Xiaoyuan waved her hand and then laid down again.

Regardless of whether Jin Xiaoer was watching, Lu Xiaoyuan was relieved.

Because a group of ants really couldn’t kill her.

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