I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 61


“Junior Lu, let’s have dinner!” Jin Xiaoer shouted at Lu Yi by the campfire.

“Come on, Lord Jin.” Lu Yi responded, then put Zhou Ye on the ground and said to him: “Little spiritual weed, I’m going to eat first.” After that, he was afraid that Jin Xiaoer would not wait, and Lu Yi ran away. To the campfire.

Zhou Ye ignored him.

He held the white flower and began to meditate on his mind, absorbed the spiritual energy stored in flower.

The flower’s strands of spiritual energy were inhaled through his blade of leaves.

The spiritual energy entered Zhou Ye’s body and disappeared.

In front of him, a barrage of cyan light flashed by.

[Universal Points increases +3.] [Universal Points increases +3.]


That spiritual elixir provided Zhou Ye with hundreds of Universal Points.

This made Zhou Ye very happy.

There were already two thousand Universal Points on his panel.

However, it was a pity.

Temporarily he was unable to upgrade the cultivation base yet.

He remembered the last time he upgraded his cultivation base and spent 3,000 Universal Points, but this time he didn’t know how much Universal Points needed to upgrade it.

“Sigh.” Zhou Ye sighed.

“The higher the rank, the better the potential.”

“The better the potential, it means that you can go further on the road of cultivation.”

“Since I reached this cultivation realm, it is more difficult to breakthroughs.”

Zhou Ye was very sad…

In all of this, I blame myself for being too good. Otherwise, I would be transformed faster. I can’t wait any longer.

“The bloodline can’t continue to improve for the time being, and it’s too uncomfortable to be a bunch of weed…”

He muttered and then looked at other people.

It was already late at night.

Except for Lu Xiaoyuan, who slept soundly, everyone else was cultivating very seriously.

Everyone wanted to go further on the path of cultivation so that they could live longer.

Lived long was the primary goal of most living things.

Zhou Ye’s primary goal was to live longer.


The next morning.

Everyone got up.

Zhou Ye didn’t need to wake up on time.

It was Lu Xiaoyuan who lifted him up directly and tied him with a belt around her waist.

This process would wake him up.

When Lu Xiaoyuan got up, when Zhou Ye was woken up, there was no exception yet.

After breakfast, everyone hurried to continued the journey.

Lu Yi followed the other to eat ashes.

He felt bad.

The speed of running with horses was naturally not as fast as the speed of his sword flying.

But he cannot fly with his swords.

The seniors are riding horses, but if I am flying with swords, do I want to make these seniors upset, and then knock me off?

But how can his dignified Sword Sect Little Sword Immortal follow behind of the group?

There must be a mount to ride.

So far, Lu Yi shouted at Lu Xiaoyuan: “Master Lu, I’ll find a mount, and I’ll be back soon!”

Lu Xiaoyuan glanced back at him and nodded.

“It’s up to you.”

Lu Yi stopped immediately.

“Come out.” The long sword came out of its sheath and then dropped out.

It elongated exponentially in the blink of an eye, turning into a giant sword floated in front of Lu Yi.

Lu Yi jumped on the giant sword and then formed a seal with both of his hands, and the spiritual energy drove the giant sword to fly away.


In the mountains.

“Boom!” A silver light fell into the forest.

Lu Yi regained his former self-confidence and stepped out of the way that his six comrades did not recognize him.

He unabashedly searched in the forest.

His goal was clear.

To find a mount.

But he had searched for a long time but did not find a suitable one.


Suddenly, a slight voice came from a distance.

At the same time, a big tree was swaying slightly, and its leaves made a rustling sound while shaking.

He listened to this voice closely and looked at the swaying tree, there must be a beast doing something, and it was not small in size.

Lu Yi’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly had an idea.

He walked slowly forward.

The tip of the sword pushed aside the grass, and Lu Yi was dumbfounded.


He saw a black-white dog with a humble looked facing the big tree, repeatedly rubbed it up and down.

The blue dog eyes were full of joy.

But when it was about to continue, it saw Lu Yi.

Four eyes face each other.

All of a sudden, the air froze.

It was a little dizzy and then lifted its two front paws to cover itself.


It yelled at Lu Yi, seeming to say: Don’t look at it.

The corners of Lu Yi’s mouth twitched slightly.

However, he found that the size of the dog was huge, and his intelligence was not low.

The most important thing was that it possesses the initial cultivation base of Qi refining, and it was a demon beast.

As a disciple of the Sword Sect, he wanted to kill the demon beast at the first time he saw it.

But Lu Yi didn’t have this idea at this time.

“Riding a dog, isn’t the picture a bit wrong?” Lu Yi imagined.

He continued to stare at it.

Suddenly, Lu Yi made a decision.

He felt that this dog was pretty decent, although it has a nasty look, but if I train it well, it should still be very cool.

“Here, here, boy!” Lu Yi smiled and stretched out his hand to grab the dog.

“Grr…” The dog jumped in shock and suddenly stood up, trying to run away.

However, its cultivation base was still in the initial stage of Qi refining, and Lu Yi surpassed it in every aspect.

It was just a blink of an eye, and Lu Yi caught it.

“Listen to me and be my mount. I won’t treat you badly.” Lu Yi said with a smile.

“Woof…woof.” The dog shook its head, preferred to die.

“Shit.” The sword was on the dog’s neck.

The dog’s movements froze. It tilted its head and stared at Lu Yi as if silently asking: Are you serious?

“Nodded if you agreed, if not, then I will eat your meat.” Lu Yi smiled.

The dog was thinking.

Saw its contemplative appearance, Lu Yi smiled even more.

Sure enough, his vision was right. This dog’s pensive look was really damn charming.

After a while.

The dog shook its head.

It never wanted to become a mount for any creature in its life.

That was an insult to it.

“Huh?” Lu Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, and his sword-blade was pressed to the dog’s neck.

Felt the coldness on his neck, the dog persuaded.

In the choice of freedom or its life, it chose its life.

“Okay, I like you, who knows my current affairs.” Lu Yi let go of the dog and said with a smile.


The dog ran wildly and looked back at Lu Yi with disdain.

Lu Yi’s expression seemed to say: Little brother, didn’t you expect it?

Lu Yi smiled without saying a word.

I have walked the world for many years. Is it possible that I haven’t encountered such an occasion yet?

Immediately, the long sword broke out.


The Long sword turned into a silver light, and it stabbed into the soil in front of the dog running.

The dog was frightened and hurriedly braked.

Unexpectedly, its body was unstable, and he fell directly to the ground and rolled twice.

“Be honest, or I will kill you.” Lu Yi drew out the long sword and said afterward.

Heard the words, the dog wailed.

The dog would lose its freedom soon.

The thought of this made tears fall.

Lu Yi mounted the dog, carried the sword, and patted the dog on the bottom with the sword.

“Come on, boy, let’s go!”

Although the dog was very reluctant, it had to run due to the long sword that shone with cold light.

Lu Yi rode a dog and ran wildly in the mountains and forests.

This dog was a dog with a cultivation base, and his speed was quite fast.

Its step could travel a few feet away in the blink of an eye, faster than a horse running.

Moreover, this dog looked very powerful.

It’s worth training.


On the official road.

Zhou Ye hung around Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist, and he always faced back.

Felt the bumps, Zhou Ye couldn’t calm down to cultivate.

He stared blankly at the back.

But suddenly, a young man in a white robe riding a black-white dog appeared behind him.

“Isn’t that Lu Yi?” Zhou Ye came to his mind.

The others also heard the movement and turned back.

When they saw Lu Yi’s mount, they were stunned.

Zhou Ye observed closely, and after a long while, he muttered a little uncertainly in his heart.

“There are huskies in this alien world…”

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