I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 62


Lu Yi rode a dog and caught up with Lu Xiaoyuan’s group.

He proudly said to everyone: “Everyone, my mount is not bad, right?”

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the reluctant dog on the dog’s face, smiled, and said nothing.

Jin Xiaoer touched his chin, thought for a moment, and said, “You are the dignified little fairy swordman, riding a dog, are you sure your charm doesn’t go down?”

Lu Yi thought for a while. It seemed that it was really the case.

But now that he decided, it would not be changed.

“It’s okay, as long the strength is strong, it is the same.” Lu Yi looked confident.

He didn’t mind that, in the future, others would laugh at him because he rode a dog to fight.

Zhou Ye wanted to laugh.

But it was a little uncomfortable to laugh.

He was holding back very hard.

“Brother Lu, that’s great.” Qin Yi smiled and gave Lu Yi a thumbs up.

“You do it well.” Old Man Lu also smiled.

Lu Yi nodded, and then he said, “This dog is very good. It has a cultivation base. I want to guide it to cultivate. In the future, it may become my right arm.”

Heard this, Zhou Ye imagined that Lu Yi would fight with others in the future.

He was arrogant and fluttering in silver-white clothes, riding a dog.

When he approached the enemy, he suddenly drew his sword and pointed it at the enemies, then shouted: “Dog, let’s give them a lesson!”

Later, Lu Yi used his sword to fight the enemy.

If there was no dog, maybe it was very compelling. After all, as the little fairy swordsman, he was personable.

But the little fairy swordman riding a dog was a bit strange.

Zhou Ye didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

“It’s good if you are happy.” Jin Xiaoer smiled and shook his head.

“Hurry up.”

“Let’s go.” Lu Yi patted the dog’s ass.

“Woof…” The dog was very dissatisfied, but he was not arrogant.


In the afternoon, on the official road.

Lu Yi’s dog ran so wildly, with a smile on its face, it was chic.

Everyone rode in front of him, did not want to look at Lu Yi.

The style of the imagine was terrible.

Zhou Ye was very interested in the dog and even wanted to study it to see how it has changed after its spiritual intelligence improved.

He soon got his wish.

At night, the dog was lying on the ground, looked at the soil on the ground, its eyes were very melancholy.

Zhou Ye moved his roots and walked towards it.

Zhou Ye attracted the dog’s attention.

The dog raised its head, the dog’s eyes flashed with light, started at Zhou Ye.

It couldn’t figure out why this weed can shine and how it can go by itself.

This was too strange for it.

The dog looked left and right and found that no one was paying attention to it, and then crawled forward, wanted to meet Zhou Ye.

Both were close.

Suddenly, the dog jumped up, twisted its body in the air, and then threw Zhou Ye to the ground.

“What do you want to do? You are so savage, dog.” Zhou Ye suddenly stunned.

Afterward, Zhou Ye’s spiritual energy revolved, and a powerful aura burst out.

He pushed the dog up with a blade of leaves, then lifted his roots and kicked the dog chin.


The dog was kicked and rolled by Zhou Ye.

In that pair of dog eyes, Zhou Ye was incredible.

Does a weed kick me?

This little weed.

I can’t bear it.

The dog shook its head and rushed towards Zhou Ye with arrogant steps.

It was about to take revenge.

“Sure enough, even if your intelligence improves, you are still a bad dog.” Zhou Ye sighed.

In his heart, he began to mourn for Lu Yi.

From now on, Lu Yi will dislike me.


Zhou Ye didn’t even watch it.

He lifted his hand and slammed the dog, it happened to hit the corner of the dog’s mouth.

The sound was loud.

The dog was beaten up.

But he was not convinced.

It’s fine to be bullied by Lu Yi when he knows this.

Although his dog is a dog, he is also a dog with dignity. How could he be so bullied?

When Zhou Ye was thinking of this, he finally broke out. After all, he was very unconvinced.

There was a faint breath on its body, his blue dog eyes became deeper, and its image changed at that moment.

It seemed to be serious.


The dog opened his mouth, and Zhou Ye saw that there was still a bit of meat stuck in its teeth.

Moreover, this dog has terrible breath.

“What a smelly mouth.”

The dog breathed, and the spiritual energy condensed into a small gray mist in its mouth.

There was a sneer in the dog’s eyes.

If I can’t kill you today, I will lose.

“Is this its ultimate move?” Zhou Ye didn’t panic in his heart.

He still could knock the dog on the ground.

With his cultivation base, the dog’s ultimate move didn’t feel any pain on his body.

There was no way. Being strong was also a kind of helplessness. Few people understand the loneliness of ‘not finding’ an opponent.

“What! It really aims it to me.”

The dog breathed, the gray mist flew towards Zhou Ye.

Before the gray mist came close to Zhou Ye, the dog raised his front right paw and swung his sharp paw towards Zhou Ye.


Three pale gray spiritual energy slashed towards Zhou Ye.

After two ultimate attacks, it couldn’t believe it, and it still couldn’t beat Zhou Ye.

“Good move, dog. But that’s not enough!”

Zhou Ye disdain.

It jumped up, kicked Zhou Ye’s roots, and directly exploded the gray mist.


The power was not strong enough, as if it was a little firecracker.

But for Zhou Ye, if he were an ordinary person, he would not be able to resist this dog’s attack.

Zhou Ye raised another blade of leaves and waved it.

The cyan light emitted from his leaves and then destroyed the three pale gray spiritual energy.

The dog was stunned.

The ultimate skill that it was so proud of was just cracked.

It was completely convinced in its heart, laid on the ground, didn’t dare to move.

Zhou Ye was originally going to give a lesson to the dog, but it was over after thinking about it carefully.

If the dog was beaten to death, then he will ravage someone in the future.

It was hard to get a creature that can be ravaged, but it can’t just be lost.

Same as the words of Lu Xiaoyuan, that was: the source of happiness cannot be lost.

Zhou Ye slipped away.

Seeing Zhou Ye leaving, the dog was relieved.

As a dog, after being hurt by someone, it must find a friend to cry.

After it thought about it, the dog prepared to find Lu Yi.

Although Lu Yi threatened its life, among all the creatures here, the one who was a little familiar with it is Lu Yi.

Besides, according to the dog’s idea, since it was the reliable person’s mount, the reliable person would defend it. If not, then it would be pitted to death in the future.

The dog stood up and ran towards Lu Yi.

It walked to Lu Yi’s side, bit the corner of Lu Yi’s clothes without saying a word.

“What?” Lu Yi looked down at it, a little strange.

“Woof…” The dog gestured and asked him to follow him.

Lu Yi understood, and then stood up.

The dog led Lu Yi to find Zhou Ye, then vividly raised its paw to point to Zhou Ye, and patted its own face.

Lu Yi was at a loss.

What is the operation of hitting yourself?

He really couldn’t understand what the dog wanted to express.

If the dog can talk, he must say something: Damn, you’re not sensitive.

The dog continued to gesture.

Lu Yi watched it for a long time before asking tentatively, “Did the spiritual weed bully you?”

Heard this, the dog stopped and nodded sharply.

There was hope in the dog’s eyes, which means: Then you should quickly help me avenge.

Lu Yi touched his chin, looked at Zhou Ye, and then said with a smile: “I will punch it, but I don’t want to kill it.”

Damn it.

The dog was dumbfounded.

What bullshit are you talking about?

Are you my master?

At that moment, the dog was very sad.

It decided that whenever there was a chance in the future, he would definitely pit Lu Yi. Otherwise it would feel uncomfortable.

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