I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 63


Half a month passed in a flash.

In this half month, the dog brought joy to everyone.

But it brought sadness to Lu Yi.

Lu Yi was such a heartache that he couldn’t figure it out. At first, he couldn’t get shit in his head, so he decided that this dog should be his mount.

Although I can abandon the dog and look for another one.

But I’m not a man who loves the new and hates the old?!

No way.

Lu Yi didn’t believe him. He couldn’t tune this dog well.


Near the imperial capital, many people came and passed by official roads. They were transporting supplies.

The supplies sent into the imperial capital every day were massive, and the supplies transported out of the imperial capital are proportional to the amount transported in.

It was the trade between the imperial capital and several surrounding cities.

Lu Xiaoyuan and others were on the mountainside.

“This emperor is really big.” Zhou Ye looked into the distance.

That imperial capital was lying on the ground like an ancient castle. The high walls and densely packed houses could be seen on the horizon, but the city’s end could not be seen.

“It has long been heard that Emperor Qin is the most prosperous among the countries with the largest area. When I saw it today, it really deserves its reputation.” Lu Yi sighed while riding a dog, looked at the imperial capital in the distance.

“It’s all the efforts of the ancestors, we just try to maintain it as much as possible.” Qin Yi smiled slightly.

“You are humble.” Lu Yi smiled.

Afterward, he continued: “I don’t know how you did it. Just an imperial capital is more prosperous than the ten cities in other countries combined.”

Qin Yi smiled and said nothing.

“Let’s go. The imperial capital is so prosperous. I don’t know what your palace will be like?” Lu Xiaoyuan said with a smile.

There were no such prosperous cities as the human world in the wood world, only some villages.

“Good. Let’s go.” Qin Yi nodded.

The six walked towards the city gate.

Near the city gate, they felt amazed when they see the imperial capital wall at close range.

The height alone was three feet. As for the thickness, Zhou Ye could see through the city gate’s passage that the thickness of the city wall is also three feet.

At the gate of the city, soldiers wore black armor and held halberds that stood like javelins.

A man in silver armor with a long sword hanging on his waist led a few soldiers to check the people who were about to enter the city.

When Qin Yi and his group came to him.

The man in silver armor looked up at them.

When he saw Qin Yi, he was shocked, and then he saluted, “It’s Your Highness.”

“Yeah, do you want to check us, General?” Qin Yi nodded, then asked politely.

This was how Qin Yi is, and he always gave everyone the respect they deserve.

“Since it’s your Highness, we don’t need to check you, let him in!” With a wave of the General’s hand, the soldiers blocking the city gate stepped back and made way for Qin Yi and his group.

“Thank you, General.” Qin Yi arched his hand towards the General.

“Your Highness, please.” The General bowed slightly and bowed his head.

“Let’s go, guys.”

As soon he finished his words, Qin Yi patted his horse on the back, and the horse carried him towards the city.

The others followed him.

Once in the city, everyone was attracted by the prosperity here.

The streets of the imperial capital were very clean, and the houses on both sides were also neatly arranged, and the end of the street could not be seen at a glance.

Moreover, at every crossroad, there was a team of black-clad soldiers to maintain order, and the rogues didn’t dare to make chaos during the day.

On the surface, this city was not much different from Zhenhai City, but in terms of feeling, the Imperial Capital was much older than Zhenhai City. That feeling gave the Imperial Capital a lot of enjoyment.

“Ancient life was pretty good.” Zhou Ye was tied around Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist and looked around.

Jin Xiaoer’s face was as usual. After he remembered Zhenhai City, he imagined what kind of city is the imperial capital. As he walked, he was thinking.

I think we need to build a city in the wood world?

Compared to the admiration of the city, Lu Yi felt his cheeks hot.

Rode a dog on the town street, and looked by the people’s strange gazes, Lu Yi wanted to find a place to hide.

What a shame.

And the dog seemed to be unaware of these, so he looked around here and there, and it was very happy.

They walked for a long time.

Qin Yi and Old Man Lu, who led the group, stopped, pointed to the front, and said to everyone: “There are still three miles away, and we can reach my palace.”

“Let’s go. It’s better to get there soon.”

It was not like everyone thought, the closer to the palace, the more prosperous.

Lu Xiaoyuan and her three comrades looked astonished, as the distance to the palace got closer and closer, the number of pedestrians on the street is gradually decreasing, and the number of shops was not as much as on the street behind them.

By the time the journey was halfway down, it was hard to see pedestrians on the street.

The black-armored soldiers were standing every one-foot distance on both sides of the street here.

They guard the palace.


There were neat footsteps on both sides of the street ahead.

Zhou Ye tried to twist his body and looked forward.

He was very familiar with this sound.

Without let Zhou Ye wait too long, a group of soldiers appeared on both sides of the street in front.

In one row, the two group members were ten soldiers, walked neatly, with the halberd in their hands pointed to the front. Their faces were cold and assertive.

The more surprising thing was that both groups walked opposite each other at first, and both groups managed to settle simultaneously.

Zhou Ye was impressed by the way they were lined up. To him, they were amazing.

“They are all the imperial soldiers guarding the palace, and they are the most elite fighters in Emperor Qin.” Qin Yi said with great pride.

“Not bad.” Lu Yi nodded.

He could see that although these soldiers did not have a cultivation base, their physiques were powerful, and the low-powered cultivators of the Qi Refining Realm might not be the opponent of any of them.

Lu Xiaoyuan and Jin Xiaoer felt very impressed because they have never seen anything like them before.

But there was nothing else but admiration.

“Let’s go, follow me in.” Qin Yi smiled at everyone.

“Let’s go! Although I have walked the world for many years, I really haven’t been in a place like a palace. Today I can finally open my eyes.” Lu Yi smiled.

“This secular palace can be compared to Sword Sect residence.” Old Man Lu laughed.

“No, the Sword Sect is very poor. Where can we create a wonderful building like this palace.” Lu Yi waved his hand, very humble.

“Let’s go.”

The crowd followed Qin Yi and gradually approached the palace.

As he got closer, Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly raised her head and looked over the palace.

In her pupils reflected a mighty and majestic golden scale dragon.

It shuttled among the clouds above the palace but did not create any impact.

They couldn’t see this golden scale dragon until they reach a certain level.

The dragon noticed that Lu Xiaoyuan was looking at it, so it roared at Lu Xiaoyuan very expansively, which meant to express: Whatever you look at, it’s the same as to find death!

“Huh?” Lu Xiaoyuan narrowed her eyes.

The dragon was taken aback, felt a bit bad instinctively.

Lu Xiaoyuan bowed her head. She didn’t go to see the dragon again.

If it were usually in the Wood World and encountered this kind of provocation, Lu Xiaoyuan would definitely take the bait and knick down the opponent.

 And then she would snatch all the opponent’s possessions.

But not now.

In other words, he and Qin Yi were mutual respect.

Her acquaintance’s house will always accept her. This was her principle.


The palace wall was red, with a height of one foot and two feet.

Soldiers also guarded the gate of the palace, and there were more people.

Many soldiers were patrolling beside the palace wall.

It was strictly guarded.

“In the end, Your Highness is here.” A young general in silver armor saw Qin Yi and the others approaching, and he knelt on the ground and saluted Qin Yi.

“Get up.” Qin Yi nodded.

“Your Highness, this horse…” The young General in silver armor pointed at the horse under Qin Yi and stopped talking.

“By the way, I was anxious to meet my father and almost forgot about it.” Qin Yi patted his head.

Later, he turned to Lu Xiaoyuan and the others and said: “I’m really sorry. Riding a horse is not allowed in the palace. I don’t mean bat to you guys.”

“It’s okay.” Everyone shook their heads, expressing their understanding.

After everyone dismounted, the horses were led away by the soldiers.

As for Lu Yi, he looked at Qin Yi and asked, “Brother Qin, what about my dog?”

Qin Yi thought for a while and smiled: “A dog can still go in, but don’t mount it.”

“Thank you very much.” Lu Yi was suddenly overjoyed.

“Your Highness, please.” The young General in silver armor gave way.

“Okay, thank you very much.” Qin Yi nodded and led everyone into the door.

When Lu Xiaoyuan and The five entered, in a dark place deep in the palace, a pair of bloodshot eyes suddenly opened.

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