I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 8 Outing


Zhou Ye had some thoughts.

He also wants to live for 800,000 years.

Experience life well, wait until I am tired of life, and then go to death.

Thinking about it this way, although it doesn’t feel right, it seems perfect.

“Cultivate hard and live forever.” Zhou Ye took a breath of carbon dioxide fiercely.

The white deer still held Zhou Ye, her eyes full of loss.

Originally, if she moved faster, she could keep up with the big-faced man.

She knew that the big-faced man had a lot of hidden treasures. Although she hadn’t seen it before, she knew in her heart that everything was top-notch.

If I just followed him along to choose a gift and happened to come across what I like, then I can use the act of acting like a baby, and I may get the treasure easily.

It’s a pity. My action is a step slower.

Bai Lu was a little upset.

If the big-faced man knew the white deer’s thoughts, he must be laughed out loud.

You always treat me like a baby.

Why did you always spoil me?



The white deer stomped Zhou Ye’s roots into the ground with one hoof and then stood beside him in a daze.

There was no fluctuation in Zhou Ye’s heart, and he even pulled out his roots, re-selected a better place, and planted his roots.

Posture was essential.

Saw Zhou Ye entering the cultivation state, the white deer shook her head and left quietly without interruption.

After half an hour.

The big face appeared on the edge of the cliff.

When he appeared, he accidentally stepped on Zhou Ye’s body.

Zhou Ye, who was cultivating, felt like being crushed by a mountain, and he stopped his cultivation.

He can’t see anything around him.

He was buried in the soil.

This situation was already very familiar, and he wasn’t panic.

“Hey, don’t you usually cultivating under the old tree?” The big-faced man moved his foot away and little supprised.

 Zhou Ye looked away and a bit mad.

“It’s my fault. I should not appear suddenly  here.” The big-faced man smiled.

To be a great man, I must have quality.

Those who are guilty must apologize.

Zhou Ye was ignoring the big-faced man. He pulled out his roots and then ran toward the old tree.

Beside the big-faced man, a cloud of white mist emerged.

The white mist turns into the white deer.

From illusion to reality, it only takes a blink of an eye.


The white deer shouted and pasting his antlers to the big-faced man.

“No.” The big-faced man was expressionless.

He knew what the white deer meant. She just wanted to eat the good things he hid.

But that was impossible.

The white deer narrowed her mouth, ignored the big-faced man, turned her head, and ran towards Zhou Ye.

The big-faced man touched his forehead and felt helpless.

“Well, here! I will give you some.”

He stretched out his right hand, and a white lotus the size of a baby’s fist hovered in his palm.

The white lotus was in full bloom, and it was turning in the big-faced man’s hand, circles of faint cyan halo appeared around the white lotus, he added a divine breath to the white lotus.

Bai Lu sniffed it and turned away, and he was still cranky.

But her eyes were still watching at the white lotus in the big-faced man’s hand.

“Forget what I just said before.” The big-faced man raised his brows.


When the white deer heard this, she ran toward the big-faced man and opened her mouth.

“But wait…” The big-faced man pulled his arm and made the white deer bit nothing.

The white deer just stared at him like that, with bad eyesight.

“There is a condition.” The big-faced man smiled slightly.

Bai Lu squinted at him as if to say, if you have a fart, just let it go.

The big-faced man pointed to Zhou Ye, who was watching the show under the old tree, and said to the white deer: “This grass spirit, take good care of him, don’t go wrong.”

This wasn’t nonsense.

The white deer still wondered why, and it turned out to be such a trivial matter.

This disappointed her.

The big-faced man didn’t trust her so much.

The white deer nodded, and it indicated that she knew it.

“No.” The big-faced man spread his hands, and a white lotus appeared.


The white deer wasn’t polite and swallowed it directly.

With the white lotus on her belly, the white deer burped full, and her agile eyes were full of satisfaction.

“Then, I will go first.” The big-faced man touched the top of the white deer’s head and then said towards Zhou Ye, “Cultivate hard, I look forward to the day when you transform into shape when the time has come, I will teach you more.”

After saying that, he disappeared.

After the big-faced man left, the white deer ran into the small courtyard happily like a bear child without his parents.

Zhou Ye knew exactly what she was going to do.

She just wanted to eat the big-faced man’s spiritual elixir plants.

After not a long time, Zhou Ye saw the white deer slowly walked out of the yard with a happy face.

And then she went to the edge of the cliff and laid down. She felt very comfortable.

Zhou Ye thought for a while, got up, and slipped to the white deer’s side.


He stretched out his leaves, and he jumped up and patted the white deer.

Bai Lu was taken aback, tilted her head and looked at Zhou Ye, as if asking, what do you want to do?

Zhou Ye stretched out his hand and pointed to her, then to the courtyard, and then to himself.

“The meaning is so clear. She should be able to understand it.” Zhou Ye smiled in his heart.


The white deer’s eyes were filled with confusion.

He is very intelligent, and I can understand his meaning after a little thought.

However, at this time, she didn’t even want to divide the spoils at all. She just didn’t want to be a dramatist.

I don’t know anything. I don’t understand what his expressing at all.

Zhou Ye was stunned.                                     

Could it be that I did not express myself clearly enough?

Zhou Ye was thinking about it this way, and he was going to take the white deer to the courtyard and express his meaning in front of her.

As soon as he moved, the white deer immediately got up.

A hoof fell.


She was very violent, not gentle at all.

Zhou Ye figured out that he couldn’t move his feet at all.

It was as if there were chains under the ground that had bound him.

This white deer, in order not to share the spoils with me, she actually used a spell to confine me.

It was too much.

The white deer was very happy to see her masterpiece.

She raised his head and walked towards the yard with small steps.

When she reached the courtyard gate, it suddenly turned her head and blinked at Zhou Ye.

It seemed to be saying, did you see it? I’m going in.

Zhou Ye could only watch the white deer walked into the courtyard.


The next day.

The wind was sunny, and the warm sun shines on the body. If you were laying on the edge of the cliff, it must be very comfortable.

It was perfect weather for cultivating.

But, Zhou Ye’s spirit was not particularly good.

After being tortured by the white deer time and time again, he was completely out of temper.

If it counted from the time when the big-faced man left, there were a total of ten times.

Every time, the white deer would pick up charming scented flowers and plants from the spiritual field to Zhou Ye, and then she walked around Zhou Ye a few times before swallowed them proudly.

What was more, she burped after swallowed them.

She did that ten times.

In Zhou Ye’s eyes, the white deer was nothing short of a devil!

“Tap tap tap…”

Heard her footsteps, Zhou Ye sighed in his heart.

He knew that the white deer was coming to annoy him again.

Sigh, raise your head, Zhou Ye, and get ready to face the darkness of life.

This time, there seemed to be something different. The white deer didn’t bring any flowers in her mouth.

“Is it necessary to change a way to torture me?” Zhou Ye narrowed his eyes as if he had seen the truth.

The white deer ignored Zhou Ye at all.

She walked to the edge of the cliff and stood and looked into the distance.

She felt very bored.

She had teased Zhou Ye many times, and that made her bored. After all, she had already succeeded in making Zhou Ye lose his spirit.

The white deer lowered his head. She was walking back and forth, thought about new ways to play.

After she was thinking for a long time, the white deer made a decision.

She ran to Zhou Ye’s side and opened her mouth to bite Zhou Ye, and she grabbed Zhou Ye.

Her movements made Zhou Ye dazed, and he didn’t know what she was going to do to himself.

The white deer shook his head and then jumped up.

Every time she took a step in the air, the colorful clouds would appear under her feet.

The forced game had improved a lot than before.

Zhou Ye was caught in the air by her, and he tried to look down, and that made him panic.

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