I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 85


The big-faced man came out of the house and saw Lu Xiaoyuan, squatting next to Zhou Ye and eating noodles.

He was slightly stunned, then pointed to the bowl in Lu Xiaoyuan’s hand and asked Deer Xiaoyuan, “What are you eating?”

Lu Xiaoyuan looked up at him, not panicking at all.

She had already eaten Zhou Ye’s leaf.

Moreover, Zhou Ye had already recovered.

So, there was no evidence.

Lu Xiaoyuan said calmly, “I eat noodles, do you want some?”

“No.” The big-faced man shook his head, then said, “What a waste, you eating noodles with two high-grade spiritual elixirs as a seasoning at once.”

Lu Xiaoyuan smiled at the words.

“But this is really good. What can I do?”

The big-faced man’s mouth curved slightly.

“Sooner or later, all my spiritual elixirs will be eaten up by you.” The big-faced man sighed.

“You can’t think like that!” Lu Xiaoyuan’s face was serious.

Then, she put the bowl aside and said with a plastered finger, “Master, look at this, all these years, the number of your spiritual elixir plants is still so much, and it has never been reduced!”

“And you never take care of them. I’m the one who helps.” Lu Xiaoyuan said emphatically.

The big-faced man turned black, “I don’t need to take care of my elixir at all, it’s you who volunteered to take care of it, and while doing so, you also picked what you wanted to eat.”

“How can I not know that little thought of yours?”

Lu Xiaoyuan gave an embarrassed smile.

But she didn’t feel anything was wrong.

The big-faced man approached, looked at the noodles in the pot on the floor, and suddenly frowned.

“Why do I feel that there is the smell of Little Spiritual Weed’s leaves in it?” The big-faced man looked at the side of Zhou Ye, who was intact.

He was deep in thought.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s face was calm at the moment, with no hint of panic.

“Little Spiritual Weed, what’s going on?” After pondering for a long time, the big-faced man asked Zhou Ye.

“Master, what’s going on?” Zhou Ye’s tone of voice was full of doubts.

Lu Xiaoyuan secretly rewarded Zhou Ye with a look of satisfaction.

Look at how strong the relationship between Master Lu and Little Spiritual Weed was.

“In this pot, why does it smell like you? Did Lu Xiaoyuan eat your leaves again?” The big-faced man pointed to the pot and asked with some frustration.

“No.” Zhou Ye shook his body.

The big-faced man looked at Zhou Ye and did not speak further.

He felt that Zhou Ye was too ignorant.

Damn it, it was hard to catch another chance to clean up Lu Xiaoyuan, but the Little Grass Spirit didn’t give a damn.

It’s not easy to deal with this.

Let’s forget it.

“Lu Xiaoyuan, just this once, if you eat my spiritual elixirs again during your periods of thinking, I won’t take care of you.” The big-faced man turned around and continued to look through the ancient books he hadn’t finished reading yesterday.

After the big-faced man left, Lu Xiaoyuan winked at Zhou Ye.

“Little Spiritual Weed, that’s funny!” Lu Xiaoyuan poked Zhou Ye’s torso with her fingertips.

As a principled Spiritual Weed, ZhouYe would not expose what his big client was doing.

So, he would not tell anyone about this.

After all, what happened between him and Lu Xiaoyuan was a deal, and it was a big profit for Zhou Ye.

Lu Xiaoyuan praised Zhou Ye again and then continued to hold her bowl to eat noodles.

The main reason for this was that it’s not just Lu Xiaoyuan’s periods of thinking.

She said she was thinking about the problem she creates, but in fact, she was just lying next to the window and smelled the fragrance scent from Zhou Ye’s body and slept.

In the afternoon.

Lu Xiaoyuan was still lying by the window.

It was a little bit uncomfortable, but she rolled over and then fell out of the window.


Lu Xiaoyuan’s head landed directly on the ground.

She smashed a small hole in the ground.

She opened her eyes, got up from the ground, and looked at the shattered stone slab on the ground, scratching her head in confusion.

“You……”The big-faced man looked at her and couldn’t stop talking.

Zhou Ye was in the spirit field, awakened by the noise, and the first time he saw Lu Xiaoyuan’s dazed little expression, he was laughing so hard that he was lying in the spiritual field, his leaves constantly patting on the soil.

“My hair is so messy.” Lu Xiaoyuan lifted his small hand and flicked the hairpin on her head.

“Tie it yourself.” The big-faced man glanced at her.

“But I don’t know how.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s small mouth fell open.

If I know how to tie my hair, then I would have changed my hairstyle.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair was as messy as a chicken nest, and she walked toward the spirit field.

And she picked up Zhou Ye from the spiritual field.

“What are you doing?” Zhou Ye forced a smile and asked.

“Go transform yourself to a sword.” Lu Xiaoyuan said to Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye didn’t think about it that much and directly transformed his body into a sword.

His two leaves became straight in his sword form, and his roots seemed to be like steel needles.

“Erected the barbs. I’m going to comb my hair.” Lu Xiaoyuan wrapped her hand with spiritual energy and hold Zhou Ye’s root, then shook it in the air.

“Sister Lu, what exactly do you take me as?” Zhou Ye was helpless.

But Lu Xiaoyuan was a big customer, and he had to meet all the big customer’s needs.

He put up the barbs.

After the rows of barbs were up, it looked like a comb.

Lu Xiaoyuan held Zhou Ye and started to comb his hair.

As soon as he touched Lu Xiaoyuan’s snow-white hair, Zhou Ye suddenly asked, “Sister Lu, how long has it been since you last washed your hair?”.

“Huh?” Lu Xiaoyuan was momentarily confused.

The big-faced man looked up at the sky and recalled that it seemed that he hadn’t washed his hair for many years.

But for him, these were small things.

My long hair is still soft, nothing to worry about.

Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head and touched her own hair, feeling no problem.

“Little Spiritual Weed, do you think there’s any problem?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked in a low voice.

“No, it’s not.” Zhou Ye was just curious about it.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair was clean, and in the process of combing it, the messy hair gradually became softer.

“Master, please comb my hair.” Lu Xiaoyuan ran to the big-faced man and looked at him with eyes wide open.

The big-faced man looked at her and somewhat helplessly put down the ancient book.

“Come here.”

“All right.” Lu Xiaoyuan walked happily to the big-faced man, then squatted down at his feet.

The big-faced man took Zhou Ye from Lu Xiaoyuan’s hand and then combated Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair.

Zhou Ye could feel that the big-faced man had this skill.

After a short while, the big face man re-tied Lu Xiaoyuan’s hair in two buns.

“This hairstyle, it’s really nice.” The big-faced man smiled lightly and gently put Zhou Ye on the ground.

“Hehe.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s smiled.

“It’s just that you’re too ugly, a little too good for this hairstyle.” The big-faced man said again.

Lu Xiaoyuan: “…..”.

She swore if it wasn’t the big-faced man who said this, but someone else, then she, Master Lu, would flatten him to the ground.

But not coincidentally.

She couldn’t beat the big-faced man, and there was a big chance that he would win against her.

“Master, you’ve hurt my heart.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the big-faced man and said seriously.

“You shameless and skinless, that won’t do you any harm.” The big-faced man waved his hand and continued to pick up the ancient book and read.

Lu Xiaoyuan stared at him.

“Master, I am a girl. How can you say that to me?” Lu Xiaoyuan was a little aggrieved.

“How do you look like a girl? If you went out and wandered around in a different outfit, people would think it was a landlord’s stupid son who came out.”

Wait a minute. He seemed annoyed at me, as well.

The big-faced man suddenly got a little depressed.

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