I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 86


In the future, you must be careful when you speak.

If you dislike someone, they dislike you too, so why the hell did you exaggerated it!

The big-faced man was a little helpless.

“Hehe.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked up at the big-faced man with a silly smile on her small face.

“Hurry up and go back to your room. Your sentence is not over!” The big-faced man darkened and waved his hand in some disgust.

“All right.” Lu Xiaoyuan smilingly nodded her head, then ran back to the house in a flash.

When she got back to the house, Lu Xiaoyuan continued to sleep by the window.

Who on earth said that I didn’t work hard at cultivation?

Look at me, isn’t I trying to sleep right now?

In the pavilion, the big-faced man looked at the side of Zhou Ye and sighed.

“Little Spiritual Weed, sorry, I’ve abused you.”

Zhou Ye shook his body and said in a relaxed tone, “There’s nothing to be aggrieved about.”

These words were a bit offensive.

How could the big-faced man not know Zhou Ye’s thoughts as he burst out a bit harsh sentence, “Staying on this Qingxu Mountain to cultivate is a bit too boring.”

“Well, during your big sister’s ponder period, you can go down the mountain to see the world, and after your big sister is done her ponder period, I’ll ask her to bring you back.”

When Zhou Ye heard this, he was suddenly a bit reluctant to part with them.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t let go of the big-faced man and Lu Xiaoyuan. It was because he couldn’t absorb the majestic heaven and earth spiritual energy in the spiritual field.

“My Master, this disciple’s strength is too low, and it’s not good to go out like this. I’ll be easy to get cut down?” Zhou Ye thought about it and asked in a low voice.

The big-faced man was startled, then smiled and said to Zhou Ye, “Just don’t worry, the whole Wood World near here is all safe, and no living creature will give you a hard time.”

“Is that so?” Zhou Ye was suddenly surprised.

“You don’t need to worry about your life. The only thing you need to worry about is that some living creatures would look at you only as a bunch of leaves.” The big-faced man laughed.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal. When you go out, you only need to rely on the name of my Qingxu Mountain, and you can walk around safely.”

Zhou Ye was horrified, so the big-faced man was so famous and feared.

“Okay, Master, I’ll go down to the mountain later.” Zhou Ye swayed his body, a little excited.

He could finally take a good look at the world.

“Mm, good.” The big-faced man nodded his head.


“What? You want to go out alone, Little Spiritual Weed?” Lu Xiaoyuan was surprised when she heard that Zhou Ye was about to go down to the mountain to play.

“I warn you. The outside world is incomparably dangerous. If you are not careful, you may become food for some demon beasts.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s small face was serious.

Zhou Ye was a little confused, then said, “But Master said that there’s nothing to worry about?”

“That’s what he lied to you about, but it’s actually a vicious world out there.”

“You’re only a small weed with high-grade quality, so you will become a target and could easily be eaten by demon beasts.” Lu Xiaoyuan blinked her eyes.

Zhou Ye looked at her, feeling that Lu Xiaoyuan’s words seemed to make sense.

As a Spiritual Weed with bloodline ability which is not high enough, he would definitely be eaten if a demon beast met him.

At that moment, Zhou Ye was a little afraid.

“Do you believe her?” The big-faced man appeared and glanced at Lu Xiaoyuan.

“She’s just feeling a bit uncomfortable that she can’t smell you in the days to come, so she can’t let you go out.” The big-faced man explained.

Fuck, he is right!

So that’s it?

Zhou Ye’s gaze towards Lu Xiaoyuan changed.

Darn you, Lu Xiaoyuan, you bluffed me like that.

Lu Xiaoyuan gave an awkward and polite smile, scratched his head, and said, “I just worried about his safety.”

“In the Wood World, who dares to touch a single leaf or tree of my Qingxu Mountain?” The big-faced man said this with a flat face.

Zhou Ye only felt that the big-faced was domineering and feared.

“Then, I’ll go first.” Zhou Ye said to the big-faced man.

“Wait a minute!” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly shouted.

“What else do you want?” The big-faced man looked at her helplessly.

The big-faced man was letting Zhou Ye go out to gain more knowledge, but why Lu Xiaoyuan so fussy.

“If you go out and meet Jin Xiaoer, give this to him.” Lu Xiaoyuan pulled out a silver demon core-crystal engraved with six thunder patterns on it.

“I just a weed. How do I bring it?” Zhou Ye lifted the leaf’s tip and pointed at himself, and then pointed at the demon core-crystal.

Lu Xiaoyuan slapped her forehead and said, “Ah, I forgot about that.” Said Lu Xiaoyuan.

Then another golden ring engraved with delicate patterns appeared in her hand.

She tied the ring to Zhou Ye’s left leaf, then said to Zhou Ye, “You haven’t reached the Transcendent Realm yet, you can’t use this at all, but you can just give this ring to Jin Xiaoer.”

“I’ll tell him then, and this is the pay for the last trip.”

Zhou Ye looked at his left leaf and had felt a bit weight.

At that moment, he felt that his left hand was more valuable than any other part of his body, and it made his headache.

Lu Xiaoyuan put the demon core-crystal on the ring, then a light flashed, and the demon core-crystal disappeared without a trace.

“Alright, you can go!” Lu Xiaoyuan waved his hand.


“Master, this disciple will leave first.” Zhou Ye bent his body to the big-faced man.

“Yes, take care.” The big-faced man nodded slightly.

Immediately, Zhou Ye eagerly circulated the spiritual energy in his body, mighty power erupted, he directly spiraled into the sky, and flew away towards the distance.

It was only after Zhou Ye flew away that Lu Xiaoyuan deflated his mouth and said somewhat aggrievedly, “Master, why did you let the Little Spiritual Weed to go down the mountain?”

“He needs to increase his knowledge.” The big-faced man stood with a flat face.

“What if he really gets eaten, then?” Lu Xiaoyuan curved her lips, her eyes foggy.

She thought that another demon beast would probably eat her cute Little Spiritual Weed in one bite. It was especially sad.

“No way.” The big-faced man shook his head.

Then, a hint of coldness flashed in his eyes.

“No one dares to touch my disciple. Even if he touches a single leaf or a tree of my Qingxu Mountain, I will make him beg for his life and die.”

As soon as this was said, Lu Xiaoyuan was relieved.

“Okay then, Master, I will serve my sentence first, and when I’m done, I’ll go find the Little Spiritual Weed.” Lu Xiaoyuan ran back to the house with a bounce.

The big-faced man shook his head somewhat helplessly.

Then he picked up the ancient book, and just after reading a line, a thought gathered in his forehead and then enveloped Zhou Ye’s body ten miles away.

The big-faced man really loved his disciple.

Although there are only two people in the Qingxu Mountain, he and Lu Xiaoyuan, it was enough to terrify the entire wood world.


After Zhou Ye flew out of the Qingxu Mountain, he suddenly remembered one thing.

His transformation ability still sealed lu Xiaoyuan’s spell. So he couldn’t transform into human form.


His combat power was quite strong in his real form but not as convenient as in his human form.

Zhou Ye flew in the air and suddenly felt a bit sick.

After thinking about it, he decided that he’d better look for Jin Xiaoer first and then ask Jin Xiaoer to accompany him.

After all, Jin Xiaoer was considered a big demon in the wood world.

“It seems to be this road.”

Zhou Ye looked down and felt more familiar.

In the last time when he came out with Lu Xiaoyuan, it seemed like this was the direction he took.

As long as he didn’t get lost, then everything would be fine.

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