I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 87


After flying for a long time, Zhou Ye felt that he couldn’t hold on any longer.

He landed on the ground and continued to walk forward.

He was still very confident.

Who dared to bother me, Master Zhou, a Spiritual Weed with Mystical Core Realm cultivation.

If you have strength, you should be a little wild.

However, Zhou Ye told himself that as a weed, he had to keep a low profile.

Once you meet a creature whose cultivation is a little bit higher than yours, you’ll be a younger brother, and you’ll be easily beaten up.

If you want your life to be free, then you can’t just give up.

So, Zhou Ye quickly ran towards the front without stopping.


“Sha Sha ……”

Zhou Ye stopped his roots, and inside his heart, he was a little nervous.

There was a movement in front of him, and it was very likely that there was danger.

He looked to his left and right and wanted to go around, but it was a little too late.

“Sha Sha ……”

In the bushes in front of him, a creature was approaching, less than three feet away from Zhou Ye.

Faintly, Zhou Ye saw a tall figure with spots on its body.

“Fuck, my luck can’t be this bad. I met a demon beast right after I came out?” Zhou Ye’s whole body was trembling.

But his heart was still solid.

According to the big-faced man, his identity would intimidate every demon beasts.

As long as the identity of the second disciple of Qingxu Mountain was revealed, who the hell would dare to be rude to him.

So, don’t panic; the problem is not big at all.

“Tap tap……”

That demon beast walked over and happened to see Zhou Ye.

The two looked at each other, and Zhou Ye couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

At this moment, he was not panicking at all.

The other party had no way of getting at him.

The demon beast lowered its head slightly and looked at Zhou Ye on the ground, and his eyes lit up.

However, when that demon beast saw Zhou Ye have spiritual intelligence, it hesitated for a moment, finally shook its head, turned around, and walked away.

“That’s scared me a moment. It was a giraffe.” Zhou Ye’s lifted heart was completely put down.

A giraffe was not going to do anything to him.

What’s more, it was also a very qualified giraffe, and when it encountered a Spiritual Weed, it simply wouldn’t eat it.

“It’s better to be careful.” Zhou Ye told himself.

The moment he saw the giraffe, Zhou Ye thought that his life was not in danger.

After all, he had the impression that giraffes usually ate leaves from trees.

But he narrowly overlooked the fact that giraffes could lower their heads to drink water, which meant it might eat him.

Beware of the surrounding.

Never provoke when you are not strong enough.

“However, this giraffe, only has a Mystical Sea Realm cultivation, although the cultivation is not high, but can be a good labor.” Zhou Ye thought about it and chased after it.

In a short while, he met the giraffe.

The giraffe came back and saw Zhou Ye, and there was confusion in his eyes.

These days, do all the spiritual plants come to their predator to give away their heads?

The giraffe wondered what this Spiritual Weed was thinking.

“Hey buddy, can you give me a ride?” Zhou Ye waved to the giraffe and then asked.

The giraffe looked at Zhou Ye on the ground and waved at him, and then when Zhou Ye said something, the giraffe getting confused.

The giraffe felt fortunate because it had not provoked the big spiritual weed. Otherwise, it would have been lying on the ground now.

Zhou Ye looked at it a bit stunned, then continued: “Brother, look, I’m only a weed, walking all day will make me very tired, so I want to ask you a favor.”

The giraffe pondered in his heart thought about it, and finally nodded his head.

“Thanks a lot.” Zhou Ye was delighted, then jumped onto the giraffe’s back.

The giraffe felt a bit of pressure. After all, it was the big spiritual weed on its back.

And then it started walking.

It must be lucky to not mess around the big guy.

Zhou Ye did not know what was in the giraffe’s mind.

If Zhou Ye had known, he would have had to go garrulous for a while.

I had finally made a magnificent transformation from a younger brother to a big brother.

That’s cool.

The giraffe itself walked quite fast, not to mention that it now had the Mystical Sea Realm’s cultivation.

The giraffe could even run faster.

Zhou Ye was on the giraffe’s back, enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing on his body.

If he were in the human form, he would look impressive, feeling like the wind was caressing him.

But with his weed body, it felt like the wind was slapping him.

It’s a bit too much.

But it doesn’t matter, and I don’t care too much about it.

Zhou Ye recalled.

It wasn’t too far from the Qingxu Mountain. There is the spiritual spring where Red Spider was, and he should be halfway there by now.

“It’s almost there.” Zhou Ye thought with great pleasure.

He was going to go to Red Spider’s spiritual spring to take a dip and get comfortable.

Other than that, he hadn’t seen Red Spider for a long time, and he was quite impressed with that human-faced spiritual spider.

Half an hour later, Zhou Ye found that something was wrong.

“Brother, are you sure you’re not going the wrong way?” Zhou Ye asked the giraffe.

The giraffe was confused.

Did I go the wrong way?

I don’t think so.

“Wait here for a moment.” Zhou Ye patted it, then flew up into the sky and began to observe the terrain.

After checking at it for half a day, Zhou Ye felt very strange.

He was sure that it was the wrong place.

“Alas, I shouldn’t have been lazy. I depending that giraffe too much, and then I went the wrong way.” Zhou Ye sighed, feeling uncomfortable all over.

He fell back onto the giraffe’s back and said to it, “Brother, this time, I’ve really gone the wrong way.”

The giraffe panicked a bit.

It was an honor to lead the way for the big spiritual weed, but it was also a big deal that it was in the wrong fucking way.

“Don’t worry about it. Just take a walk around.” Zhou Ye saw that the giraffe was a little scared, then he said in a gentle tone.

The giraffe nodded and then led Zhou Ye onward.

After walking for another two hundred miles, it was almost dark.

Ahead of them, the mountains were cracking, and the clouds were overcast.

It was as if some demon beast were in the process of Tribulation.

But Zhou Ye didn’t feel like it because there was no thunder in the cloud.

Then, there might have been some demon beasts fighting.

The giraffe felt the front’s pressure, its legs were a little weak, and it trembled its body.


The giraffe fell to its knees, and Zhou Ye was caught off guard and thrown down.

But he didn’t care about that. Instead, he stared ahead.

“My luck is too bad.” Zhou Ye was a little irritated.

The giraffe endured its fear and stood up trembling, then ran in the direction it came from.

“Hey, brother, damn you, wait for me.” Zhou Ye was stunned for a moment and then stood on the ground.

When he got up, the giraffe was already gone.

Zhou Ye sighed and prepared to run away.

But as soon as he moved his feet, a black shadow flashed in the sky, and then it fell tens of feet in front of Zhou Ye.


The ground exploded, smoke and dust blew away, and grass, trees, and stones shot out of the smoke and dust.

Zhou Ye still stood on the spot and was almost hit by a stone.

He was standing still, somewhat stunned, and, at the same time, felt his roots became soft.

Zhou Ye muttered, “This is not a good place to stay.”, and then he prepared to turn around and run away.

But before he could move, he heard another loud bang.



A roar came from the huge figure’s mouth, which was shrieking at the creatures in the pit, intimidating.

Zhou Ye could see its appearance clearly.

It was a manticore.

The fur on its body was dyed with dark red blood, and its back had a pair of fleshy wings that spread out a hundred meters in length, and at the end of the fleshy wings, there was a bone spur.

“What a big demon beast…… “Zhou Ye held his breath, not daring to move.

This kind of big demon beast was too terrifying for him.

Moreover, one of this big demon beast’s hind legs was only a few feet away from Zhou Ye.

Looking at its huge feet, Zhou Ye could only try to diminish his own presence as can as possible.

He was afraid that this big demon beast would blow him away with a single kick.

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