Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 100


Lin Fan didn’t expect that girl turned out to be quite strong.

“Say, who the hell are you?” That girl stared at Lin Fan vigilantly, and the girl seemed very nervous.

That girl thought that Lin Fan might have bad intentions.

“Girl, don’t be afraid, I’m not anyone suspicious.” Lin Fan was having difficulty in approaching that girl.

The girl said, “That really sounds suspicious, you know? Who are you? If you don’t tell the truth, don’t blame me if I have my own idea to deal with you.”

That girl seemed very angry.

He had to think of a way, and when he looked at the snake that was already cut off, an idea instantly popped up in his mind.

That girl seemed to see through Lin Fan’s thoughts, “Don’t even bother to say that snake is your pet. I know what that snake is, and it doesn’t seem to be raised by anyone. You can’t fool me.”

“Hmm…” Lin Fan looked at that cute girl in front of him in amazement.

The snake was just staring at her and hissing. Maybe it just wanted to be friend with her. How could she kill it so cruelly?

The girl’s big round eyes looked at Lin Fan proudly, as if to say, “What do you think about yours truly?”

Lin Fan said, “Girl, you misunderstand me, I saw you resting under the tree, and that snake was hanging on the tree, I just approached you because I’m worried, that’s all.”

“I won’t even break a sweat fighting with hundreds of demons, let alone just  a snake!” The girl held her head high like a proud white swan.

What else could Lin Fan say? That girl’s words clearly stated that she was not afraid of anything.


Lin Fan suddenly had an idea.

“Yeah, you’re right. What could a mere snake do to a girl as strong as yourself? But don’t waste the materials.”

Lin Fan picked up the beheaded snake, he then lit a fire, and then cut the snake into pieces and roasted it.

“What are you doing?”

The girl asked curiously, she couldn’t leave because it piqued her curiosity.

Lin Fan calmly smiled and said, “I will cook some food.”

“Do you have any Diet Pill?” The girl asked.

“Diet Pill? That’s a very precious pill. Do you really think I would have one?” Lin Fan asked.

The girl couldn’t help but laugh while covering her mouth, “What do you mean Diet Pill is a precious pill? Every disciple in our sect has Diet Pill, we use it to replace the daily meal.”

“When I was a kid, my family saved someone an immortal. Before he left, he taught me an immortal technique so I can practice it myself. I’ve been practicing really hard for the past ten years, and finally, I could cultivate, so I came here on foot, It took several years to get here, I was hoping that I can practice and become a disciple here.”

“What you said about Diet Pill is very odd. I have only heard of it, but I have never seen it.”

Lin Fan was like a pro when he lied to that girl.

The girl looked at Lin Fan in shock, “You came here from a faraway place alone, and yet you still live, you are one heck of a guy.”


The appetizing aroma filled the girl’s nostrils.

“What’s this nice smell?” The girl smelled something delicious and then looked down. It turned out that snake meat was already cooked.

The meat looked so tender and tempting.

Especially after Lin Fan added some spices on it that he brought from Nine Heavens Sect, and used a unique cooking method to amplify the aroma of the snake meat.

“Smells good.” Lin Fan picked up a piece and enjoyed it, then he handed and handed some to the girl, “Try this, it’s very delicious. You will never regret it.”

“I can’t eat it.” The girl refused.

“Cultivator doesn’t need to eat normal food. After taking one Diet Pill, you can not eat for a few days.” That girl said.

And suddenly…

“It’s so yummy, so delicious. I didn’t expect the snake meat to be this tasty.”

“I’m not lying to you, it’s delicious, right?”

Lin Fan was very pleased to see the girl eating excitedly.

“Um.” The girl nodded, “Now, I believe that you are not a bad person. But seriously though, you may be more powerful than what I think, I rarely heard of anyone who can come here on their own.”

“My name is Xi Xi, a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, and may I know your name??”

Xi Xi finally let her guard down, she finally no longer considered Lin Fan a bad guy.

Thanks to the food.

It was a good present.

“I’m Lin Fan, I am just an ordinary person who was kind of interested in pursuing the immortal’s path.”

“But I’m afraid no one will take me in.”

Lin Fan slowly put down the snake meat in his hand, then he looked up at the sky, and shed fake tears.

Seeing that drop of tears, Xi Xi was sympathizing with Lin Fan.

She thought that Lin Fan was quite good with his hands. It shouldn’t be a problem to ask her Senior Sister to accept Lin Fan.

“I can recommend you to my Senior Sister. My Senior Sister is a core disciple, and if she agreed, you would be accepted as a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.” She said.

Lin Fan was very happy, and then he pretended to be very embarrassed, “Are you sure? Won’t this be too much of a trouble? I know you are willing to help me, you are as beautiful as a goddess, kind and helpful, but I can’t trouble you with my personal circumstances.”

Xi Xi pondered when she heard what Lin Fan said.

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