Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 116


Ye Zhentian came to take back his artifact by using his position as a core disciple.

Even though that artifact was important, because of Lin Fan’s words, everyone realized that Ye Zhentian couldn’t break the rules set by the sect, although he was a core disciple.

A core disciple like him couldn’t afford to ruin his own reputation, not to mention in public.

After Ye Zhentian left, Lin Fan found that Xi Xi was trembling.

“Sister Xi, are you okay? You’re trembling.” Lin Fan asked her.

Xi Xi acted tough, “No, Brother Lin, you are wrong, maybe that’s is because it’s so cold here.”

Lin Fan was felt so helpless when he thought about it, no wonder she was trembling, she argued with Ye Zhentian earlier, a core disciple, a normal disciple wouldn’t have any courage to even open their mouth against Ye Zhentian.

Lin Fan realized she was just acting tough.

Chen Zhiyu smiled and patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, “Good, Brother Lin. I will watch him for the time being, but be careful in the future.”

He seemed to be in a good mood.

Yang Gang earned a lot of spirit stones, but he did not say anything about it. He secretly bet on Lin Fan, and no one knew it. Yang Gang was just smiling ever since Lin Fan killed Zhao Xian.

Mysterious Sword Peak.

When they returned to Mysterious Sword Peak, they did not see their sister anywhere.

But it did not matter for Lin Fan, anyway, he had no interest in Meng Qingyao anyway.

“Sister Xi, just sell this Dragon and Tiger Ruyi for some spirit stones to improve our brothers and sisters’ cultivation.” Lin Fan took Dragon and Tiger Ruyi out and handed it to Xi Xi, he was not interested in that magic weapon anyway.

When Zhao Xian used that magic weapon, he didn’t see any special power in that magic weapon.

But Flying Smoke Spirit Sword was quite good.

It was both capable of offensive and defensive, he could use it with the Breaking Sound Magic Sword.

Xi Xi couldn’t just take the credit for Lin Fan’s hard work and said, ” Brother Lin, I can’t do that, this is yours, not ours.”

“Don’t mind me, I’m fine with this Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, so this Dragon and Tiger Ruyi is for our brother and sister, I don’t take no for an answer. This is a token of my gratitude.” Lin Fan said to Xi Xi.

Chen Zhiyu said, “Yes, Sister Xi, don’t refuse our Brother Lin’s kindness.”

Well, that.

Because Dragon and Tiger Ruyi was a superb magic weapon, it will fetch thousands of spirit stones.

Xi Xi glared at Chen Zhiyu, “You’re just troubled because you just lost your Golden Amulet and wanted to earn a few spirit stones in exchange, right?”

Chen Zhiyu was a bit embarrassed.

He was scratching his head while standing there smirking.

Yang Gang said, “Sister Xi, our Brother Lin went so far and gave this to us, you should accept it.”

“What Brother Yang said is right, Flying Smoke Spirit Sword is enough for me.” Lin Fan nodded.

Xi Xi finally agreed to accept the Dragon and Tiger Ruyi.

Xi Xi and others asked Lin Fan to go back and take some rest.

Because they knew Lin Fan must be tired.

Lin Fan also wanted to go back to see what items he just got. He got a lot of items from the previous battle after all.

Inside the house.

After Lin Fan closed the door, he danced excitedly and almost jumped up.

Thanks to Zhao Xian, his mana has already reached 662 years.

And he also learned a valuable lesson from the battle, even though his opponent used a strong artifact, he could beat his opponent as long as his mana was stronger than his opponent’s.

‘Dragon Fist: Requires the imperial blessing to master. Reaching its highest level of cultivation grants invincibility.’

‘Flying Smoke Spirit Sword (Second Grade Spirit Weapon): Made from dozens of precious materials such as Pure Magic Stone. Its attributes were clouds and smoke, capable in both offensive and defensive, a rare spirit weapon.’

He was very pleased with the items he got.

But it was a pity he couldn’t take the items on Zhao Xian’s body.

The only thing that made Lin Fan very happy was his current mana, he could break through to the Trinity Immortal Stage.

Could it be that he must break through to the Trinity Immortal Stage by himself?

He pondered about it a bit.

Maybe that was the perfect time system to come into play.

He just hoped that it would work out.

Staying in the house was boring.

Lin Fan suddenly had an idea and smiled.

“Let’s see if I can challenge anyone to a duel, time to level up.”

The system could see through the opponent’s possible item drop, so he didn’t need to worry about encountering an opponent who pretended to be powerless as bait.

Sky Peak.

Ye Zhentian came back with a cold face, and the disciples around him could feel the chill coming from their brother.

After reaching a certain range, they felt as if they were falling into the icy river, and the cold was making people shudder.

Their brother was angry.

From their point of view, it must be because of Zhao Xian’s death.

But they didn’t know that Ye Zhentian didn’t care about that, the only thing he cared about was his reputation, and because of Mysterious Sword Peak, his reputation was ruined.

Ye Zhentian sat, glaring at everything that came into his sight.

“Fuck …”

Ye Zhentian cursed, he threw things all over the floor, gritted his teeth, muttered angrily.

“Mysterious Sword Peak, Meng Qingyao.”

If Lin Fan knew that Ye Zhentian was frustrated, he would’ve rushed straight to Sky Peak just to see Ye Zhentian’s face.

But Lin Fan wasn’t in Ye Zhentian’s radar at all, he only cared about Meng Qingyao.

He thought Lin Fan wouldn’t dare to do anything without Meng Qingyao behind him.

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