Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 119


At the foot of Sky Peak Mountain.

Lin Fan was waiting for Zhang Xiaobin to realize his errors.

He seemed like a good person, and Lin Fan did not have any problems with him. But as long as he was one of Sky Peak’s disciple, he would always be Lin Fan’s plaything.

Lin Fan didn’t really care when saw Zhang Xiaobin was deep in thought.

If his hunch was right.

Someone would soon come to challenge him to a duel.

If Lin Fan knew, then why didn’t he run?

The reason was simple.

Even if his opponent was strong, it was meaningless if he didn’t agree to the duel in the first place.

That will make his opponent realize being strong alone was not enough

“Brother, I understand something.” Zhang Xiaobin said.

Lin Fan said, “Very well, would you like to leave Sky Peak and come with me?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhang Xiaobin pondered for a moment, he thought if he stayed in Sky Peak, he would always be bullied anyway, besides, he also wanted to make a name for himself too.

Zhang Xiaobin sighed, and he thought, maybe sometimes he really had to listen to his heart.

But before Zhang Xiaobin could say anything.

Someone’s voice was heard from afar, and that person sounded really mad.

“Brother Nangong, he does whatever he pleases in our turf.”

“Hey, don’t run! My brother is here to see what you’re made of.”

At that time, Zhou Long was sounded brave because he was with his senior brother.

Lin Fan looked up and saw Zhou Long, who has just run away earlier, but this time he wasn’t alone. A seemingly dangerous person accompanied him.

When the disciples around them saw that person, they all respectfully called that person Brother Nangong.

“Brother Lin, you have to be careful. That man is Brother Nangong Jin. He is very powerful. I heard that he almost breaks through to Golden Immortal Stage.” Zhang Xiaobin whispered, looking a bit scared.

When he saw Lin Fan stared at Nangong Jin without fear, he kind of understood what Lin Fan meant by mental fortitude.

Because the first thing that he felt when he saw Nangong Jin was fear.

It was impossible for him to remain calm like Lin Fan.

“Huh, weird, the system never showed this kind of information before.”

Lin Fan looked at Nangong Jin not because he was handsome, but because the opponent’s data had some minor different things.

‘Nangong Jin: Trinity Immortal Stage’

‘Possible Item Drop: … (Enemy cannot die)’

Those kinds of data were very abnormal.

‘Notes: He couldn’t break through to the Golden Immortal Stage in the past three years, what a loser.’

Although it was just a one-paragraph sentence, but that was kind of an improvement in the system, although the system’s words of choice were questionable, but it was better than not at all.

“Lin Fan, this is Sky Peak. This is not the place where you can mess around. Now, Brother Nangong is here. If you have anything to say, go ahead and tell my brother here.” Zhou Long said.

Nangong Jin looked at Lin Fan blankly, and he said, “Are you the one who causes trouble for our disciples? If you really are in need of an opponent, I will take you on. What do you say?”

“No thanks.” Lin Fan answered.


Every disciple around them spontaneously laughed.

“Hahaha, where did that bravado of yours go? Now that Brother Nangong challenges him to a duel, he doesn’t have the guts to accept.”

Since their brother was there, those disciples didn’t fear Lin Fan and laughed at him.

Zhang Xiaobin looked at Lin Fan doubtfully.

Lin Fan just told him about Dao Heart.

But Lin Fan just ran away from a fight, which confused him. Where did the invincible Dao Heart that he mentioned earlier go?

Lin Fan, who heard those disciples’ ridicule, couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Are you guys alright in your head? There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity. If I accept the challenge, I’m nothing but a fool.”

“Will you accept the challenge if you’re in my shoes?”

“Of course not, right? Well, that applies to me too, but is that shameful? No, it is not, without proper preparation, accepting this challenge is basically the same as die in vain.”

Those disciples pondered for a moment and felt that what Lin Fan said was reasonable.

Those disciples whispered among themselves.

“He does a point.”

“Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with refusing the duel against Brother Nangong.”

“Uh, uh, it makes sense.”

The disciples agreed with Lin Fan.

Nangong Jin naturally did not care about what Lin Fan said. He just wanted to challenge Lin Fan to a duel, kill him, get himself the golden pill that his senior brother promised, and entered the golden realm.


Nangong Jin said, “Lin Fan, aren’t you looking for an opponent to duel? Now that I’m here, why did you refuse?

“Well, I really don’t dare to duel against you, and I’m fine with you calling me a coward. If you force me to duel, I will simply report your behavior to the elders.” Lin Fan said.

Nangong Jin was shocked when he heard that.

He has never seen such a straightforward person.

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