Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 130


For Nangong Jin, the turning point in his life has finally come.

He did not expect that Lin Fan was willing to accept him.

That was the part that puzzled him the most.

But those were no longer important. The important thing was he could join Lin Fan’s gang, which was perfect.

“Hey, we’re all Taiwu Sect’s disciple, and we’re all the same, don’t take this personally, Ye Zhentian.” Lin Fan realized Ye Zhentian was getting irritated.

Ye Zhentian pretended to remain calm and smiled, “Of course not, even if Brother Nangong is no longer Sky Peak’s disciple, you should hold onto the things that you learned here, for the sake of Sky Peak’s reputation too.”

“Brother Nangong, my shoulders are stiff, can you massage it for me? “Lin Fan rubbed his shoulders as if it was stiff.

“Yes, Brother Lin.” Nangong Jin then massaged Lin Fan skillfully.

Ye Zhentian was starting to lose it, right after he mentioned Sky Peak’s reputation, Lin Fan asked Nangong Jin to massage Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Never mind.

Lin Fan had a powerful mother. Therefore he couldn’t afford to offend Lin Fan.

But as long as he was careful, nothing will happen.

“Ye Zhentian, didn’t you always want me to die?” Lin Fan asked.

Ye Zhentian stared at Lin Fan and said after pondered a while, “You know there’s no way that’s true, right? Your mother is the elder, I’m not that eager to die just yet.”

“Well…” Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction.

“You’re at least aware of that, huh? I know I have a good mother, but don’t envy me too much. It’s not something everyone could have.”

Ye Zhentian tried his best to hold back, he really wanted to kill Lin Fan.

Xi Xi and others wanted to laugh, but they held it. This situation was like a dream for them that they didn’t want to wake up from.

Even their Senior Sister couldn’t very much imitate what Lin Fan was doing to Ye Zhentian at that moment.

“Lin Fan, if you’re just here to show off, you can leave now.” Ye Zhentian drove him away and refrained himself from saying anything else to Lin Fan.

“Just because I refuse to drink your tea and take your brother away, you just drive me away?” Lin Fan said, then waved his hand, “Forget it, I have nothing to say to you, I’ll just cut to chase. I heard that you have a spirit sword called Demon Slaying Sword. Let me borrow it for a few days, I’m interested in that sword.”

“Lin Fan, it will do you a favor to do this harassment of yours in moderation, no? Just because your mother is a Disciplinary Elder, it doesn’t make you stand above the rules.” Ye Zhentian was irritated. He didn’t expect Lin Fan will ask something like that.

Lin Fan was smiling and said, “You’re right, I have my mother backing me up, and you don’t have anybody.”


He put his Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, which used to belong to Ye Zhentian on the table, “Remember this Sword? If you have qualms with anything I said, pick up that Spirit Sword and cut my head, or you can give me that Demon Slaying Sword of yours.”

Ye Zhentian was staring at Lin Fan with anger, he was so angry, “Lin Fan, what the hell do you want? Do you want my spirit sword? That is impossible, stop daydreaming idiot!”

Lin Fan smiled lightly, took the smoke spirit sword slowly, and then said to him, “There’s nothing my mother loves more than me right now, and she knows that we’re on bad terms, and the most fatal mistake you made here is everyone in this room is on my side, do you understand?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ye Zhentian said angrily, “Sky Peak doesn’t welcome you. Please leave immediately, and please don’t come here again, nobody welcomes you here.”

Ye Zhentian knew as long as he stuck with the rules, he should be fine.

Nangong Jin knew that Ye Zhentian wouldn’t be that easy to deal with.

He also didn’t know how Lin Fan will deal with Ye Zhentian.

Xi Xi and others were very puzzled about what their junior brother wanted to do.

At that moment, Lin Fan slowly took the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, and immediately injured himself.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

Xi Xi panicked, what was her junior brother doing?

“What are you trying to pull?” Ye Zhentian frowned.

Lin Fan turned back and said, “What do you see right now?”

Xi Xi and others said, “Brother, what are you doing?”

Lin Fan felt so helpless when he heard their answer, they were so slow on the uptake.

Instead, Nangong Jin, who was standing behind Lin Fan, understood what Lin was planning, and he immediately shouted.

“I saw Ye Zhentian was trying to kill Brother Lin.”


Ye Zhentian was shocked. He was trembling, looking at Nangong Jin and Lin Fan in disbelief, with his pupils dilated, he pointed at Nangong Jin angrily, “You dipshit… What did you say?!”

Nangong Jin said, “Ye Zhentian is going to kill Brother Lin.”

At that time, Ye Zhentian just stood there, unmoved, his whole body was trembling, he hyperventilated, he didn’t expect those two would go that far.

Nangong Jin’s wit deserved Lin Fan’s praise. He just wanted to take away the people around Ye Zhentian, but he didn’t expect to find a rare talent.

A talent worth Lin Fan’s recognition.

“Ye Zhentian, if you know where we’re going with this. Let’s sit down and talk about life, shall we? I won’t ask twice.”

“The words Ye Zhentian wants to kill Lin Fan is enough. Nangong Jin is already taking my side.”

“Don’t be stupid.”

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