Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 136


Since Ye Dong insisted on being sly, Lin Fan felt that he might as well go with it.

Ye Dong kept his head down, making it looked like he had something weighing his mind, he also sighed heavily then drank his wine.

However, no one reacted to this farce of his, which made Ye Dong a bit worried.

Was it because they didn’t notice him?

Because he made it so obvious, yet no one said anything to him.

Right when Ye Dong was about to execute his next move, he heard a familiar voice.


Lin Fan sighed and drank his wine with an irritated look on his face.

“Brother Lin, is something troubling you?” Ye Dong asked, it should be Lin Fan who asked him about what was troubling him, not the other way around, but he had to show that he cared about Lin Fan.

Lin Fan refused to be drawn to his pace, “Brother Ye, at first I don’t want to tell you this, but since I heard you’re in the same boat as me, I’ll tell you. As you probably know, Ye Zhentian and I had our differences, which troubles me, but if I lay a hand on him, people will think that I misuse my mother’s authority as an elder to oppress the weak.”

“It’s embarrassing to say, but it would be reassuring if you can help me in this matter.” Lin Fan added.

Lin Fan’s expression and attitude made it hard to figure out that he did this on purpose.

He turned Ye Dong’s weapon against him

Ye Dong was easily fooled by Lin Fan’s words.

That was what Ye Dong wanted to Lin Fan in the first place, and now Lin Fan took it right out of his mouth, which put Ye Dong in a spot.

Nangong Jin secretly smiled, as expected of the one he decided to follow, Lin Fan was always one step ahead, Lin Fan seized the opportunity and dictated the flow of the conversation based on Ye Dong’s answer.

He knew that Ye Dong had an ulterior motive other than just inviting Lin Fan to a banquet.

But Lin Fan took the momentum, and dictated the pace of their conversation, putting Ye Dong in a tight spot.

“Brother Ye, is there any problem?” Lin Fan asked.

He knew that Ye Dong was a sly dog. A shameless person will definitely argue with his strongest trait, his foxiness. It was making him fall even deeper into Lin Fan’s trap.

Ye Dong said, “Problem? Of course not. I just thought that Ye Zhentian is so arrogant that many disciples suffered because of him, but he really is one hell of a lucky bastard.”

“He found a spirit vein some time ago, and he became more arrogant because of that, he looked down on basically everyone.”

“So, I proposed that we join forces to put Ye Zhentian back on his place.” Ye Dong said.

Ye Dong wanted Lin Fan to teach Ye Zhentian a lesson. With Lin Fan’s help, even if Ye Zhentian ended up dead, he will not be punished thanks to his mother.

And since both of them were core disciples, it will be troublesome if they were to kill each other.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “As I said that I couldn’t embarrass my mother. Provided my current status, if I lay a hand on him, people will think I’m bullying the weak.”

“I don’t like him, but I won’t stoop as low as him.”

Ye Dong wasn’t sure with his answer at first, but when he heard Lin Fan’s response, he suddenly felt so happy. Lin Fan was much simpler than he thought. It was a huge upset.

Ye Dong whispered: “Brother, I have a way if you don’t want to be too upfront, if it succeeds, you’ll have your revenge.” 

“Oh, let’s hear it out then” Lin Fan was thinking about what insidious thought that guy had.

Ye Dong whispered, “After Ye Zhentian discovered the spirit stones, because of the lack of manpower, he has been forcibly recruiting disciples from other small sects. Although I heard that Ye Zhentian would give them spirit stones as payment, as far as I know, there’s a high chance they won’t be able to stand the vigorous labor and died.”

“Taiwu Sect is a famous sect, elders and sect master pay great attention to the prestige of our sect. If any of those disciples died due to overwork under Ye Zhentian’s management, they would definitely do something.”

“You can report it to your mother, and with her help, Ye Zhentian can be punished for that crime, the ownership of spirit vein that he discovered will be stripped off from him, and Ye Zhentian will be doomed.”

Lin Fan nodded and showed a sinister expression. He didn’t even think of that kind of idea.

But the important thing was he didn’t expect that this Ye Dong guy to be this evil. He was thinking to kill Ye Zhentian.

Ye Dong took advantage of the situation between Lin Fan and Ye Zhentian without having to lift a hand.

But of course, Lin Fan realized his intention.

“Brother Lin, this is the best opportunity we have. As long as you follow what I said, it will surely succeed. No one can do this except you.” Ye Dong whispered in Lin Fan’s ear.

Lin Fan pretended to nod and said, “This plan will not work, I can’t afford to abuse my mother’s position to punish one disciple, it will stain my mother’s reputation.”

Ye Dong was mad.

Ye Dong hated it the most when someone was pretentious in front of him.

If it wasn’t for Lin Fan’s mother, what else did he have??

“Brother Lin, that’s…” Ye Dong was very embarrassed. His idea was to pit Lin Fan against Ye Zhentian, and since he didn’t lay a hand on Ye Zhentian, he should be free of any charge.

But Lin Fan didn’t want to do it.

Nangong Jin said, ” Brother Ye, what Brother Lin said was very reasonable. It might be better if Brother Ye report it yourself.”

Ye Dong came to take a look at Nangong Jin and said, “Brother Nangong, I can’t afford to do that, I have my own circumstances too.”

Lin Fan looked at the sky, it was late, and the rain has already stopped.

“Well, let’s call it a day, think about it, once you have your answer, feel free to pay me a visit in Mysterious Sword’s Peak.” Lin Fan got up and said, “Thank you for your hospitality today. I’m very satisfied.”

Ye Dong said, “Brother Lin, we’re not done yet.”

“No, my mother set my curfew for me, and I’m almost at my curfew here. You know, my mother is the person in charge of Disciplinary Hall, right? I will be punished if I didn’t do as she said.” Lin Fan put up a farce again.

Ye Dong took a deep breath, obviously, he wasn’t happy with that last reason Lin Fan gave him.

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