Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 141


Right when Lin Fan was about to massacre them.

Suddenly someone’s voice was heard from the cave, it sounded like an elderly’s voice.

A hunch old lady approached Lin Fan slowly, and then she suddenly begged for mercy.

“Please Immortal, let them go.”

“No Mother, run!” Dahan panicked.

The old lady shook her head as she spoke, “Although we are demons, we have never harmed any human, because we like peace, that was why we moved here, to live a peaceful life.”

“These are my children. If you really want to kill, kill me instead, in exchange please let my children go.”

Lin Fan was helpless. He just wanted to beat the heck out of some demons, but being shown this kind of passionate parent’s love put him in a spot.

“No… Just kill me if you want to, let go of my old mother.”

Dahan said immediately as if trying to protect his mother.

“Even though you’re a demon, seeing this lovely mother and child’s affection moved me.”

Lin Fan sighed as if he was moved because of them. If he was not experienced and had a good observational ability, he would’ve fallen into their scheme.

This old lady, for example, could at least take out the hair at the corner of her mouth first.

Lin Fan said in his mind as he saw a strand of long curly black hair on the corner of the old lady’s mouth.

“Whose hair is this? That must be male hair, just what …” Lin Fan muttered, he didn’t say it out loud because they might catch on to him.

“Sigh.” Lin Fan approached Dahan and patted his shoulder.

“If your mother went that far, there’s not much I could do, is it? If I lay a hand on you right now, my conscience would be questioned.”

Suddenly Lin Fan’s tone changed, “Go to hell!”

The green toad sword in Lin Fan’s hand suddenly cut Dahan to death.

“You…” The old woman thought that she managed to deceive Lin Fan, but to her dismay, Lin Fan actually saw through her lie from the beginning.

Lin Fan said, “Your acting is pretty good.  You could’ve become a successful actress, but the hair on your mouth gave it away, not to mention your palm reek of blood, and don’t even try to fool me, I know it’s human blood.”

The old woman was shocked, she didn’t expect Lin Fan was such an observative person.

The old woman then just ripped apart her disguise, showing her real dreadful appearance.

“Since you’ve seen through us, then you must die here.”

In most cases, demons were at a disadvantage when they were up against cultivators, that was how this old lady came up with this tactic. Some cultivators were absurdly strong, but their conscience was their downfall. With her superb acting skills, she could easily defeat them.

The old woman suddenly flashed right in front of Lin Fan, her palms glowed with a yellowish light, she then rushed and struck Lin Fan’s chest.


She clearly felt that her attack connected, but much to her surprise, she suddenly felt an obstruction, and then suddenly the same amount of power she used to strike Lin Fan knocked her down to the ground so hard that she instantly spat out blood.

“What kind of artifact is that kid using?”

The old lady was a demon who has seen through a lot of things and survived countless battles, yet she never saw an artifact that was capable of blocking an attack and returned the same amount of force back to the attacker. Obviously it was not some random artifact.

“I’ve never seen it either, my mother gave it to me, I tried to be nice, but you guys still want to fool me, so you can choose either I beat you to death, or you all can kill yourself.”

Lin Fan stopped playing around and drew his sword and cut through the old woman’s heart. The old woman tried her best to stand back up, but she couldn’t, and finally died.

The rest of the weasel demons cowered in fear.

They wanted to run.

But they simply couldn’t.

Because of the stinky gas earlier, they couldn’t muster their strength at all, that was why they could not move.



Lin Fan then killed them one by one

“Hey, get it done.”

“Mother’s Sacred Beast Robe is really formidable, no wonder they had a hard time dealing with this artifact.”

Lin Fan never experienced an easy battle like today.

He thought he would be able to experience a heated battle when he came to that mountain, turns out he was wrong.

He couldn’t even call that a battle.

He was a little worried that after having the Sacred Beast Robe he might never experience the thrill of a fight in the future

However, his loving mother has gone so far as to give him such a valuable gift, and she told him to wear it all the time, how could he waste his mother’s kindness?

Even if it meant that he would never feel the thrill of fighting in the future, he would never take it off, because it was a suit that his mother made herself.

Lin Fan observed the surroundings. He hasn’t cut down all of those weasel demons yet, but they were already lying motionlessly on the ground as if they were completely dead. But based on his abundant experience, he could conclude that playing dead was the right option in that situation.

Lin Fan walked over to a demon and stabbed it with his sword. Suddenly, the demon who seemed dead screamed, its body twitched right after then, it died.

As Lin Fan expected, these demons were playing dead.

All he had to do was made sure.

He got a bunch of items, But he didn’t bother checking what he got as he got no time for that.

Instead, he rushed towards the cave in the hope of obtaining more items.

The cave was not exactly dark, there were a lot of torches on the walls.

As he kept going, he heard a faint voice.


When he listened carefully, he realized that the voice didn’t belong to a demon, but a human.

When he reached the innermost part of the cave, he saw a cauldron right in the middle with hot water, and human bones floated in it.

Not long after. He finally found the owner of the voice he has been following.

In a corner, a man was lying there, his hands and feet were tied up, his mouth was gagged, and he was struggling to break free.

“Brother, tell me if you are in too much pain, I’ll make it a painless death, I have avenged you, so you can rest assured later in the afterlife.”

Lin Fan ran to his aid.

It was a commons sense that when someone has gone through torture for too long, and they couldn’t handle the pain, they’d ask to be killed instead to set them free from their suffering.

That was why Lin Fan braced himself to ask such a question, although for the most part, he just wanted the item drop.


The man couldn’t speak, he just rolled his eyes rolled as if trying to express what he meant, which meant he still retained his sanity.

Lin Fan was quite disappointed. It turns out this person did not want to die. He still had a strong will to live.

He could’ve easily killed him since he knew that guy couldn’t resist now. But he was not that kind of, he won’t stoop that low. He removed the gag on the man’s mouth.

“Medicine Pill… medicine pill…” The pale-looking man said desperately.

Lin Fan spread out his hand, “I don’t have any on me.”

“Please untie my hand, I have medicine.” The man said quickly.

Since that person had a strong desire to survive, Lin Fan couldn’t help it. He then untied the man’s hand, but while doing so, his eyes were gradually drawn to the man’s crotch, and he found a pool of blood there.

He was instantly reminded of the strands of hair on the old woman’s mouth earlier. He almost puked!

The man hurriedly took out a pill from his bag and swallowed it. His complexion gradually returned to normal.

The man quickly said, “Thank you for your help. I am really grateful.”

Lin Fan then, “Fellow cultivator, you must be heavily injured. That woman would even gobble your manhood down there. Luckily you survive, but the bad news is, it’s impossible for you to have a child, heck it’s gonna be impossible for you to even have intercourse in the first place.”

Wu Ji pretended to remain calm even though the pain in the crotch was unbearable, he did not want Lin Fan to find out that he really had nothing else down there at the moment, so he behaved normally and even talked back to Lin Fan to prevent him from realizing the truth.

“That’s not it, fellow cultivator. It’s just a normal bloodstain down there, it’s not like the blood was dripping from my crotch, right?” Wu Ji said embarrassedly.

Lin Fan said, “Impossible, I can’t be mistaken about this. It must be very painful, but you can rest assured, I am not a blabbermouth, I’ll keep this between us, so just bear with the pain for a moment. I can understand that it must be so painful for you. “

Wu Ji didn’t want to say a single word anymore. He felt that this man in front of him easily saw through him every single time, even though he has been trying his best to change the subject, Lin Fan just won’t leave him alone.

But Lin Fan was undoubtedly right.

It really hurt.


Wu Ji covered his crotch and screamed his heart out while enduring the pain. Not long after, the medicine’s effect finally kicked in, gradually easing the pain.

Wu Ji, who has lost his manhood, shed tears.

Lin Fan asked, “Fellow cultivator, I believe you have reached the Trinity Immortal Stage. How did you get caught?”

“Hey.” Wu Ji sighed, “Those weasel demons are very cunning, I thought they were really peace-loving demons who resided in this mountain, I didn’t expect it was all a lie, and they capture me when I let my guard down.”

Lin Fan was not surprised.

He was alone and gullible.

If he was careful enough, he would not end up here.

“I haven’t asked your name and the sect you’re affiliated with,” Wu Ji asked.

“Lin Fan, Nine Heavens Sect.” Lin Fan said.

“Brother Lin, may I ask something from you? Can you please refrain from telling anyone about this matter? It would be embarrassing after all.”

“Rest assured brother, I am not that kind of person. I won’t tell others even if you don’t ask me. It’s just that it’s gone now, you won’t be able to have intercourse, if only…” Lin Fan wanted to tell him if there were porn existed in this world maybe he won’t be as depressed, but before he could finish his sentence, Wu Ji interrupted him.

“Brother Lin, I can assure you that you won’t have to worry about that. I am a disciple of the Utmost Nihility Sect. The cultivation method that I adhere to was the coexistence of yin and yang. If my yin and yang are out of balance, I must practice it again from scratch. As I cultivated, my genital will grow back slowly, so it’s fine. ”

Lin Fan stared blankly, as expected of the immortal world he thought, to think that even genital could grow back despite being cut off in a very abnormal way.

No wonder Wu Ji could remain calm.

And then he sighed and said, “When I was captured, there were two other cultivators here, but they weren’t lucky enough. When you arrive, those demons already ate him, I believe their bones are still in that cauldron. I haven’t even asked which sect they were from yet, now I have no idea how to inform their sect about their death.”

“It can’t be helped, brother, this might be fate too. I’ll leave it to you to look for their sect. If that’s all, I will take my leave. Take care!” Lin Fan said.

He saved a man, killed a bunch of demons. Lin Fan was quite satisfied with the result, it was time to continue his journey.

“Brother Lin, please wait, there is a problem here.”

Wu Ji said that during the days he was tied up, he also found some problems.


Lin Fan was shocked.

Usually, when someone said such words, there will be more troubles.

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