Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 179


Lin Fan’s stay at Greatest Martial Sect was quite boring, after teasing Ye Zhentian too much he finally got bored of it as well.

Ye Zhentian just got a dao artifact.

He was happy and had been staring at it as if it was the most precious thing ever.

He couldn’t kill Ye Zhentian, because if he did, nothing could entertain him anymore.

Keep him.

He must keep him.

During this time, he heard the news; this news was spread among the disciples in the sect.

The competition to become the sect master was about to start. The true disciples who had practiced were ready to compete.

But that’s not the only news.

The sect’s heaven’s pride was about to go out. He’s the true disciple who was cultivating in the sect’s forbidden area. He was one of the best cultivators from Greatest Martial Sect. He came from Jiangdu City, just like Lin Fan. He had Ninth Grade Spirit Root, directly cultivated by the Greatest Martial Sect, to become the sect master candidate. He had been cultivating for ten years now, and he’s ready to participate in the competition.

This news had caused great shock in the school.

Many true disciples were talking about it.

In the past ten years, just how fast was his cultivation to be able to reach that certain level?

Only true disciples could participate in this competition, and this person surely was the biggest competitor for them.

“Heaven’s Pride?”

Lin Fan rubbed his chin, he liked this kind of competition the most, he just didn’t know about that person, he hoped that person was a bit more overbearing, that way he could have a good time with that person with impunity and without a bit of guilt.

Some of the disciples were ready to go. They wanted to go and greet this person right after he got out.

To put it simply, they were starstruck.


What’s the big deal?

‘I’m, Lin Fan, not envious at all.’

Staying at the Greatest Martial Sect was fine, but he directly left the sect and continued to go out to pursue his path to become stronger, Golden Immortal Stage wasn’t enough for him. He must continue to work hard.

After a few days,

Lin Fan shuttled through the sky, above a desolate desert, yellow wind bursts, sand and dust filled the sky. He looked at the distance; there was a sandstorm sweeping the sky, making it yellow.

“A sandstorm, there must be demon over there, I need to find out.”

Most people would turn away when they saw sandstorm, but not for Lin Fan.

In Lin Fan’s opinion, there must be a demon in everything, and he had to check it out.

Lin Fan didn’t even think about it and rushed straight into the sandstorm to find what caused it.

The next day.


“Fuck you, there’s no demon. It’s just a fucking normal sandstorm. I was so excited, but it turns out it was nothing.” Lin Fan cursed. He had watched too many dramas; it made him think that it must be a demon that caused the sandstorm, causing him to search for a long time in the yellow and unpleasant sandstorm.

But it had to be said that this sandstorm was indeed overbearing, covering an extremely wide area. It took a day for Lin Fan before he was able to come out.

The sandstorm was indeed overbearing; it was a big sandstorm; it took him a day to search.

The immortal realm was dangerous.

Deserts disappeared, an oasis appeared, two extreme places.

The oasis was stunning. From afar, the lake below shone like fish scales under the sunlight, it’s amazing.

“Huh! It looks like a person is lying on the edge of the lake.” Lin Fan looked at him, and it was indeed a person, then he swooped down toward him.


Just then, bubbles appeared on the lake’s surface, as if something was about to come up. The lake swelled up, and a black crocodile appeared on the surface of the water. It stared at the body on the edge of the lake.

The crocodile was a few feet long. It’s really huge.

Was it just an ordinary crocodile?

Or perhaps was it a demon or a monster?

The body lying on the edge of the lake seemed to be extraordinary. If the crocodile ate it, it might bring something good for the crocodile.

The crocodile approached the body slowly, not wanting to scare it.

When the crocodile got close enough, It came out of the water, its limbs moved quickly, and its huge mouth full of teeth spread out toward the body.

Just when the crocodile was about to have a good meal.


A sword light descended from the sky. The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword was extremely fast. It pierced directly into the crocodile’s head and knocked it to the ground.

The death was unpredictable and inexplicable.

Lin Fan pouted as he pulled out the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, he was a little disappointed. He thought it was a demon, but it was just an ordinary crocodile. There was not even a single item drop.

Then he looked at the body lying on the ground.

“It looks good.” Lin Fan was amazed.

The person in front of him looked extraordinary, with pearlescent jewels all over his body. There were rings in all of his ten fingers, each inlaid with huge stones, and even wore fancy clothes. There were many bloodstains and damage to the clothes, but it still looked gorgeous and precious.

Not to mention the decoration on the wrist and neck.

This person was indeed a rich man.

Suddenly the idea of stripping the person and leave him appeared in Lin Fan’s mind.

But he’s not that cruel.

This guy’s face was facing down. Lin Fan couldn’t see it, so he turned the person over and took a closer look.

This man’s face was grey, his face was round, and it looked silly.

“Hey, wake up.” Lin Fan shook his head back and forth.

Why didn’t he wake up?

Lin Fan frowned. It seemed that he was not shaking this man’s strong enough to wake him up. Lin Fan raised his hand and slapped the man.

“Come on, wake up. Why aren’t you waking up?”


Just then,

The man shuddered and spitted out blood, his cloudy eyes lighted up, “Where am I?”

He looked like he was thinking of something.

The round-faced man was frightened. His body was shaking as he looked at Lin Fan with caution, “Who are you?”

“Don’t be nervous, I’m not a bad person, I’m the one who saved you. If it wasn’t for me, you would have been swallowed by this crocodile.” Lin Fan said.

The man saw the crocodile corpse behind Lin Fan, slightly stunned. Then, he clenched his fist, “Thank you for saving my life, big brother, thank you.”


“Why does my face hurt so much?” The man covered his face with both hands, rubbing it quickly, trying to reduce the pain.

Instead of saying that he hit him, Lin Fan said, “When a crocodile’s about to eat its prey, it will pat its prey’s face with its claws first. When I came, I saw the crocodile was beating your face.”

“I have learned a lot from this experience.” The man believed it and nodded his head without a doubt.

Then, the man seemed to think of something, “My name is Li Dadao, as a reward for saving my life, I will give this elixir to you, big brother.”

“This can’t be good…” actually Lin Fan was about to leave this man, he was quite surprised when he gave him the elixir, “Thank you.”

[Immortal Spirit Powder (Sixth Grade): Immortal medicine made from hundreds of different precious spirit medicines, can increase the lifespan of 100 years after taking it.]


He was quite generous.

Lin Fan couldn’t pass the opportunity; they had to be friends.

“My name is Lin Fan. I don’t know how you can suffer such a serious injury, my friend. With your current cultivation, you almost got eaten by a crocodile, it’s unbelievable.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan had seen through him.

His cultivation had reached Establish Stage, and he had too many precious items with him. It turned out this person was rich. It’s such a shame that he didn’t know who this person was.

It’s enviable to see.

“Brother, you didn’t hurt me when I was unconscious. You are a trustworthy person. I can tell that. I went to a powerful cave, I was about to steal a treasure, but it didn’t go according to my plan. There was a powerful demon in that cave, and I have to run away to save my life.”

“It’s crazy. I’m really frustrated right now, that demon destroyed two of my weapons. It was a big loss for me”.

Li Dadao wanted to cry, but no tears were coming out. He was usually good at stealing. He never failed, that’s why he’s devastated when he failed to rob that cave.

At first, Lin Fan thought this man was a son of an elder, but it turned out he’s a thief.

“How powerful is this demon?” Lin Fan asked.

Li Dadao answered sadly, “It’s Void Stage, two stages higher than me.”

But Lin Fan had to admit that Li Dadao’s strength was quite incredible. Being able to run from such a powerful opponent, he should consider himself lucky.

Lin Fan had only reached the Golden Stage. If he were the one who encountered that demon, it would be impossible for him to run away.

“The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get. I have to get this treasure. Brother, do you have any ideas about the similarity of wealth and cultivation? the way your life change depends on your strength and wealth, so as long as you have the opportunity, just choose to be rich.”

“Look at my ten rings, can you guess what is this?”

Li Dadao waved his finger in front of Lin Fan. The rings on his hand were bright and dazzling. It’s very eye-catching, and the jewels on it were no joke.

The way Li Dadao showing off his wealth was so boring for Lin Fan. He really wanted to show Li Dadao his Sacred Beast Robe so he could guess what kind of robe was that.

It’s just that Li Dadao was too excited to tell Lin Fan about his brilliant record.

“These three rings are middle-grade dao artifact, and the remaining seven are Top Grade Spiritual Weapon. It took me hundreds of years to get all of this.

“This ring is not ordinary. I had never seen such a middle-grade dao artifact like this before. It was a middle-grade dao artifact that I got after I defeated ten powerful people for a hundred years.”

“I’ll tell you, the quickest way to get rich is by stealing. If you fail the robbery, you will be dead, but if you succeed, you will be rich.”

Li Dadao had many experiences.

He was rich, even the richest mortal, might not be as rich as him.

This ring was indeed a gift from the robbery. It’s just that no one knew the truth about it because every time he got a treasure from a robbery, he would shout that his father’s family gave it to him.

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