Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 186


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“Ah~tui, are you trying to set me up?”

Ao Wudi looked at Lin Fan as if to say, do you think I am stupid?

How well did I know you that I had to tell you my little secret? Did you really think that I, Ao Wudi, is mentally retreated? Of course, it was not that easy.

Lin Fan sighed, “Do you know why you are trapped by love? You never listen to other people; if you tell me, I can really break it down for you.”

“I don’t believe you; you are a bad kid. Do you think I am a stupid dragon? Let me tell you, the Heavenly Dragon treasure map that belongs to the Dragon Clan can see the past and the future, which is much more powerful than your foretell.” Ao Wudi wouldn’t believe what Lin Fan said, he was not that crazy to believe such a thing.


Ao Wudi sat next to Lin Fan, his hands propped on the ground, looking up at the sky and pointed at a star in the distance, “Kid, do you know what that is?”

“Those are stars, no actually those are…” Lin Fan was going to tell Ao Wudi about his knowledge of astronomy, but before he could finish it, Ao Wudi already interrupted him.

“Ah~tui, you are foolish, that was the immortal realm.” Ao Wudi looked at the star deeply, then raised his hand, “I can see it, but I can’t touch it, it looks close like the sky and the sea, but still untouchable.”

Lin Fan touched his face; he felt like this guy kept spraying saliva on his face every time he spoke.

“Senior Dragon, can you stop saying ah~tui, I always feel like you are spitting on my face.”

Ao Wudi glanced at him and said, “I am not spitting on your face, and even if I did, you should be grateful, this is the dragon’s saliva. Do you know how many people want it but can’t get it?”

“Also, don’t call me Senior Dragon. My name is Ao Wudi. It means invincible. Doesn’t that sound overbearing enough?”

Lin Fan said, “It is overbearing, but to be honest, you can really tell me your story, and I will break it down for you.”

Your story was good for me to pass sometimes in this long, boring, and lonely night.

There was nothing more satisfying than listening to an exciting story.

“Well, I haven’t talked to many people for years, and you seem to be an interesting kid that can help me break down my problem. I have been thinking about it for a long time, but I couldn’t figure it out.” Ao Wudi seemed to be recalling the past.

“It started thousands of years ago. Back when I was not as strong as I am today. I was wounded in battle, so I fled and fell unconscious on the beach.”

“During my unconscious stage, I felt a pair of gentle hands touching my body, very gentle. You will not understand that feeling unless you experience it yourself.”

“When I opened my eyes, I found a beautiful woman holding a handkerchief, wiping my dragon’s horns, and do you know, it was a real glance in a thousand years.”

When it came to this, Ao Wudi stopped what he was doing and slowly wiped his dragon’s horn. “Like this, very gentle.”

Lin Fan was shivering; he felt like there was something wrong with this dragon.

Was he sinking into a place of tenderness?

“She must be a lucky woman to be able to meet Senior Ao.” Lin Fan said.

“No, I was the lucky one.” Ao Wudi cut him off; he never thought that she was the lucky one because she met him.

Ao Wudi said, “Kid, you will never understand how it feels when you were surrounded by coquettish bitches, but then someone special appears in front of you.

Lin Fan murmured in his heart. Did you just say that you were not a cheap dragon? There were so many female dragons around, yet you still fell for a female human who trapped you in here? I didn’t even know what to think.

“And so, something that I don’t understand happened. I was deeply in love with her, but she told me that, dragon and human couldn’t be together, she wasn’t ready, I knew she had misunderstood. I’m a royal dragon, the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. How can she compared me to those ordinary dragons?”

“But I know it was hard for her to understand that.”

“Happy time flew by really quick.”

“I watched her become a powerful true immortal. She came to me when she was about to ascend to the immortal realm. She asked me to keep an eye on the Immortal Ancient Holy Sect. She told me that I could leave when I already forgot about her”

“But do you think it’s easy for me to forget my unfailing love for her? Let alone a thousand years, even if it takes a million years, I will prove it to her that I will never forget her.”

Ao Wudi clanged, he patted his chest and vowed.

Lin Fan blinked, this bitter dragon needed a hug. He was deeply in love, but then something went wrong, and there was a misunderstanding.

“With your strength, you have already been able to ascend and go to the immortal realm to find her.”

Ao Wudi said, “That won’t do. How could I didn’t do what she asked me to do? She has told me that I can leave this place only when I no longer miss her? But she is someone that I have missed all my life, how can I just forget her? It is just simply impossible.”

Lin Fan knew that Ao Wudi could not turn the corner.

At the same time, Lin Fan realized that people at the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect were clever. That woman knew Ao Wudi couldn’t forget her, and because she didn’t want to be with him, she made an excuse to get away from him and ascended to the immortal realm. She never thought that Ao Wudi would really wait patiently.

It was incredible, making a true immortal Heavenly Dragon wait for thousands of years and exuded his qi for the entire sect to cultivate.

A true immortal Heavenly Dragon was undefeated, not to mention his qi was really thick, and his flesh was invincible. No one could compete with it.

“Kid, you have listened to my story. You said that you are the Greatest Martial Sect’s Love Sage, now tell me what should I do.” Ao Wudi asked.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, “You have quite a lot of problems, but I had broken it down for you. If you met me thousands of years ago, maybe you won’t end up like this.”

“Ah~tui, kid, stop talking nonsense. I don’t even know where were your ancestors’ thousands of years ago.” Ao Wudi cursed.

Although his saliva didn’t spray on Lin Fan’s face anymore, but the green grasses on the ground were scrambling to snatch the dragon saliva. If it was moistened by the dragon saliva, who knew maybe this green grasses would become treasures.

“Just tell me, what is the problem?” Ao Wudi asked.

Lin Fan raised a finger, “One, there was something wrong with your words and actions. Although introducing yourself as the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan sounds a little bit too much, you have to be prestigious. You should have called yourself a king or emperor; you are a royal beast after all. Don’t keep it down because it’s quite compelling.”

“Eh, it seems to be true. I tried to explain it to her later, but the way she looks at me didn’t change.” Ao Wudi remembered, when he thought about this matter, he immediately regretted it.

Lin Fan raised his second finger, “Second, just one look at Senior Ao, I can tell that you are an affectionate man, and you must be stuck by her side all the time. So, she was able to ascend to the immortal real early; it was because of you. She must have spent a lot of time in seclusion, wasn’t she?

Ao Wudi looked at Lin Fan in a daze, “Yeah, how did you know that? Can you really see the past?”

Lin Fan smiled indifferently, “If I couldn’t guess it right, how can I call myself the Greatest Martial Sect’s Love Sage. Like I told you before, you met me late, if you met me thousands of years ago, you would already ascend to the immortal realm.”

Ao Wudi had thought much higher of Lin Fan now. What Lin Fan said was exactly right. 

There was a lot of time when he could go on seclusion.

“How many times do you want me to say? I don’t even know where your ancestors were thousands of years ago.” Ao Wudi said, feeling quite helpless. What the hell was this kid’s problem?


Regret’s useless.

Ao Wudi asked, “Now, tell me what should I do?”

“It is a bit complicated. It has been too long, and the situation is unpredictable. The only thing you can do is to ascend to the immortal realm.” Lin Fan said.

Ao Wudi shook his head, “No, I can’t leave. I can’t deceive my own heart. I haven’t forgotten her.”

Lan Fan was helpless. If Ao Wudi didn’t want to listen, then there was nothing else he could do.

Lin Fan couldn’t do anything if Ao Wudi was being strong-headed.

“Falling flowers will always follow the flowing water, but the flowing water has no intention to fall for the falling flowers.” Lin Fan said calmly.

Ao Wudi couldn’t understand, “Kid, what do you mean by that?”

Lin Fan looked at Ao Wudi and shook his head silently. If the first two points were quite bad, then there was a third point, which is illiterate.

Lin Fan knew it is hard for Ao Wudi to chase down the woman of his dream.

He was big, spiteful, obsessive, and, most importantly, uneducated.

When it came to emotions, you could say that Ao Wudi was like Fuck! Excitement! But gentle!

The two chatted casually.

Lin Fan learned some little secrets. Ao Wudi had been removed from the Heavenly Dragon Clan. He was considered humiliating the Heavenly Dragon Clan because he was exuding the dragon’s qi for thousands of years for the human sect.

His father, the Heavenly Dragon Clan head, told him at the time of his ascension, if you didn’t come back, then don’t come back for the rest of your life. From now on, you were not the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan and had nothing to do with the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

But, for Ao Wudi, he didn’t care. He was pursuing his happiness back then.

“Kid, you are a good talker, which makes me feel better, but you are still week. It’s tough for human immortal to survive the final ascension. I would say, at least, you have to reach the Disaster Stage to be able to succeed.”

“Now that you already helped me, I have to give you something in return.”

“I’ll pass on to you the Ancestral Dragon’s Body of the Heavenly Dragon Clan, but you can’t tell anyone that I passed it on to you. I don’t want to be a traitor to the Heavenly Dragon Clan.”

The voice just fell.

Before Lin Fan could say anything, the Ancestral Dragon’s Body cultivation technique suddenly appeared in his mind.

[Ancestral Dragon’s Body]

“Kid, practice your cultivation, this Ancestral Dragon’s Body of the Heavenly Dragon Clan is overbearing. It was created by the Heavenly Dragon Ancestor to form supreme power. The body is like a flotation chamber, divided into nine levels. When you reach its highest level of cultivation, you would be able to stand under the thunderstorm.”

“But since you are a human immortal, it’s impossible for you to cultivate it to the highest level. You probably only be able to cultivate it to the third or fourth levels.”

What Ao Wudi passed was indeed the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s unknown cultivation technique.

It was invincible.

But the cultivation was quite difficult.

Even the Heavenly Dragon Clan hadn’t been able to cultivate it to its highest level for the time being.

Not to mention the human race that didn’t have the Heavenly Dragon bloodline.

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