Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 187


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 187 How Can I Pretend?

Happy time flew by quickly.

Lin Fan would always remember the story of an affectionate dragon.

Even when he never experienced it.

Maybe this was the difference between man and dragon.


The next day!

Gong Mo came early, “Fellow cultivator Lin, did you have a good rest last night?”

“Very good, thank you for your kind hospitality.” How could Lin Fan not satisfied? He got an ancient spiritual technique without doing anything. It’s just that, it required a long time to cultivate it and he’s too lazy to do it. If he were to do it slowly, then it’s gonna be too boring. He had to find a way to speed it up.

“Fellow cultivator Lin come with me. Today is the day I put my disciple to test. Let’s go watch it together.” Gong Mo laughed.

Actually, Gong Mo was wondering where he could take Lin Fan.

Then he remembered there would be a competition among the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect.

How could he’s not taking Lin Fan to see such activities that show the strength of the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect?

He wanted to show Lin Fan.

How powerful the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect were.


When they arrived at the scene, it was already crowded. Many disciples were waiting. For them, it’s time to show off their power.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, have you ever see something like this before?” Gong Mo embraced his holy place heartily.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything, he never saw anything like it.

Gong Mo said, “A big competition will be held every three months. First, to let the disciples test their own strength. Second, to let the disciples learn from each other. Third, there will be a reward.

Although the rewards are not very generous, but it can be small encouragements for them.”

“Yes, this kind of activity is very good.” Lin Fan praised, the Ancient Immortal Sect did an excellent job indeed.

Ao Wudi, hovering above the Ancient Immortal Sect, laid there, a pair of lantern-sized dragon eyes blinked towards Lin Fan.

It didn’t take long.

An elder stood on the ring, he caressed his beard and said, “The competition officially started on March 1st. The rewards for the top ten are very generous this time. I hope that all of the disciples can participate and show the true power of the Ancient Immortal Sect.”

“Of course, as always, the competition is to learn from each other and not hurt each other.”

“That’s all I need to say, I can see some disciples already waiting impatiently down there. I don’t want to make them think that this old man is talking nonsense.”

This elder’s funny, he made the disciples laughed a lot.


Lin Fan looked at the distance. There was a group of people with extraordinary aura. Compared to the ordinary disciples under the stage, they were obviously different. They were more like a group of elite people.

Handsome men and beautiful women.

It seemed that these people were the Holy Son and Daughter of the Ancient Immortal Sect.

They’re not here to compete but to see competition.

If they participated, the disciple wouldn’t be able to compete with them. They could only compete with each other.

Fighting ordinary disciples was more like bullying them.

No one wanted to be bullied.


On stage.

A big man jumped onto the stage with a mace in his hand, raised his mace in his hands, and shouted, “This time I will be in the top ten. I will fight everyone who tries to challenge me.”

The momentum was strong.

The crowd was cheering loudly.

It didn’t take long for a man with a long sword to come up to the stage. Then World War I began.

It didn’t take long.

The big man was kicked out of the ring directly, scolded and scrambled, “Those who are afraid to go on head to head with me are coward. Show me that you have another skill than being defeated too quick.”

He never touched the opponent from beginning to the end, yet his opponent felt like they got walked by dogs, it made them tired and finally got kicked.

Gong Mo said, “Fellow cultivator Lin, this is the style of our disciples in the Ancient Immortal Sect. Even if you lose, the momentum is still going strong, but it is a pity that the disciple is too focused on physical training, he wasn’t smart enough. It is okay to lose, but if he can continue his physical training, his future achievement are limitless.”

“Well, it makes sense.” Lin Fan had thoughts in his heart. It’s a pity that he couldn’t fight them, those elite monsters must have a lot of valuable items.

Lin Fan always thought that the world was full of bad people. When he saw them, it felt like he saw the enemy of life and death threatening him.

Even if those people were actually good, he would still be jealous and just wanted to destroy them.

After all, there’s a reason to do anything.

But if the reason was untenable, could it still be considered as a reason?

Gong Mo, “Fellow cultivator Lin, after seeing those enchantments, do you want to try to go against the disciple of the Ancient Immortal Sect? If it’s all right, I can arrange it for you.”

“All due respect, I am not a disciple of the Ancient Immortal Sect. If I win and snatch the rewards, it’s not gonna be fair for them?” Lin Fan said.


Gong Mo looked at Lin Fan in amazement, so confident.

What Gong Mo’s and Lin Fan’s thoughts were completely different.

In this case.

That must come to power.

Gong Mo couldn’t just let the guest came to see the competition without letting him participate.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, please wait a moment.”

Gong Mo walked towards the backstage and talked to the other elders.

It didn’t take long.

The elder who was in charge of the competition came up to the stage.

“Dear disciples, I have an announcement. A fellow cultivator from Greatest Martial Sect came from afar and wanted to go on stage to learn something from our disciples. So, without further ado, I will invite him to come to the stage.” The voice just fell.

The elder looked at Lin Fan.

Whispered in his heart.

Could he do this?

It wouldn’t be good if Lin Fan got beaten up by the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect.


All the disciples were looking forward to it. They also wanted to know what the disciples of Greatest Martial Sect looked like.

People were whispering.

“It seems that this disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect will get beaten up.”

“That’s for sure. He must not know how powerful the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect are? Let him see it himself.”

“He is a guest, is it okay to fight him?.”

As disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect, they had absolute confidence in their martial arts. When the disciples of Greatest Martial Sect came, of course, they wanted to show him how powerful Ancient Immortal Sect was.

Some things were just not enviable.

Gong Mo, “Fellow cultivator Lin, rest assure, this is just a matter of learning from each other, nothing will happen.”

“Elder Gong, is this really necessary? If something happens, I’m not sure it will end well.” Lan Fan was very embarrassed, his opponent didn’t seem to understand the situation.

It’s not like the Holy Son and Daughter of the Ancient Immortal Sect was going to compete with him.

It’s gonna be okay.

The disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect was quite good to him, they didn’t want to embarrass Lin Fan.

Gong Mo said, “Rest assured, you are a guest, our disciples have a heart in mind and will put our friendship above anything. “

Lin Fan had many things to say.

But looking at Gong Mo, he’s not sure if he could say it.



Hope they would be okay.

Lin Fan wanted to see how good the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Sect are. They seemed to be a little too confident. This kind of behavior was really bad. After all, this could be the start of a problem.

The Ancient Immortal Sect had treated him well, it’s time to return the favor.

Lin Fan stepped on his foot and jumped slightly to the ring.

His opponent had won three games, his sword skills were superb, and his movements were elegant. He must be one of the top ten.

“Dear my friend, I’m Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. I was kindly invited by Elder Gong to take part in this competition and compete with you, my fellow cultivator. This is such an honor for me.” Lin Fan clenched his fists as he spoke up. He wanted to show the people here that he’s not playing around.

To be honest.

When he set foot on this ring.

He already told himself.

He was not gonna pretend to be weak, and no one could stop him.

The crowd whispered again.

“It looks like he knew he will get hit by the storm.”

“If this disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect is being polite, I’m sure Mo Hao is not gonna beat him hard.”

“It’s time the other sect sees how powerful the Ancient Immortal Sect is.”

They never thought they would lose.

They all believed that the Ancient Immortal Sect’s strongest sect. If any disciples from the other sect come to participate in their big match, they would most likely be defeated.

Mo Hao said, “You are a guest, I won’t hurt you badly, moreover if you don’t fight back then you will be fine.”

“Please.” Lin Fan carried on one hand, indicating that the Mo Hao could start. Ma Hao was not as strong as him, his sword skills were good, but it’s not excellent.

Mo Hao said, “You are the guest, you can start first.” Both sides didn’t move.

Lin Fan already figured out how to make a move. With only three moves, he would defeat Ma Hao and his wonderful sword skills.

Ma Hao had spent fifty years of grinding a sword, a sword out of the prosperous precipitation. Any brilliant moves would be overshadowed by his sword.

What’s Lin Fan said next.

Made Mo Hao angry.

“Come on, If I move, you will have no chance.” When Lin Fan said this, Ma Hao felt like he wanted to kick Lin Fan’s mouth violently. Angry. Ma Hao would not pretend in front of others anymore.


Was Lin Fan trying to provoke him?

Mo Hao was stunned. He didn’t expect Lin Fan would be so rampant. He looked away, he wanted to stop, but Lin Fan’s words made him dispel that idea.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

The words just fell.

Mo Hao struck his sword, flower light bloomed, and everyone felt everything in front of them lost its color. The five senses were sealed, and only the buzzing sound could be heard.

The sword technique that Ma Hao practiced was a spiritual sword technique of the Ancient Immortal Sect.

The Shadowless Sword.

Cultivated to the highest level and had the power of heaven and earth.

The sword light flashed, the five senses were closed, and when the enemy realized, the head was already separated from the neck.

When the opponent was performing a sword move.

Lin Fan clearly felt that his five senses were disturbed.

The world in front of him was turning grey, the ears were silent, his sense of touch disappeared, and his consciousness was gone as if he were standing in an empty space.

But… sorry.


Lin Fan showed his spiritual technique, He struck a move to pinch the tip of the sword with two fingers, and his qi trembled slightly.


Ma Hao’s sword shuttered.


Mo Hao stared at him, frightened.

“Your sword is gone, admit it, you are defeated.” Lin Fan didn’t want to embarrass him, but pretending to lose just to make other people look good was also wrong.

Mo Hao stood stupidly.

Looking at Lin Fan.

Looked at the hilt in his hand.

And growled in his heart.

My sword… is broken.

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