Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 207


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 207 Come on, Son, Let’s Go Fight for Justice.

Lin Fan didn’t have the slightest affection for these three bandits.

They were terrible.

They only cared about getting treasure and killing people; they didn’t have any principal like Lin Fan, who would look for bad guys to rob.

After all, he did it on behalf of heaven to kill demons.

“Hmph, it’s a waste of time talking to you.”

“Kill him and take his treasure.”

One of the bandits growled, his palm flickering with light, then a pair of palm-sized bow and arrows appeared in his palm.

“Extermination Arrow!”


The remaining two bandits also opened their palms.

All of them had a pair of bows and arrows appeared in their palm.

“Desperate Heart Arrow!”

“Desperate Soul Arrow!”



The red, black, and white lights swept out and merged together.

This was their treasure.

Although it’s a Low-Grade Dao Artifact, when it combined together, the power was comparable to a Middle-Grade Dao Artefact.

The arrows were dazzling like space was being torn apart.

Lin Fan didn’t panic at all. He was quite disappointed with these three bandits and didn’t even want to fight back. He would just use the reverse attack from Sacred Beast Robe to kill them.

Suddenly, the crazy old man shouted, “Don’t bully my father.”

The voice fell.

The crazy old man rushed to attack the bandits, he might forget how to fly, but when he ran, the ground he passed by was shaking, even cracked open.


The three bandits were stunned upon seeing what happened. They knew that one of them was immortal, and the other one was mortal, but it seemed that something was wrong.

A body that was capable of cracking open the ground just by running.

What kind of terror was this?

“Son, don’t kill them.” Lin Fan hurriedly shouted. He was afraid that the crazy old man would kill the bandits. After all, he wanted to be the one who killed them.




The sweeping arrow lights shattered, the three bandits were struck and fell to the ground with a howl as their chests were pierced straight through.

Lin Fan was stunned; he rushed forward to check the situation. He probed their noses, but couldn’t find any breath at all.


They were absolutely dead, no consciousness at all.

The crazy old man stood there, he took a few breaths and immediately hid behind Lin Fan, “Father, I’m scared.”

“Son, didn’t I tell you to keep them alive?” Lin Fan grabbed his head; he was quite helpless. If he knew this would happen, he would never have let the crazy old man fight them.

Seeing that Lin Fan was blaming him, the crazy old man started to cry again. “Father, I didn’t kill them; I just gently pushed them.”

What else could Lin Fan say?

There was nothing left to say.

Think about it.

What could he say to the crazy old man, his current perception was only a few years old at most and what he said about a gentle push was a devastating blow for others.

Lin Fan stroked the crazy old man’s head gently, “Yes, yes, father was wrong. My son just gently pushed them, and they all fell asleep now.”

“Come and undress these three little uncles together with father.”

Lin Fan took the initiative to take the lead and stripped these three gangsters cleanly.


He saw a blood-red jade stone hanging on one of their necks.

The jade stone emitted a faint light, and a figure emerged from within the jade stone.

“Damn thief. How dare you kill my disciples? I’m the White Cloud Mountain’s White Eyebrow Ancestor, and I’m going to kill you.”

This figure was the spirit of the White Eyebrow Ancestor, who was deposited in the jade stone. Just in case his disciple encountered any enemy outside. He would be able to step in, block, and fight the enemy to buy some time for his disciple to run away.

But the speed of the crazy old man’s attack was too fast.

It was too fast that the jade couldn’t even react.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

Lin Fan looked at the phantom. He didn’t know what to say for a moment.


This was the first time he encountered a situation like this.

“Father, I’m scared, this grandfather’s expression is so scary.” The crazy old man shrank behind Lin Fan, grabbing the tip of his clothes and shivering.

Although he wasn’t young anymore, the way he thought was like a child.

Looking at this kind of hateful looking white-browed ancestor must have been terrifying for him.

“Why do I feel that something is wrong?” Lin Fan didn’t really mind the white-browed ancestor; it’s not like his real body was here, so there was nothing to be afraid of. What’s bothering his mind was that this was the first time he encountered a situation where something was provoking his enemies to attack him.

Could it be…

He looked at the crazy old man.

Lin Fan once took away his rune, and now he appeared beside him. Could it be he was seeking revenge?

Never mind.

Lin Fan had emerged entirely into the role of father.

“My son, don’t be afraid. If they do something, you can just push them.”

The crazy old man shook his head, “Father, I don’t want to push them, I’m afraid, I wouldn’t dare.”

“Alright, if my son is afraid, then you don’t have to push them. Let’s go, father will take you to eat.” Lin Fan flew in the air with the crazy old man. He was frightened at first but then screamed in excitement, thinking that flying in the air was really interesting.

What else could Lin Fan say about this?

He was a True Stage cultivator. He should be able to fly; even a Void Stage cultivator can do it with no problem.


Several days later.

Inside a restaurant.

Klang Klang.

“Father, this meat is so delicious.” The crazy old man held a chicken leg in his left hand and a duck leg in his right, his legs moved in excitement, one bite of the left, one bite of the right. His mouth was full of oil as he ate.

The people around were stunned when they saw this scene.

Some of immortals no longer needed to eat. They usually just lightly tasted the food without eating it too much.

So, when they saw the crazy old man eat so quickly, it amazed them.

When they heard the crazy old man called the young man father, finally they understood what was going on.

It turned out that the crazy old man is someone who couldn’t cultivate immortality.

The father was able to cultivate immortality, but the son couldn’t, so he had to die of old age. This thing was kind of sad to watch.

That’s why, when they cultivated immortality, they rarely returned to the mortal realm.

After all, it’s sad to watch their family members slowly die of old age while they remained the same.

“Eat slowly, don’t choke; no one will steal it from you.” Lin Fan said, observing his surroundings to see if there’s any person who worth a shot.

But it was a pity.

He didn’t come across any at the moment.

It’s normal that there were cities in the immortal realm. After all, some immortal couldn’t bear to be separated from their families, so they took their family to the immortal realm.


It developed into a city, and some shopkeepers were able to cultivate, but they didn’t join any sect, they only relied on their business to earn some spirit stones and used them to buy something that could help their cultivation.

Just then.

Some people around discussing something.

“Have you heard that the Thirteen Thieves kidnapped the Huang Family’s daughter? I heard that the Huang Family’s daughter has some sort of a mysterious body, and the Thirteen Thieves is going to use it as a furnace.”

“I’ve heard that the Huang Family is very anxious. They even pay a great cost to look for people to save the daughter, but Thirteen Thieves killed all of those mercenaries. So far, no one is capable of rescuing her.”

“Hey, what a bunch of animals.”

“I heard that the Huang Family’s daughter is only ten years old and they want to use her as a furnace, are they even human?”

“The Huang Family is very rich, why don’t they ask the immortal sect for help?”

Lin Fan listened, his eye lightened up.

The opportunity to do righteous deeds had arrived.

What he hated the most in his life were people who harmed little girl.

She is only ten years old, and they were going to use her as a furnace?

How could a good person like Lin Fan just sit and watch without doing anything?

“Everyone, I wonder what kind of reward is this Huang Family offering?” Lin Fan asked.

A man said, “Fellow cultivator, the Huang Family is giving two options. The first one is three hundred thousand spirit stones, and the second one is a piece of Low-Grade Dao Artifact.”

“But this matter is extremely dangerous; many people have lost their lives over it.”

Lin Fan was a little disappointed, he thought that the reward would be grand, but if that’s all the reward, it’s really not that much.

But… bah!

How could I think like that?

Wasn’t the right thing to do was to rescue the little girl?

“Son, have you eaten enough?” Lin Fan was ready to go to the Huang Family to see what was going on. Have a reward to collect, do righteous deeds, and kill people. What a great joy to kill two birds with one stone.

The crazy old man said, “Father, I haven’t had enough; the food here is so good, I want to eat more.”

Lin Fan said, “Right now, there is a little girl who is in danger. Do you think what is more important, eat or save people?”

The crazy old man pondered, then said, “Father, saving people is definitely important. We can’t just sit here when our little sister is in danger.”

“That’s my good son. Let’s hurry up and leave.” Lin Fan paid the bill and left.

He found that this crazy old man’s mind was like a blank piece of paper.

People were naturally good.

Everyone was good, and evil was just something that they acquired.

He had to teach his son properly.

Build a deep relationship between father and son.

So, if one day the crazy old man got lucky and his soul recovered, it would be difficult for him to do anything bad to Lin Fan.


Because I’m your father.

What more could you possibly do to your father?


Huang Family’s house.

“There aren’t a lot of people here.”

Lin Fan only saw few cultivators coming out of the Huang Family’s house, one after another. Their faces were not quite right.

Listen carefully.

He sort of heard the reason.

It turned out that the reward wasn’t negotiable, and they thought that three hundred thousand spirit stones weren’t enough. Thirteen Thieves were terrifying, and no one wanted to go without a sufficient price.

Also, they wanted to be paid half of the reward first.

This sounded a bit tricky because they could just take the money and run away.

“Father, the house is so big.” The crazy old man pulled Lin Fan’s sleeve and pointed at the big house in front of him, chirping and shouting.

His action drew attention from the crowd.

Lin Fan said, “Son, come on; let’s go in.”

Although it didn’t feel too good to be watched by people, what to look at?

If you had never seen a son who’s older than the father, then you’re just a bunch of men who had never seen the world.


Inside the hall.

“Master Huang, we’ve made this matter very clear. Thirteen Thieves are powerful and very good at hiding, three hundred thousand spirit stones may look like a lot, but it’s not much compared to the risk I am about to take.”

“So, please think about it. After all, no one knows what will happen if we didn’t act fast.”

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