Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 208


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Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 208 Your Gaze Making Me Uncomfortable.

In the hall, a charming lady covered her face and cried, “Master, Jiu has always been weak since childhood, how can she bear such a fright? She should be rescued quickly.”

Master Huang’s face was ugly, even though his cultivation was quite high. However, this matter was still giving him a headache.

“You’re a woman; you just know how to cry. Your crying is not even useful. I’m the one who spends a lot of spirit stones to hire so many experts. Jiu is my daughter, how can I not save her?” Master Huang hated it when a woman’s crying. For him, it’s irritable.

The middle-aged man sitting below said, “Master Huang, the reward you offer is low. Rumor has it that all thirteen members of the Thirteen Thieves have high cultivation. If you calculate it, then you only pay for twenty thousand spirit stones for each thief. With this price, no one will be willing to take it even if you search worldwide.”

“The previous people you sent were Origin Stage cultivators, and all of them were killed. It’s not hard to see how high the Thirteen Thieves’ cultivations are.”

Master Huang pondered, gripping the handle of his chair, he was hesitating. Three hundred thousand spirit stones were quite a lot; it could be considered as an astonishing price.

Thirteen Thieves who killed a thousand immortals, my family didn’t even provoke you, yet you kidnapped my daughter, what a bunch of beasts.

When the middle-aged man saw that Master Huang was still holding up, he continued, “As far as I know, the Thirteen Thieves practice the Ten Thousand Desires Method. This method is evil and overbearing. It can suck all the qi from the opponent’s body, your daughter has a mysterious body, and it can be a great tonic for them. If Thirteen Thieves took your daughter and used it as a furnace, what will happen after is unimaginable.”

“And if they intended to use a mysterious body continually, they will plant a new life inside your daughter. After all, according to ancient books, women with a mysterious body have a high probability that their off-springs will also have a mysterious body.”


“Shut up.” Master Huang’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat as he cut the middle-aged man’s words. His words were so real that the image surfaced in his head.

He didn’t even dare to imagine it.

If what the middle-aged man said was real.

How terrifying it would be?

“Tell me how much do you want?” Master Huang asked.

The middle-aged man said, “One million spirit stones and one Low-Grade Dao Artifact.”

“You’re robbing.” Master Huang stood up in shock; his eyes were wide open upon hearing that the middle-age man wanted one million spirit stones. Didn’t he know how much a million spirit stones were? It was equal to one-third of his family’s wealth.

The woman beside him said, “Master, the most important thing is Jiu’s life. We only have one daughter; I will die if something bad happens to her.”

Master Huang’s head was about to explode.

“Fine, one million spirit stones it is, but I’ll only give it to you after you rescue my daughter.” Master Huang said.

It might seem like he was spoiling his little daughter, but if something bad really happened to her daughter because he couldn’t let go of the spirit stones, he would blame himself for the rest of his life.

The middle-aged man said, “Master Huang, that’s too much to ask, I have to face the Thirteen Thieves, if I go and unfortunately got killed, then it’s like I gave you a free service.”

“So, my requirement isn’t too high, give me half a million spirit stones first.”

Master Huang said, “That’s impossible, what if you run away after taking the spirit stones? After all, it’s not like this kind of thing won’t happen. I promise you, as long as you can save my daughter, one million spirit stones and Low-Grade Dao Artifact will be rewarded to you, but if you go, and unfortunately you got killed, I will give half a million of the spirit stones to your relatives.”

“Hey!” The middle-aged man got up and said, “Master Huang, it seems that you don’t want to save your daughter at all. In that case, why don’t you go and find another man, although, in my opinion, no one besides me would be willing to take this offer.”

The woman on the side said, “Master, just give him half million of the spirit stones first. Jiu’s safety is the most important thing, and you are still holding up here. Who knows what kind of torture Jiu has been through? My poor daughter, how did she end up with a father like you who can’t even let go of spirit stones?”

Mending was important.

Right now, the woman was worried about her daughter’s safety. She didn’t even care about the spirit stones anymore.

She only wanted her daughter to be safe.

The middle-aged man was very satisfied with this woman.

If it were his wife, who said that, he would have slapped her to death.

But she was Master Huang’s wife. So, he clapped his hands. It was a blessing for the Huang Family to have this woman.

At this point, Master Huang had already lost his mind.

His wife was demanding.

It made him feel anxious.

Just as he was about to agree, the butler hurriedly ran in.

“Master, another immortal has come.”

Before the butler could finish his words, Lin Fan walked in with the crazy old man, and all everyone could hear was the crazy old man squealing along the way.

“Father, this house is huge.”

“Father, I just saw a fish pond, and the fish are swimming in it.”

For the crazy old man, it felt like he was entering the Grand View Garden, everything he saw was just good.

This strange combination drew a lot of people’s amazement.

“Master Huang, I just heard that you’ve raised your reward to a million spirit stones and a Low-Grade Dao Artifact.” When Lin Fan walked into the hall, he saw Master Huang standing there with an anxious look.

There was also the middle-aged man who bargained with Master Huang.

Master Huang said, “That’s right, I wonder who is this fellow cultivator?”

Lin Fan said, “When I was passing by here, I heard that the Huang Family suffered a disaster. The Thirteen Thieves were kidnaping your ten-year-old daughter. It was so outrageous that they dared to do this. It’s unbearable.”

“I have no other merit, but I like to do righteous deeds.”

“Just leave this matter to me.”

Lin Fan patted his chest and vowed.

When the middle-aged man heard Lin Fan’s words, his face changed slightly as if he was a little unhappy. The middle-aged man spoke, “Fellow cultivator, the Thirteen Thieves is not just a brand name. If the two of you go, it’s not that I despise you, but I’m afraid that you will lose your life there.”

Lin Fan said, “Whether or not it’s a prodigal name or not. I will know when I meet them.” 

He then looked at Master Huang and said, “Master Huang, leave this matter to me, there is no need to pay first, just wait until I save your daughter and then you can give me the reward.”

The middle-aged man looked at Lin Fan and the crazy old man who was standing on the left while looking at him.

It felt like these two were very unreliable.

Were they here just to be funny?

“Master Huang, this is your last chance to hire a reliable person.”

“Do you think the two of them can save your daughter?”

“If the delay continues.”

“Then there’s no use even if you regret it later.”

The middle-aged man said it with a serious face to deliberately scare Mister Huang.

As expected.

After hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Master Huang couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. Just like what the middle-aged man said, he had to make the right choice.

Just then.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “What’s so difficult about this, let’s just go together. The reward can go to whoever capable of saving the daughter, no need to make this more complicated. Anyway, there are thirteen people on the Thirteen Thieves; you can’t deal with them all by yourself, so isn’t it good to have someone to share the load?”

“Also, why are you insisting on going alone?”

“Could there be any ulterior motive?”

The middle-aged man snarled, “Fellow cultivator, your ability to spout blood is a bit too much.”

“The two of you don’t fight. This fellow cultivator has a point. I’ll give the reward to whoever rescues my daughter, isn’t that a good idea?” Master Huang brightened up, Lin Fan’s words made sense; it was indeed a good idea.

Lin Fan acted calmly, not panicking at all.

Now he could tell everyone that his involvement in this matter wasn’t because of the reward; a million spirit stones could be nothing for him. 

It’s just that if he said that before, they probably would suspect him for pretending.

But now that he had a thousand of spirit stones, he absolutely qualified to say so.

He just felt that as a disciple of an immortal sect, he should do righteous deeds, roar at injustice, draw his sword, and cut down these misfortunes. Then the heavens would give him some face, and something good will come to him.

Just mean it, and don’t doubt it.

The middle-aged man said, “Well, since that’s the case, let’s do as this fellow cultivator said, I already know where the Thirteen Thieves are.”

“Then let’s go now, we don’t want to be late.”

Master Huang said, “I’ll leave everything to all of you. Just save my daughter, and I’ll make sure to thank you heavily.”

“Son, let’s go.” Lin Fan beckoned, the crazy old man was touching a stone sculpture, very curious, but when he heard his father’s words, he obediently followed him.


Outside the city.

“Fellow cultivator, I may not be able to take care of you when we encounter the Thirteen Thieves later, let’s say that this is not a good job, you bet your life for it.”

“Cultivation is not easy, moreover with a son who can’t cultivate. So why bother stirring up in this matter when you couldn’t even find a good place to take care of him.”

The middle-aged man spoke with an unfriendly tone.

Although it wasn’t the gloomy kind, it’s the kind that had killing intention.

“We are immortals who do righteous deeds. So, how can you tolerate this kind of thing? Thirteen Thieves is kidnapping a ten-year-old girl, can you even considered them as human?”

“I think they are not even as good as pigs and dogs; they are rotten.”

“It’s like digging the ancestor’s grave, and it’s not even an exaggeration.”

Lin Fan cursed and spoke quite viciously, cursing the thirteen thieves to death.

The crazy old man said, “Father is right; they are cruel toward little sister; they are bad guys.”

The middle-aged man turned gloomy and didn’t say anything more.

Gradually, the middle-aged man felt that the atmosphere became different.

As he walked in the front, he always felt like an aggressive gaze was watching him from behind.

When he turned back.

Lin Fan blinked and looked around his surroundings, but when he turned to face the front again, that gaze came back.

The stare was very uncomfortable.

At this level of cultivation, he was very sensitive to gazes from elsewhere.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” The middle-aged man asked.

Lin Fan said, “I’m not staring at you, I’m just looking around. Also, you’re more familiar with this place, when will we arrive at the Thirteen Thieves’ location?”

“When I meet these guys, I have to cut them into pieces.”

The middle-aged man said with a grim expression, “Soon, it’s just ahead.”

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