Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 212


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 212 Breaking Through the Origin Stage.

The door of the main hall was pushed open.

Ye Zhentian sat there quietly; his eyes were calm as he watched the figure walked in.

“We are so close. Don’t you feel any excitement for my arrival?” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Ye Zhentian didn’t really care about Lin Fan anymore.

Not like before.

His face would turn dark and scary every time he saw Lin Fan coming.

“What a shameless man, you came here uninvited. What kind of excitement could I have for you? Say it, what do you want now? Oh, right, the Colourful Chicken Sky. I don’t have it anymore, so don’t ever think about it.”

“I have nothing left.”

“Not even one.”

He had thought about it clearly. Lin Fan was having the upper hand on him, which caused him to do whatever he wanted when he came to Sky Peak without even caring about Ye Zhentian.

As for the Colourful Chicken Sky.

Ye Zhentian didn’t raise them anymore.

So, let’s see what else Lin Fan wanted to eat.

“Don’t be too nervous. I didn’t come here to eat chicken this time. Instead, I want to ask when you are going to give me my spirit stones. The mining of the spirit vein is too slow.” Lin Fan asked.

Ye Zhentian was fine at first. But after Lin Fan mentioned the mining being too slow, Ye Zhentian’s anger was starting to rise.

“Slow? You got rid of all the disciples who mined the spirit vein. How am I supposed to find another disciple to mine it now?”

“If you didn’t do that, at least half of the spirit vein would have been mined already.”

What else could Ye Zhentian say?

It was effortless to forcefully recruit those disciples from the small sects to mine the spirit vein, but now that all of them were gone, it’s hard to find another disciple.

Lin Fan said, “That is your problem; it has nothing to do with me. Besides, what you did was the wrath of heavens. You should be grateful that I saved you. Otherwise, these unwarranted killing disasters will definitely come upon you. It will become harder for you to become an immortal.”

Ye Zhentian wanted to curse and told him to go fuck himself.

But then he remembered that Lin Fan’s mother was an elder. So he could only hold back his anger.

“I’m going to give you the spirit stones, but it will take time. Mining the spirit vein requires manpower, and with the current manpower, it’s not going to be fast.” Ye Zhentian said.

Then he remembered something.

“Don’t be too arrogant. Wen Xian is already out of the forbidden area and is sitting in the first place of the Greatest Martial Sect disciples. The gap between you and him is too huge.”

“I don’t dare to do anything to you; I admit that. But don’t think that no one can touch you.”

Actually, Ye Zhentian’s mentality was good.

But ever since he met Lin Fan, his mind had been on the verge of exploding and hovering wildly.

Moreover, he still couldn’t figure out why Lin Fan treated him this way.

Even if they had some minor conflicts, was it really necessary for Lin Fan to treat him this way?

Of course…..

How could Ye Zhentian understand that it wasn’t like what he thought it was.

It’s all started with the Nine Heavens Sect.

Even though Lin Fan’s Master was much less powerful than him, he’s still the Master that Lin Fan personally acknowledged. How could Ye Zhentian humiliated and persecuted him casually?

Lin Fan had to avenge him.

And the avenging had not over yet.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “You don’t need to think about it. I don’t care about the Heaven’s Pride, unless he comes and provokes me, then it doesn’t matter even if he is Heaven’s Pride or Earth’s Pride; he will end up just like you.”

“I’ll give you another two weeks. If you don’t give me the spirit stone, I’ll sue you. You have ruined the Greatest Martial Sect’s prestige and humiliated the sect reputation by enslaving disciples from small sects.”

After he said that, Lin Fan got up and left.

He knew that Ye Zhentian was angry and needed some space to cool down.

If he stayed there, Ye Zhentian wouldn’t be able to vent his anger.

As expected.

After Lin Fan left, the angry and trembling Ye Zhentian started smashing things inside the house.


Ye Zhentian slapped the table furiously with his hands. His face became fierce, and his eyes were red.

He couldn’t accept it.

He really wanted to kill Lin Fan. He hated to be threatened like this.

But he didn’t dare.

Lin Fan’s mother was an elder; she would kill him.

The disciples who stayed outside the door looked at each other when they heard the thumping sounds inside.

It scared them.

Every time Brother Lin came here, Brother Ye would be furious.


On his way back to the Mysterious Sword Peak, Lin Fan went to collect an elixir. If Jiu wanted to cultivate immortality, she had to be at the Foundation Stage. One elixir would do the trick.

“Jiu, you can take this elixir, then I’ll teach you the cultivation technique. You should practice well, and don’t be lazy.”

“Don’t think that because you are my disciple and my status here is quite high, no one would dare to touch you. People in here are bad; you can’t trust anyone.”

Lin Fan told Jiu this principle.

“Rest assure master, I will keep that in mind.” Huang Jiujiu nodded obediently. Her expression was serious as if she had already taken this to her heart.

After that, Lin Fan started to teach her the cultivation technique. 

The elixir he gave her was to raise her innate stage, while the cultivation technique he taught her was to cultivate her mysterious body. This cultivation technique would help her control the qi’s flow inside her body and make her understand the way of cultivation. But, to pass the five initial stages, she still had to practice her cultivation for quite some time.

“In the future, if you encounter any problems with your cultivation, you can ask your uncle or other people here. They will teach you the right way.”

Lin Fan is a wanderer who walks the earth.

It’s impossible for him to stay at the sect all the time.

He had to go out often and looked for bad people to give them a lesson. So, how could he stay here all the time?

“Yes, master.” Huang Jiujiu said.

“Come on, call me master again. I want to hear it.”





Lin Fan felt delightful, as if he had a legacy.

Then, he remembered the last time he and Li Dadao had taken some things from the Blood Sword Old Demon’s cave.

One of the Medium-Grade Dao Artifacts, Solidified Spirit Stone Lamp, which was good to help with cultivation. He should put it inside Jiu’s house.

Nangong Jin’s cultivation had reached the Golden Stage during the time Lin Fan was out.

“Brother, during the time you’ve been away, Wen Xian had already left the forbidden area. The True Passage Ceremony will be held in a few days. During the ceremony, representatives from other great sects will come to congratulate.”

“Also, it seems like Sect Master Bai will announce that Wen Xian will be the next master of the Greatest Martial Sect.”

Nangong Jin had investigated the matter. Everything that happened at the sect could not escape his investigation.

Now that he followed Lin Fan, he would do his best to investigate and pass the information to Lin Fan.

“It’s fine, let the ceremony be held. This is Sect Master Bai business. We don’t need to worry about it. As long as he doesn’t provoke us, he can do whatever he wants.”

Lin Fan looked very calm. He didn’t mind the other person took the sect master position.

He didn’t have the ambition to become the sect master.

He wanted the ultimate power until no one dared to speak up even when he raised his hands and laughed wildly.

Nangong Jin looked at his brother; he was hesitated for a moment then said, “Brother, as far as I know, Wen Xian has been asking about you. I’m afraid he will do something to you.”

“And he is very close to Ye Dong.”

“He even already recruiting some core disciples. Brother, you have to be careful.”

These were all information that he had snooped around with great difficulty.

Although those weren’t big secrets, at least it would let Lin Fan knows that the person who just came wasn’t exactly a good person.

Lin Fan pondered, “Well, it seems that my position here in the Greatest Martial Sect has attracted his attention. As for Ye Dong, don’t mind him. He is a grassy wall; he always leans on whoever brings the biggest advantage for him; everyone in the sect knew that, but I’m afraid that Wen Xian doesn’t know that.” 

“Ye Dong is not stupid.”

“But don’t mind them. If you think about them too much, it will affect your cultivation.”

Lin Fan didn’t care about these things at all.

Whether it was Ye Dong or Wen Xian, he still didn’t care.

As long as it didn’t disturb his cultivation, then it didn’t matter.

‘I’ll let you pretend to be whatever you want; you can even pretend to be unscrupulous, as long as you don’t play pretend in front of me, then I won’t mind.’

Actually, Nangong Jin had a lot more to say.

But looking at Lin Fan’s expression, he just couldn’t get it out.


Don’t you feel any oppression at all?

Can’t we just fight them and turn the situation upside down? With the strong backing of the elder, what else are you afraid of?



Lin Fan returned to his house to cultivate. His qi had reached seven thousand and five hundred, which was way higher than a Golden Stage should have.

He was about to break through the Origin Stage.

He could feel his qi was vibrating. He was already familiar with the feeling of breaking through now.

The Immortal Lotus blossomed.

An umbra infant emerged.

The infant looked like Lin Fan. There’s a connection between them, and Lin Fan could feel the mysterious feeling came over him.

Immortality soared!

The qi had become way more powerful, and the control over it became more proficient.

Unconsciously he could feel his connection with the world had become deeper, and to be honest, it felt like he understood the world even more.

Gradually, the condensed infant emerged from the top of his head, shrouded in glowing light and surrounded by qi. Suddenly, the infant’s eyes opened, and two golden lights struck out.

The Heaven’s Eye open.

When your cultivation reached the Origin Stage, you would obtain Heaven’s Eye. Which would give you the ability to clearly see every blade of grass and tree within a hundred miles.

The Origin Stage had three major abilities, and each ability came with the infant. 

Lin Fan had reached the Origin Stage, so now that he already obtained Heaven’s Eye.

The second ability was the power to travel the universe.

Origin Stage cultivator was capable of leaving his body to travel the universe. But if you were to leave your body, you would become more fragile. It’d be hard to escape if the enemy took your body.

So, it’s quite a disadvantage.

The third ability is the ability to take over the body.

If an Origin Stage cultivator encountered a powerful enemy, his infant soul could escape using this ability. The infant soul could find another living creature to revive, but he would lose all of his qi and had to start all over again. Also, if he’s unlucky and infant soul’s damaged, he would turn into an idiot, or the worst thing that might happen is the original body’s owner could attack him and use him as a tonic.

After all, a tonic made of infant soul was equal to a second life for immortal.

It could also be refined into an elixir, and it would have wonderful uses.

With his current qi, Lin Fan could only obtain the second ability. His qi was not enough to obtain the third ability.

But these didn’t matter.

The fact that he had cultivated to this level in such a short time was truly amazing.

Just then, a voice came from outside the door.

“Master, are you there?”

Lin Fan finished his cultivation, “Come in. It’s already late. Why did you come here instead of sleeping? What’s going on?”


Huang Jiujiu entered the room and shrank down, “Master, I’m afraid to sleep alone. Can I sleep with you?”

“Usually, my mother will accompany me.”

For such an excessive request, he didn’t even know how to react for a moment.

Oh, my God.

This was against the heavens.


The crazy old man came from nowhere, he was also afraid, “Father, I’m afraid to sleep alone. Can I sleep with you?”

Lin Fan was puzzled, “??????”

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