Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 214


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 214 Things Shouldn’t Be Like This.

“I’m sure this must be Junior Brother Lin, a true dragon, and phoenix among men. I’ve been in seclusion for ten years, and as soon as I came out, I heard about Brother Lin’s name, and I wanted to meet you.”

Wen Xian’s expression didn’t change, but the tone of voice made it clear that he was angry.

That was because Lin Fan had taken his place.

Ye Dong didn’t say anything. This was a situation where he should just sit back and watch how the two will fight.

But he had to say.

Senior Brother Wen Xian was really powerful. As soon as he came out from his seclusion, he occupied the high ground and claimed to be the first core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I’m sure you’re Junior Brother Wen Xian. You have been in seclusion for ten years; obviously, your power must be unimaginable, and it’s going to shock everyone. So, I’d love to see it.”

The atmosphere was somehow depressing.

The two were at war. Although they only use voices, the murderous aura in their voices was quite strong.

And the way they spoke was very similar.

“Junior Brother Lin, you are exaggerating.”

“Junior Brother Wen Xian, you are too humble.”

Lin Fan and Wen Xian were facing each other, neither of them wimping out as if there was an undisputed war going on.

A smile appeared at the corner of Ye Zhentian’s mouth. ‘Interesting, I will let you guys fight.’

For the other core disciples, they were happy to hear it. After all, the pressure that Wen Xian had put on them was so high that they couldn’t hold their heads up.

But now Lin Fan was fighting with him.

And they were an even match.

Wen Xian had the support of the sect master.

Lin Fan had the support of the grand elder.

Let’s just see what would happen at the end.

Just as Wen Xian was about to say something, Lin Fan snatched him up and said, “Brother Wen Xian, today is your True Passage Ceremony. Why are you standing here? There is a space next to the other brother for you to sit.”

“Don’t worry, junior brother; I will just stand here and wait for the seniors from the other sects to come.” Wen Xian was not going to sit down.

If he sat down, then it meant that he lost.

Just then.

The sound of laughter came from the distance.

The sect master came with the seniors from the other sects only to find Wen Xian standing there. When he took a closer look, he was a little unhappy. It’s that brat again who took Wen Xian’s position.

Although Sect Master Bai was furious, he remembered that Lin Fan was under Wei You’s protection, and the seniors from the other sects were also there. It would be embarrassing if he were to rage here.

The sect master rolled his eyes. He got an idea, ” Wen Xian, come over here and meet your seniors.”

Wen Xian heard the sect master and hurriedly responded, then looked at Lin Fan. The meaning of that look was simple; you can sit here and watch me.


Look at that proud little eyes; it was quite interesting.

It made the other core disciples felt that Lin Fan was losing.

Today’s Wen Xian’s True Passage Ceremony, with all the attention and light, gathered upon him. So it’s easy for him to take advantage.

“Sect master.” Wen Xian came to Sect Master Bai’s side. He was a little nervous about meeting the seniors from the other sects. This was the first time he met those senior, how could he not be nervous?

The sect master introduced Wen Xian to the seniors from the other sects.

From now on, he would be the representative of Greatest Martial Sect.

“Everyone, this is our disciple, Wen Xian, who has already reached the Establish Stage after ten years of cultivation. Wen Xian, hurry up and pay your respects to your seniors.” The Sect Master said.

Wen Xian suppressed his excitement and cupped his hands, “I’m Wen Xian, and I pay my respects to all the seniors.”

“Good, truly an extraordinary. Sect Master Bai, your Greatest Martial Sect, has picked up a treasure. Ten years of cultivation to reach the Establish Stage, it seems that in a short time, the Greatest Martial Sect will add another powerful true immortal.”

“Good, excellent, really excellent.”

“Hey, if my sect’s disciples can also be as excellent as him, I’ll be delighted.”

The seniors were praising him without blinking their eye.

What a perfect pretending to make people happy.

The sect master smiled.

Wen Xian felt like his little heart was about to fly; the feeling of being praised by many seniors was so good.

Thinking about competing with Lin Fan earlier, it wasn’t worth it at all.

What’s there to compete with him?

‘I’m Wen Xian. I will be the one to become the sect master in the future. Also, I have brushed up on my reputation in front of many seniors; this is an honor that no other disciple has.’

Just then.

A figure interrupted Wen Xian’s thoughts, and it left Sect Master Bai stunned.

“Fellow cultivator Lin.”

Lin Fan heard someone called him. He looked up and saw a familiar figure.

“Fellow cultivator Gong, what are you doing here?”

He didn’t expect Gong Mo to come.

Gong Mo was an elder in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, but he was not that strong. He’s just an Establish Stage cultivator.

It was understandable that if the sect master and the grand elder couldn’t come, sending an elder to True Passage Ceremony should be fine.

“Haha, it’s been so long since the last time we met. I didn’t expect that fellow cultivator Lin had returned to the Greatest Martial Sect. The sect master is sending someone to attend the True Passage Ceremony. I thought maybe fellow cultivator Lin would be here, so I volunteered to come, but I didn’t expect to really meet you.” Gong Mo said with a smile, although his butt had no longer hurt, the dark experience was unforgettable.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Thank you. This is my Junior Brother Wen Qin. He’s young, but his cultivation is remarkable. When you go back, you have to brag about him.”

Gong Mo said, “What did you say, fellow cultivator Lin? Of course, I will brag about him when I got back. But fellow cultivator Lin is also not bad. In the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect… Hey! I almost let it slip. Fellow cultivator Lin should help me keep it a secret.”

“All right, don’t worry about this matter, absolutely no one will know about it.” Lin Fan said.

Gong Mo sighed, “It’s already passed down from one sect to another about how powerful fellow cultivator Lin and his junior brother. The future of the Greatest Martial Sect is going to be remarkable.”

“Sect Master Bai, congratulations.”

“Huh?” The sect master was a bit confused, what was that, how did this kid know the elder of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect? They even looked close to each other.

But experience had taught him; now it wasn’t the time for silly stretching. So, he hurriedly said, “Elder Gong, you don’t have to be exaggerating.”

Lin Fan patted Wen Xian’s shoulder and said, “Brother Wen Xian, Elder Gong’s status is quite high in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. He is an elder in charge of the true legacy. Next time, when I have time, I, your senior brother, will take you to see the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. The view there is nice.”

“If I don’t have time, you can also go there by yourself. I’m sure Elder Gong will entertain you.”

Gong Mo said, “Fellow cultivator Lin is joking. Just by him being your junior brother, I, Gong Mo, will take care of him. Otherwise, you will be coming after me.”

“Hahaha.” Lin Fan laughed, then said, “Junior Brother Wen Xian, what are you waiting for, hurry up and thank Senior Gong for his kindness.”

At this time, Wen Xian looked confused.

Damn it!

The situation seemed a bit wrong.

“Thank you, Senior Gong.” It was hard for Wen Xian to thank him, it’s like he was eating a fly.

The other seniors around were surprised yet interested at the same time. But, they didn’t take it seriously. After all, Gong Mo was only an Establish Stage cultivator, which was a bit behind them.

And they weren’t the only ones who thought so.

Wen Xian was also comforted by this.

Lin Fan only knew the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect elders. It’s not like he knew the most powerful person there, so it’s still bearable.


An old man came out, cupped his fists, and said, “Master Lin.”

The sound of Master Lin was frightening.

The crowd was shocked and trembled inside.

This old man was extraordinary. He was one of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s True Stage cultivators.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion didn’t interact with the sects. Their business was with immortals and demons, so they didn’t bother to get along with the sects just because they were afraid of trouble.

This time when they saw a representative from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, they were shocked. They thought that the Greatest Martial Sect invited them.

They didn’t know that Sect Master Bai didn’t invite the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, because Sect Master Bei knew that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would never participate in a ceremony like this. So why bother to invite them?

But now that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had sent one of their representatives, Sect Master Bai was shocked, especially when he saw that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s representative addressed this brat as Master Lin.

He suddenly felt something wasn’t right.

“Who are you?” Lin Fan asked, he didn’t know who this old man was.

The old man said, “Master Lin, I’m here on behalf of the Heavenly Jewel Pavilion. Although the Greatest Martial Sect didn’t invite us, knowing that Master Lin is the disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Master sent me here to congratulate Master Lin’s junior brother on his True Passage Ceremony.”

“Thank you; it’s really kind of you. Tell the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Master that I said thank you.” Lin Fan said calmly. But truthfully, his heart was shocked. Oh, my God. God had forced him to soften out.

At first, Lin Fan just wanted to make Wen Xian angry.

He never thought something like this would happen.

It was unexpected.

The sect master’s head was on the verge of exploding. He asked with a harsh tone. “Fellow cultivator Zhang, how can your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion know my disciples? and where did the appellation come?”

The old man smiled and said, “Sect Master Bai, Master Lin is our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s most precious guest, and as for the rest, I can’t tell you.”

At this point, the Sect Master Bai was even more confused.

Even the other representatives were also dumbfounded.

The most precious guest?

This wasn’t ordinary.

Even they didn’t have such a privilege.

Lin Fan patted Wen Xian, who was already stunned in place, “Fellow cultivator Zhang, this is my Junior Brother, Wen Xian. He has been in seclusion for ten years and still a bit unclear about his surroundings. If he goes to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to purchase somethings in the future, please take care of him.”

“Of course. But I’m afraid Master Lin doesn’t know yet that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Master has instructed everyone that if the Greatest Martial Sect disciples come to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to purchase something, they will get 10% discount. As for you, since you are one of the masters there, everything you buy is free of charge.”

“This is also the second purpose of my visit to inform Master Lin about this.”

The old man said calmly. Thanks to his cultivation, he didn’t have to be polite to people everywhere he goes. But, as a representative from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he knew how important Master Lin is for the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

He must be treated with respect.

Even if his cultivation was higher, he still needed to respect Lin Fan.

The crowd was shocked and looked at Lin Fan in horror.

What exactly was his relationship with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?

They couldn’t believe that Lin Fan was that terrifying.

They never heard or seen someone like this before.

So if you want to conclude what happened today, then it must be.

There is a total of one stone in the world, but Lin Fan owns nine buckets. This old man got half bucket, and Wen Xian and Sect Master Bai got another half bucket.

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