Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 219


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 219 Mother Come to The Rescue.

In the distance.

Wen Xian stood there unmoving; his golden silk robe had been stained with blood, and the blood slowly dripping down from the Flaming Immortal Sword onto the ground.


Although the hand that’s used to hold the sword was slightly trembling, his gaze remained locked on the mysterious figure standing in the void.

It was too strong.

This mysterious black-robed figure’s cultivation was too high; he wasn’t a match at all.

He found that the mysterious black-robed figure seemed to be playing a trick on him, even with two dao artifact in his hand, he still couldn’t defend himself.

When did such a strong man appear on the Black Demon Terrace?

Who the hell is he?

“This Flaming Immortal Sword Dao Artifact is quite good. For a Greatest Martial Sect disciple to have such a Dao Artifact, You should be well-loved and have a quite high status in the sect.”

“But now you’re going to die for me.”

The voice fell.

The mysterious black-robed figure opened his hand, and a giant palm stretched out to grab Wen Xian, he tried to move, but he couldn’t, his body had reached its limit, and he lacked qi. When he fought with such a powerful opponent, he couldn’t be careless; he condensed his qi to the peak every time he cast his mystic art.

And the consequence of this action was the lack of qi.


The palms probing from the void continued to fall. The terrifying power tore the world, the wind sweeping in, blowing Wen Xian, making him unstable, and his robes soughing.

“I’m going to die.”

He muttered in his heart, slowly raising his arm, Flaming Immortal Sword pointing at the giant palm, preparing for a final dying attack.

It’s not that he didn’t want to escape, but this was something that he couldn’t give up.

As a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect and a handpicked senior brother of the sect master, he couldn’t act like he was abandoning his younger brothers and sisters. Otherwise, how can he call himself a senior brother?

Suddenly, black light with terrifying power sweeping from afar and breaking through the air.


The mysterious black-robed figure was surprised; his giant palm flipped over and grabbed the black light in the distance. He took a closer look and found out that the black light was a black spear.

The God Spear that condensed the Origin of Hell.

As Lin Fan’s cultivation increased, the Origin of Hell became more intense.

Its attack would be difficult to resist even for an Establish Stage cultivator.


The giant palm grabbed the God Spear and squeezed it, even when the God Spear had sharp edges, but it’s still couldn’t damage the giant palm.

“Another ant had come, are you looking for death too?”

The mysterious black-robed figure smiled coldly, and with a squeeze of his giant palm, the God Spear shattered and dissipated into the air with a faint light.

Lin Fan knew that this mysterious black-robed figure wasn’t easy to deal with, he was indeed very powerful, and the fact that he crushed the God Spare that condensed the Origin of Hell easily, it showed that his cultivation was much higher than Lin Fan.

Lin Fan took a closer look.

He wanted to see who was the mysterious black-robed figure.

[Luo Baiying: True Stage Cultivator (Pseudo).] [Chance of Item Drop:…] [Note: Having fun with these ants.]

That’s strong!

The mysterious figure was a True Stage cultivator. Still, there was a pseudo at the back, so the strength of the original body shouldn’t be a True Stage at all.

But even if he was a pseudo, his qi was too strong, much stronger than Lin Fan, and he had 99,999 qi.

“Junior Brother Wen Xian, you don’t have to panic. Your senior brother is here to make sure you’re safe and sound.” Lin Fan didn’t care what Wen Xian thought; he would still going to take this senior brother’s name.

‘Even if you disagreed, there’s nothing you could do about it.’

Wen Xian was amazed; he didn’t expect Lin Fan would come.

“You’re not even a match for him, coming here is just a death sentence.” Wen Xian said. Of course, he wouldn’t acknowledge Lin Fan as a senior brother. He was the only one qualified to be a senior brother in the Greatest Martial Sect.

“Junior Brother Wen Xian, that’s not very nice of you to say. How can you say those words when your senior brother came to save you.”

Lin Fan’s impression of Wen Xian changed somehow.

He didn’t expect this guy to shelter his disciples away.

This kind of spirit didn’t exist on the average person.

As for the disciples who had said earlier that Ye Dong had come to help Wen Xian. He was eager to ask where the hell was that motherfucker, but there wasn’t even a shadow to be seen.

“Brother Lin, don’t be careless, I’m your senior brother. I might be able to put up with your nonsense in the sect, but outside, you still have to respect me and call me senior brother.” Wen Xian said.

Even when he was facing a strong enemy, he still had to defend his position.

The position of the senior brother.

It wasn’t something that could be easily snatched from him.

“Junior Brother Wen Xian, how can you fight over who the senior brother is in a situation like this? Just rest assured, I will definitely save you this time, and you will never disregard it.” Lin Fan said.

Wen Xian was shocked by Lin Fan’s words.

He had already been injured.

And now, he almost spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Just as Wen Xian was about to say something, he was interrupted.

Lin Fan looked calm as he stared directly at the mysterious black-robed figure, then looked at Wen Xian and said, “Junior Brother Wen Xian, just lie down, and don’t panic.”

The mysterious black-robed figure looked at Lin Fan playfully.

“You’re an interesting little immortal; you actually have such leisure to chat with your junior brother when you’re facing me.”

“I don’t know who gave you courage.”

For the mysterious black-robed figure, he had never met anyone like this before.

Didn’t he know what was going on here?

How could he still be so confident?

It was really interesting.

“He is not my senior brother; I’m the senior brother.” Wen Xian roared, just after roaring, he realized it wasn’t necessary to do that; in this situation, there was no time to fight over this thing.

Lin Fan said, “Junior Brother Wen Xian, how can you still talking about this matter in a time like this?”

“Just rest here.”

Although the mysterious black-robed figure was a Pseudo-True Stage cultivator, Lin Fan didn’t panic at all. It looked like this mysterious black-robed figure had been seriously injured as well, hence the ‘pseudo’ word.

But this wasn’t important for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan looked at the mysterious figure hiding behind a black robe with black mist on his hands, feet, heels, and face; he couldn’t help but laugh, “Hey! Why disguise yourself, are you afraid to show your true face?”

“Or are you afraid of something else?”

The mysterious black-robed figure let out a cold laugh, “Kid, it’s surprising that you’re still calm in this situation. It’s really unexpected knowing that I don’t know what you are capable of.”

Lin Fan sighed.

“Why bother?”

“Aren’t you  Luo Baiying? Why are you still pretending to be a ghost and wrapped black mist around yourself? I don’t understand why you do that?”

The voice just fell.

The mysterious figure, also known as Luo Baiying, trembled slightly; the face under the black mist showed a horror look.

He didn’t know how Lin Fan knew who he was.


It’s absolutely impossible.

“I have to go.”

Luo Baiying already had an idea in his mind; he directly stretched out his palm towards Lin Fan. The palm was terrifying and astonishing as if it trapped the world inside it.

The place where Lin Fan was standing couldn’t bear this power. The ground gradually crumbled, and Wen Xian, who was already heavily injured, puffed out and fainted. He was unable to hold it anymore.

“What a weak junior brother.”

Lin Fan sighed, and with a flicked of his sleeve, he put Wen Xian inside the Heaven’s Tripod.

“Are you trying to kill someone to silence him? Well then, I’d really like to see how terrifying the strength of the Pseudo-True Stage cultivator is.

The voice just fell.

Lin Fan cast his mystic arts.

Yellow Spring Hell and Demon Devouring Technique, both had been cultivated to the highest level. Unfortunately, even with those mystic arts, the gap between Lin Fan and Luo Baiying was still too big.

When Luo Baiying saw Lin Fan’s mystic art, he already knew that he couldn’t stay.

His palm crushed down, and the powerful pressure was crushing everything.



This palm directly crushed the power that erupted from the two mystic arts.

With such a huge difference in the cultivation stage, it was impossible to make up for it even with strong mystic arts.

“Highest Spirit Rune!”

Lin Fan cast the Highest Spirit Rune, and an ancient atmosphere erupted from the rune, its light flickered and overwhelmed the sky. When this rune was released, the crazy old man who was far away at the Greatest Martial Sect suddenly stopped playing, his eyes gazing into the distance, before turning into a stream of light that broke through the sky.

The speed was extremely fast and had reached a point where others couldn’t believe how fast it was.

“What kind of rune is this?” Luo Baiying was surprised, his eyes covered in black mist glittered, and a golden light burst out, “Good stuff, I’ll take it.”

The giant palm came directly towards the rune.


Under Lin Fan’s control, the Highest Spirit Rune erupted with light. It was enough to penetrate through, and fiercely blasted the giant palm.



A violent vibration resounded.

“What kind of power is this.”

Luo Baiying cried out in his heart, the power of the giant palm and the rune clashed together, fighting against each other, vaguely the rune seemed to be better, but for Lin Fan who was controlling the rune, he felt so much pressure and his qi was depleting extremely fast.

This wasn’t exactly a treasure from the Immortal Realm, so, if it’s broken, he won’t be able to use it freely.


The giant palm shattered.

The rune turned into a stream of light and returned to Lin Fan’s side. Lin Fan put the rune away, his face was slightly pale. This collision made him understand one thing, in front of the enemy with much higher cultivation, some powerful treasures could indeed help, but if you wanted to defeat the enemy, it was simply impossible.

Luo Baiying wanted to obtain this powerful treasure. The moment the giant palm shattered, he didn’t stop, nor did he say anything, he fiercely swung his fist, which seemed to contain powerful qi.

Even though it was powerful, Lin Fan still remained motionless; therefore, a faint smile appeared on his face.


Luo Baiying was surprised, was he given up already?

Or was there some kind of conspiracy scheme.

But none of that mattered now, in front of absolute cultivation, all plots and tricks were nothing.

Just as the punch came, Lin Fan shouted loudly.

“Mother, come to the rescue.”


The light burst from the Sacred Beast Robe, and the laws of the immortal were intertwined together to form a huge canopy that directly deflected the punch.

Lin Fan sensed a slight change in the Sacred Beast Robe.

It seemed that his opponent’s cultivation was already able to threaten the Sacred Beast Robe.

Wei You, who was far away at the Greatest Martial Sect, suddenly turned pale in shock as she felt that the Sacred Beast Robe received some sort of vibration that only a True Stage cultivator could cause.

“My son is in danger.”

Suddenly, she turned into a stream of light that tore the void and penetrated into it.

Luo Baiying was shocked when he saw the scene in front of him, “This treasure, this is…”

He just saw the Sacred Beast Robe roaring.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this should be the reverse Sacred Beast Robe, this dao artifact belonged to Wei You, but how could it be here.


He was stunned for a moment.

The emptiness cracked open.

“Father… I’m afraid.”

The crazy old man fell down from the crack and swung the pool of blood in his hand towards Luo Baiying.

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