Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 224


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 224 – You’re Letting Me Down.

Lin Fan had been in dangerous places, and secret realms before, but he had never entered this forbidden area.

Was this the place where the elixir was found?

This was indeed, extraordinary.

It seemed like an ordinary place, but people were deterred from going deeper into it as if they would awaken a terrifying existence in this forbidden area.

They were still outside the forbidden area right now.

In front of them was a frontline canyon, which looked like many different things if you had more imagination.

There was even a sense of death in it.

As if once you stepped in, you were resigned to your fate. Your life and death were depended on your luck.

“When you are inside, you have to be careful, and don’t be curious about anything you encounter, because most likely that will be the danger that can kill you.” A True Stage cultivator said.

Lin Fan knew who this person was; he introduced himself as Li Daoren.

And since he was True Stage cultivator, naturally, he should have had a clear mind and no desire to see through the world. But now that he came to explore the forbidden area because of elixir.

That could only mean that Li Daoren’s cultivation hadn’t reached the highest level of True Stage.

Lin Fan said, “When I see this crack here, I feel like I’ve come to the crossroads of hell, and an unknown danger was waiting for us.”

His exclamation meant nothing more than to illustrate the danger of this place.

This was the only thing he could say.

Who couldn’t sense the danger here?

“But any danger requires someone to overcome it because if no one overcome it, it will always be a danger.” Lin Fan was overjoyed and excited. He was looking forward to this place.

But, his heart was beating fast.

That feeling… could you describe it properly?

“Let’s go.”

Huang Li looked very familiar with the surroundings as if she had been here before, when the truth was, she had only learned about this place based on the descriptions of those True Stage cultivators who had returned.

Lin Fan quietly walked in the middle of everyone while pulling his son over.

So, he got human shields around him.

No matter where the danger came from, there were people on all sides to defend him. He should be safe and sound, with absolutely no threat that could attack him.

If he was stepping in the front line, he felt as if his life was completely disconnected from him.

Everything was beyond his control.

It was too dangerous.

When he was outside, he had indeed felt an ancient aura pass through, enveloping himself. That feeling was a bit unpleasant.

And now.

There was nothing more he could say.

After stepping inside the forbidden area, he realized that the previous aura was nothing compared to the real terror here, which was the aura of destruction.

Lin Fan shrank, and made himself noticeably thin, just in case the unknown existence felt like he was a threat and was staring at him specifically, which would feel quite uncomfortable.

Even the crazy old man grabbed Lin Fan’s sleeve as he entered the place, his five fingers squeezing tightly, his face showing fear as if he was sensing some unknown danger.

“Father, I’m scared.”

The crazy old man stood there and didn’t dare to take a step. His innocent gaze turned into a staring light, observing the situation around him.

Lin Fan patted the crazy old man’s hand lightly, “Don’t be afraid, father is here with you.”

He was going to say, ‘What are you afraid of when your father is here?’, but after he thought about it, he was the one who needed his son’s protection.

“Huang Li, you should have come prepared. Now, which direction should we take?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Li was clearly frightened by the power of this place.

There was a brief moment of stunned silence.

Before Huang Li responded and pointed to the other direction, “Let’s go there.”

According to the situation, Lin Fan was more certain of what was in his mind.

It was just like what he thought.

Last time they came here, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion hadn’t only obtained an elixir, but there was actually something else. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so eager to come here again.

Lin Fan observed his surroundings.

This place was a plain ground, with an endless view, and there was no living thing to be seen, not even a single plant. It should be a geological problem that caused this to happen.

The plain ground was all sand and gravel, and if you stepped on it, it would make a squeaking sound.

“Huang Li, as we’ve reached this point, you might as well tell me the truth, what are you looking for this time here?” Lin Fan asked.

This place was giving him a bad feeling.

That sense of danger was constantly present all around.

This wasn’t the place for ordinary people to come in.

Otherwise, they would be in danger.

Huang Li said, “Master Lin, I won’t lie to you. We want to obtain something here, but I don’t know exactly what it is. My father sent me here, and he told me we would know only when we find it.”

Lin Fan almost chuckled.

I believed the hell out of you.

You’re a bad little woman. I was so amazed by you, little lady, but now you were telling me you don’t know what you were looking for? What a waste of compliments given earlier.

“Father, it feels so dangerous here, let’s go back.” The crazy old man pulled Lin Fan’s sleeve, he was scared.

Lin Fan knew a place that could even make the crazy old man terrified was definitely a dangerous place.

According to the typical scenario, usually crazy people were the ones who sensed danger most bluntly.

And a group of people who thought they were normal had no fear, so, in the end, all of them were killed, leaving only the crazy one who survived.

So now there were options available.

1: Get the hell out of here right now and left this place to stay safe.

2: Keep going deeper, there was a piece of land in there that would be a burial ground if you die, but if you survived, you might gain something.

Lin Fan stood there; he didn’t continue to walk with everyone.

“Master Lin, what’s wrong?” Huang Li asked.

Lin Fan said, “I feel that if we continue to go deeper, we will encounter terrifying dangers. Huang Li, you need to think carefully, whether we need to continue to go in or not. Although the treasures are rare, the most important thing is to stay alive.”

The six True Stage old men were all on guard. The had never been this alert since they became True Stage cultivators. But now that they were in this forbidden area, they had to stay alert.

It was too dangerous.

This was the ultimate horror of danger.

If you weren’t careful, you would lose your life here.

“Master Lin, we have arrived here, if we don’t continue to move forward, everything will be in vain. You’re right, this place is indeed dangerous, but with danger often comes opportunity, and I’m not telling you a lie.”

“This place is an ancient forbidden area. A long time ago, our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had been searching for the entrance to the forbidden area. After sacrificing a lot of people, we finally found this entrance.”

“Ancient is the age of legends. There are elixirs that can raise the flesh and white bones from the dead; there were elixirs that can forge immortality, and there were elixirs that can make our body stronger. Master Lin, everything is right in front of you; if you miss it, then the opportunity will be gone.”

“There’s even a legacy of ancient immortals here.”

For ordinary people who heard all those things that Huang Li said, they would find it hard to resist not continuing. But for Lin Fan, he wasn’t interested in any of those.

I was the one that had the support from the system.

Just thought about it carefully, everything that should happen would happen. There was no need for me to take any risk with you here.

When I was stronger in the future, it wouldn’t be a problem to take everything from this place.

“Father, let’s go out of here. I’m so scared; it’s dangerous here.” The crazy old man pulled Lin Fan’s sleeve and cried out.

Upon looking at his son, who was terrified, Lin Fan had the idea of quitting.

“Huang Li, if I quit now, will it affect the partnership between the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and me? I don’t mean anything else; it’s just that I feel like my heart is beating extremely fast today, and it doesn’t feel like it’s an auspicious day for me.” Lin Fan said.

Huang Li looked at Lin Fan, her small eyes were a little confused, and she gave him a strange look as if to say… what the heck were you thinking?


A frightening sound shook the world.

Everyone was shocked and looked towards the distance.

A volcano erupted, its blazing red flames spewing like fireworks and bursting into a blooming flower.

Right after that.

An unknown elixir floated up from the crater. Its green leaves stretched with glittering bits of starlight, and its flowers bore fruit. The seven colors of the fruit flowing and twisting, brightening the world.

“That’s the elixir.”

Lin Fan whispered softly, he had only seen the elixir once, and this time the scene was amazing. This was the first time he saw an elixir being released.

It was extremely sparkling.

The elixir in the distance trembled like it was stretching its muscles. A small firelight fell on the elixir as if it were bathing the elixir.

The elixir emitted a blazing red glow that was like a strip of cloth covering the world.

“Miss?” A True Stage cultivator asked; he was waiting for instructions.

Huang Li reacted from her brief daze and joy appeared on her face, “That’s our goal this time. Go and get the elixir so we can leave immediately.”

“Wait.” Lin Fan blocked, “Are you out of your mind? An unknown terror guards every elixir. If we take the elixir, we will definitely draw the unknown terror, and it will be hard for us to escape.”


What the hell were you guys trying to do?

Didn’t you consider the consequences of such a dangerous thing?

You should have learned from the past.

Those people who took an immature elixir before almost completely got wiped out, and they still hadn’t learned their lesson? Did they really want to die?

“Master Lin, there is a reward for every effort. The emergence of elixir indeed comes with endless dangers, but if you can get it, it will be the fate of immortality. My father has calculated that I am the one with great luck and the blessings from heaven, that’s why I’m here because I’ll be fine.” Huang Li said.

Lin Fan wanted to swear when he heard this.


Would this be the reason for your death?


The lure of the elixir was powerful.


“Huang Li, you have to be careful with everything. It’s better if you let this one go, and maybe you’ll get something else later.” Lin Fan persuaded. Could we take our time? Let’s not look for this kind of danger. You knew it was definitely not simple as soon as you look at it.

Let’s find something else that looked like a good target because this one was a real deal.

The crazy old man was terrified and cowered behind Lin Fan in fear. He didn’t even dare to show himself or even say a word.

“Master Lin, the elixir has appeared in the world. Only those who are lucky enough can have the chance to get it. Now, how can we let it go? I’m going to go and get it, and you guys can prepare yourselves to escape.”


An old man broke into the air and struck towards the bright and colorful elixir.

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