Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 225


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 225 – I’m a Flaming Red Suckling Pig with Wooden Feelings

It’s over!

Although nothing terrible had happened yet, he knew that this old man was already in trouble.

The old man’s name was unimportant; why would you want to know someone who was about to die.

The old man stretched out his palm, which had the power of an inverted moon, towards the blazing red elixir.

But in front of the elixir, No one was brave enough to be careless.

This elixir had a scorching heat, and the stream of light that wrapped around it strangled the old man’s palm.

“Got it.” The old man grabbed the elixir in his palm and said with great joy, “I got it; let’s go.”

He could feel the surging power of the elixir.

Only an elixir could have such enormous medicinal power.

“Let’s go!”

Huang Li was overjoyed. It was much quicker than she thought. She didn’t think it would be so easy to get this elixir.

However, she knew it definitely wouldn’t be that simple. After all, two True Stage cultivators died here.

Lin Fan was dumbfounded.

Damn it!

Why would I bother to here if they could get the elixir so fast?

When Huang Li saw the volcano’s eruption and the glow of the blazing red elixir illuminating the world, she already knew that this was her purpose coming here this time.

To look and get something.

She didn’t stay; it was too dangerous here. Also, it was foolish to get something and keep staying.


Something bad happened.

The moment when the old man cultivator took the elixir, the volcano shook violently. The ground shook, and a terrifying aura erupted from within the volcano.

The situation was so terrifying that the sky was torn apart. The wind was rising, and large, thick, blazing red clouds pressed down upon the world as if they were trying to cover the earth with a quilt.

“Run.” Lin Fan shouted.

He just said something would happen, why did no one believe him.

He had to run now.

It was such a shame that he didn’t even gain anything.

The old man who got the elixir was terrified and anxious. At this level of cultivation, he was very sensitive to danger, and he sensed death coming.


A scream was heard.

The old man was wrapped in blazing red light, flesh shattering, immortal bones creaking as if they had been crushed and broken, as blood rained down from his body.

“Those who are greedy for elixir deserve to die.”

A seemingly inhuman voice was heard, sounding like an ancient bell and shaking the sky with terror.

The second slaughter.

This was the second slaughter.

Lin Fan didn’t even need to look back to know what was going on, the old man who had gotten the elixir had been crushed to death.

What kind of forbidden area was this? A True Stage cultivator was the most superior in the world. Even if he wasn’t able to defeat this unknown terror, he should at least have some ability to resist. But now his ability to resist wasn’t even there; what was left do then?

“Huang Li, I already told you, but you just didn’t want to listen to me. The fortuneteller who told you it was an auspicious day, I think he’s a scam. You should have come to me to do the math.” Lin Fan roared.

“I didn’t realize it.” Huang Li panicked.

Lin Fan broke into the air and cursed, “Do you really that stupid not to think before you do something? It’s true that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion already gave me three dao artifacts, but with the opponent’s strength, even three hundred pieces of dao artifacts aren’t going to be enough.”

He swore to heaven.

If he could survive this time, he would never step into this place before becoming immortal.

The other five True Stage cultivator who saw the power of the rear, jumped wildly inside. It was so terrifying. What kind of existence that were the guardian the elixir?


The sky seemed to grow dark.

At the same time, the temperature around it became abruptly hotter.

Lin Fan looked at the shadows on the ground and was panicking inside. Seeing the coverage of the shadows, he knew that the unknown terror was tremendous.

And it felt like there was a gaze watching them from behind.

The gaze was sharp like a thorn in the back.

No one dared to look back.

The five True Stage cultivators squeezed their fingers to cast their mystic art. Their qi burst, and an array erupted with radiant light towards the rear.

The power created by these five True Stage cultivator uniting together was terrifying.

It wasn’t something that anyone could resist.

“Miss, you should run. This unknown terror is too strong, and our mystic art can’t do any harm to him. The forbidden area isn’t a place where anyone can easily enter, and this object isn’t something to be greedy about.” A True Stage cultivator roared. He completely understood that it was reasonable to call this place a forbidden area.

Even if the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s master was here, it might still be difficult to fight against this unknown terror.

Lin Fan said, “I told you earlier to keep observing and look for easy ones to deal with, but you just don’t believe me. Now, it happened already, one person has died, and if we can’t escape, then the chance of us dying here is unbelievably high.”


The ground rumbled continuously in front of him. A flaming pig’s hoof came out and broke through the air, landing deeply on the ground, splitting the ground and forming an abyssal rift.

The power formed a storm.

Lin Fan’s blood ran cold, and his body trembled. His footsteps stopped fiercely, as the flaming pig’s hoof slowly raised, followed by a wall of fire spewing out from the torn open abyss on the ground.

“There’s no way we can escape.”

Everyone stopped, all of them covered in sweat as if they had bathed in a pool of blood.

Lin Fan felt like he was wrong.

All the sets, all the drama, everything was fucking useless.

The way he thought before was too simple.

So, if there was an unknown terror, there were six True Stage cultivators, they should be able to open a way out, right?

Not to mention, he had his son with him who could carry him and run faster.

But now that the situation became like this.

It showed him a simple truth. Thinking too much wasn’t always bad, after all.

Lin Fan turned back and almost shouted when he saw what exactly the unknown horror was. It was a flaming red, suckling pig.

A huge flaming red suckling pig, standing on its legs with its body burning with scorching flames, and a pair of red flames revealing a fierce light.

Not only Lin Fan who was stunned upon seeing the opponent’s look.

The rest of the people there were also stunned.


The suckling pig growled, its voice piercing and exploding their ears, as it formed a storm, blowing in every direction.

Li Daoren and the other four True Stage cultivator looked at each other. Instead of escaping, they cast their mystic arts. The power of True Stage cultivator broke out as the mystic arts forcefully attacked.

“The Nine Heavenly Sacred Fists!”

A True Stage cultivator growled and threw a punch. It was a punch with peerless sacred power that was capable of destroying the world. Actually, every True Stage cultivator here had the power to burn the world.

 If they join forces, who could resist their power?

Even the stars, the sun, and the moon must be trembled by their power.

However, in front of this flaming suckling pig, their mystic arts were swallowed, not even a single wave formed.

“What kind of existence is this?”

The old men were dumbfounded. They were afraid to use the term ‘monster’ because this was a forbidden area. The creatures of the forbidden area couldn’t be called monsters. Otherwise, they would surely be exterminated.

“Those who are greedy for forbidden elixir should be killed.”

The flaming suckling pig spoke up.

After that, it shot towards Lin Fan and the others. Its immense power was irresistible as if it was pressing down the world. The power of mortals wouldn’t be able to stop it, and it could only make them suffer in silence.

The abrupt wind came and tore everyone apart.

Huang Li’s breathing became rapid, but she tried to force her composure, “Master Lin, I’m sorry for pulling you to your death. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion owes you.”

The other five True Stage cultivators were still resisting. They knew that death was coming if they didn’t try to fight.

It was just that no matter how strong their qi was, they were unable to shake this flaming red pig’s hoof.

Lin Fan didn’t pay attention to Huang Li and kept his eyes on the flaming suckling pig. The crazy old man wanted to take out his blood pool and fight the flaming suckling pig, but Lin Fan held him back.

Just before the pig’s hoof was about to fall, Lin Fan yelled out.

“Master Pig, please show mercy.”

The old men who were fighting back shook their heads in bitterness. What was the use of begging for mercy? At this point, they were facing a forbidden, terrifying existence; it would not listen to your words.

But then, something unexpected happened.

The constant dropping of the pig’s hoof stopped.

The old men were shocked. How was that even possible?

It was too random.

“Master Pig, we entered the forbidden area to steal the elixir is the act of a thief, and we deserve to die. But, my master has been so generous to me, and now he’s as crazy as an idiot and confused. So, as a disciple, I only want to get an elixir to enlighten my master’s spirit.” Lin Fan roared.

Huang Li and the old men were holding their breath.

They didn’t dare to show even a single hint of surprise.

Master Lin was able to make the existence of terror stop; it meant there was a way for them to survive.

At this moment, the flaming red suckling pig’s eyes gazed at Lin Fan and then at the crazy old man.

“Master Pig, he’s my master, he’s lost his sanity due to a battle, and I just want to find a divine medicine to regain my master’s sanity.” Lin Fan said.

“Father, I’m scared, but I will protect you.” The crazy old man stopped in front of Lin Fan. He wanted to pull out the blood pool and fight the flaming red suckling pig, but Lin Fan held him firmly.

“Don’t be impulsive, Master.”

“Father, I’m your son.”

Lin Fan looked up and said, “Master Pig, as you can see, my master is really delirious. Even so, he still shields me from the wind and rain, his kindness to me would be hard to repay even with my life, all I ask is for Master Pig to let my master live, and I’m willing to be punished.”

“Although without me to take care of him, my master would have pulled his crotch, he would have eaten the dirt and the beans, and he would have drunk the sewage, but living is my only wish.”

The words were very affectionate; even Lin Fan was quite convinced with his own words.


Suddenly, a True Stage old man burst out laughing.

A great horror came to that True Stage old man immediately. When he looked up, he found the unknown terror was staring at him, followed by the feeling of his body being out of control.


It exploded.

Flesh and blood were spilled all over the ground.

And the True Stage old man had died just like that.

It was too childish.

Lin Fan cursed in his heart. ‘You old man, how can you still have the nerve to laugh during a situation like this? What I said was very emotional, and you still laughed. Now I can only say sorry if you didn’t get beaten to death.’

“Your master’s spirit is incomplete. The loss is severe. It can’t be cure with the elixir. You can only awaken the true spirit by recovering the spirit. I won’t kill you, but you have to leave. The forbidden area is not something you can easily enter.”

“They who trespassing the forbidden area will be killed.”

The flaming red suckling pig said without any hint of emotion as if it was a flaming red suckling pig with wooden feelings.

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